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Joey Mantia- Why Roller Speed Skating Should Be In The Olympics

Here is Joey Mantia’s latest blog entry; Skating Is The Best Sport, And No, Not Just Because I Can Do It

When you break down what exactly it takes to be competitive on the world level of Inline Speed Skating, the requirements are really quite remarkable. The athlete must be fit; they have to be prepared for constant intervals, long levels of intensity, and they need the ability to reach maximum speeds. The athlete must be technically sound; skating is very heavily governed by one’s ability to make their equipment work efficiently for them. A skater cannot simply be the strongest or fastest in the sense of lifting weight or completing plyometric exercises, they must understand how to translate that and apply it to their technique. The athlete must be exceedingly versatile when dealing with change; a successful skater is often required to adapt to distances, surfaces, weather conditions, and changes in elevation throughout the course of competition. The essentially required high levels of fitness, technicality, and versatility alone establish Inline Speed Skating as a legitimately deserving sport amongst the Olympic Family.

I’ve seen mighty midgets take on jubilant giants to win distance races; I’ve seen skinny sprinters demolish muscle heads in time trials and short races. What it all comes down to is to the individuals drive to strive for technical perfection and will to suffer through the pain required to push the body past the levels of comfort required to become a champion.

A Younger Perspective- Outdoor Nationals

Alright the jitters! This year is very very different for me. I am now Senior World Class, I definitely think I am ready for it but it’s different racing all together. I watched the video of just about every track race from last year’s ODN and with respect to everyone I raced, for the most part I was just flat out better then the majority of people.

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