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Schedule (Tentative)- USA Roller Sports Outdoor Championships

Click here for the event schedule of the upcoming USA Roller Sports Outdoor Championships.


Live Coverage For USA Roller Sports Outdoor Nationals

The United States Olympic Comittee has provided for 1 exciting day of live video coverage from the 2009 Inline Speed Skating Outdoor National Championships.

Up to the minute results will be available throughout the competition on the 2009 Inline Speed Skating Outdoor National Championship Event Page.

Live Updates will also be available throughout the competition via the USA Roller Sports Events Twitter Feed
http://twitter.com/usars_events *Please note that this is a different Twitter feed than the normal USARS feed.

Read more here; Live Video Coverage Inline Speed Skating Outdoor National Championships – July 1st! and check out reactions and share your thoughts here; Live Coverage for Outdoor Nationals.


Le Mans 24 Hours- Great Battle Coming Between Bont And RPM POLI

It looks like this weekend’s Mans 24 Hours will be the setting for a great battle, a legendary race between Bont & RPM POLI.

Both teams are stacked and they’ve got their eyes set on the prize.

L’équipe RPM POLI se composera donc de :
Anthony Averty
Sébastien Babault (Avon / Nantes-Atlantiques / RPM)
Pascal Briand (Salomon / INSEP)
Matthieu Boher
Franck Cardin (Salomon / INSEP)
Fabien Hascoet (RPM 08-09)
Benoit Perthuis (Salomon)
Julien Sourisseau (RPM 08-09)
ainsi que 2 Hollandais
Mark Horsten
Herman Van Der Val

Compliments of Rollerenlinge, it seems everyone has been chasing the same people to full up the teams, Herman Van Der Val, was unnavilable for the Bont team & left Willem Hut looking for another driver to get from Holland to Le Mans, with the well performed Venezuelan skater Daniel Alvaris being called up for thw World Games & Arran Arn’t due to his ankle not fully recovered, Bont had two last minute withdrawels & Cheryl only got the team fully finalized 1 hour before the final Name Submission.

Nicole Begg can fell quite honoured that Mattheui Boher invited her to join ther Poli Team, she had spent the first month of the season training at Bourdeaux in France with Mattheui & the french team members at the center, but alas her Injury put her out of Engadine & any thoughts of skating for Bont in the event.

But the team Bont wanted most to confront was the Llevalios team, but it appears there money could not, or did not,or chose not to buy the right guys to get there name on the trophy.

It appears the French may have gone out of there way to put together a decent team, to counter the appearance of Bont & make a real race of it.

Frank Cardin may not have raced for a few years but he was a breakaway specialist of the highest order & for sure will still know what the hard yards & doing it alone are all about, Mattheui Boher is certainly another tough guy, in the same mould.

The long rain forcast had for rain, lets hope not, as its uncomfortable enough through the night without the added problem, of being drenched.

Lets hope it does not get down to a final sprint lap, Pascal Briand just won a marathon in Holland & a very cagey competitor, Bont have Alfredro Leon 2nd in Zurich & Wayne Begg who have top end speed, so this could really be a slugfest, before our last minute withdrawels, I thought we had it over any team, that fronted up, now I think we are all in for a slugfest, if the rumour of the prize for each member of the winning team is true, then no one will be taking it easy.

More Videos & Reports- Dijon French Inline Cup/ World Inline Cup- From Roller En Ligne

Roller En Ligne shared more material covering the recent Dijon French Inline Cup/ World Inline Cup-


Nicole Begg- Injury Update, Therapy

Here are Nicole Begg‘s latest entries;

Today I also done a range of different exercises focusing on stabilizing my left foot and ankle. All of the activities involved balancing on different wobbly or unstable objects while doing a motion that would compliment skating movements. My ankle is definitely improving and I’m starting to get a better range of movement in it now.

Each day things are improving and looking better, it’s just something that takes time. Although it’s frustrating not being able to race I’m still able to train for the World Games and World Championships and as they say it’s not over until the fat lady sings.

Photo from Nicole Begg

Brooke Lochland Interview- From CadoMotus

CadoMotus shared an interview featuring Brooke Lochland-

How do you explain your good results?
I didn’t expect to be this good, but I have trained the hardest I ever have this year. I’m loving it and the training group I have in the Netherlands, with athletes from the Dutch national team and Desly Hill, is so positive and motivated to beat the World. I feel very strong this year and the CadoMotus girls are working great in every race and the other teams are getting more and more scared of us which is exciting.


Suzhou World Inline Cup Cancelled

I have got this morning an information from the secretary general of the Chinese Roller Sports Association (CRSA) that the World Inline Cup Suzhou 2009 must be cancelled.
The Chinese government and health department decided due to the H1N1 virus to reduce or avoid the danger of infection and cancel big events, even sport-events with masses of people closely together in certain areas. All involved authorities together with the local organizers and the CRSA tried everything and did their best to realize the event, but unfortunately this morning the health department find their final decision and cancelled the event. We, together with the Chinese association CRSA, deeply regret the annulation of the race, but the final decision has been made without any influence on our side. You will find a more detailed information posted on our homepage http://www.world-inline-cup.com in short time.

Read the entire post here; Suzhou 2009 Cancelled.

Who Will Win Engadine World Inline Cup/ Swiss Inline Cup- The Fastest Marathon In The World?

Only a few days before the classic marathon from Maloja to S-chanf will start, a probable duel between the top athletes is standing in the centre of interest. It is possible that the men can reach times clearly below one hour. The Engadin Marathon is not only one of the fastest and highest marathon events worldwide, but also one of the most prestigious. The aim of everybody will be to collect points for the ranking in WORLD and SWISS INLINE CUP and moreover – to win.

Read more here; Who will win the fastest marathon of the world?.


Philippe Coussy Going After Official 24 Hour Record

Philippe Coussy, who skates under the name of  ‘LOU Solitaire’, will try to set the official 24 Hour Record on September 24th to the 25th. Read more from Roller En Ligne here.

Les patineurs fréquentant le forum de rollerenligne.com connaissent Philippe Coussy sous le pseudonyme de “RPhil”. Malgré ses 50 ans, le patineur du LOU Roller tient la dragée haute aux petits jeunes et autres adeptes de longues distance. Les 25 et 26 septembre 2009, il va tenter de battre le record officiel des 24 Heures…


Video- Zurich World Inline Cup/ Swiss Inline Cup

Check out videosport67‘s video from this past weekend’s Zurich World Inline Cup/ Swiss Inline Cup; Swiss Inline Cup World Inline Cup 2009 Zürich

Short Track Speed Skaters Recognized At Speed Skating Canada Banquet In Richmond, BC

Patinage De Vitesse Courte Piste shared pictures & more from this weekend’s Speed Skating Canada banquet. The banquet was held in Richmond, BC.

Patineur de l’année, Charles Hamelin – Prix Marc Gagnon

Female skater of the year, Jessica Gregg –


Results & Report- Bagnères To Tarbes Half Marathon

Roller En Ligne share results & a report from this weekend’s Bagnères to Tarbes Half Marathon. 176 skaters started the race.


Andrew Love- Great Grandfather’s Day On Father’s Day

Here’s Andrew Love’s latest entry; Great Grandfather’s Day

This is a blog about skating, so one story he likes to tell about his childhood is that there used to be a company that owned numerous vacant lots in NYC. In the winters they would flood them, and turn them into ice skating rinks.

There is always a sadness leaving close family who are very old. He is so clear, and so strong for 94. But as he shuffled away, I felt my heart tear a bit, and hoped I would see him again.