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Dream Chaser On Wheels- On Hiatus

Candy Wong’s blog, Dream Chaser On Wheels, will not be updated for a couple of weeks. Find out why here; On Hiatus

… Training and racing will obviously continue. I’ve worked too hard to let them go to waste. Train hard and don’t forget that we skate because we enjoy it.

Randy Plett On The Mend- Up Walking & At Home

Read the entire entry about Randy Plett’s recovery; RANDY PLETT ON THE MEND.

I have been totally overwhelmed with the support from family friends. I have had prayers and well wishes by e-mail, cards, phone calls from around the world. It is amazing to see the outpouring of support, so thanks to you all for your well wishes.

I am up walking and feeling ok, aside from the muscle spasms from surgery. I hope I can recover in time for ice season, but that is secondary at this point.

Jessica Gregg- Highwood Pass & Short Track In Vancouver

It’s getting harder and harder not to think about our Olympic trials, coming up as they are so soon, but I am trying to stay focused on my day-to-day training. Our Vancouver camp will be a lot of fun, the training will be hard, but we will get another chance to hang out with the group from Montreal, so I am pretty excited. After that, only one month to go before our trials in August!

Read Jessica Gregg’s complete entry here; No turning back on the Tour de Kananaskis.

Video- Philly Free Skate 2009 Slideshow

Philly Free Skate 2009 Slideshow.

Flying Fossils- Fine In 2009 At 24 Hours Roller Montreal

Check out the Flying Fossils’ 2009 24 Hours Roller Montreal report; Fossils Fine in 2009. It’s a fine read-

Photo from Flying Fossils Speedskating

Now, there is not much more incentive for a bunch of 55 and older guys to excel than to show a group of good looking, young, hot shot skaters, that we were far from over the hill!.  Bring it on girls!

Getting a draft on your lap was a special treat that does not come along that often.  Most of the time, you are skating against your own pain, desire to stop, loneliness, and at night, fear, because some sections of the track are pitch black.  At those times you are skating on faith alone.  It is truly a unique experience!

The best light trick of the night was by one of the girls teams who had light ropes fashioned in circles around their, shall we say, upper body.

We decided that each year, the oldest member on our team, who has not done the last lap before, would get to do the last lap………after all, at his age, he might not make it til next year.  …