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Video- TBN Montly Marathon- Hamilton Beach

Here’s my video from yesterday’s TBN Montly Marathon held at Burlington’s Hamilton Beach- 2009-06-21 Hamilton TBN Monthly Marathon.

Report- TBN’s Hamilton Beach Monthly Marathon

The TBN Monthly Marathon was held yesterday at Hamilton Beach in Burlington. The weather was beautiful as a dozen skaters took to the lake-front trail in Burlington-

TBN hosted seven TISC members at the first Hamilton Beach monthly marathon of the 2009 season on Sunday June 21. It was a warm sunny morning, which was only fitting for the first day of summer. Peter Doucet continued his winning ways, finishing 2.5 minutes ahead of Morgan Williams. Sarah Hopkins and Morgane Echardour crossed the finish line together. After our skate, some of us headed to Smitty’s in Burlington for lunch.

TBN will be holding two more monthly marathons at Hamilton on Saturday July 18th and Saturday August 15th. Mark your calendar now!

Nicole Begg Won’t Race St. Moritz

In a devastating blow Nicole Begg was not given a clearance to race St. Moritz.

If things go right they will bring her off the Blood thinning tablets the week before the World games, but its a very tight schedule.

She will go into the World games well short on racing, as it will have been 11 weeks since the accident & any racing. Its been a desperate blow for one of the cleanest races out there, after suffering a brocken Jaw last year because of idiotic skating by others.

Read more about Nicole Begg’s recovery- NICOLE BEGG OUT WITH BAD INJURY. UPDATE (see post # 10)

Kalon Dobbin Retires- STORY ON HOLD…


Earlier today, I was contacted about news that I recently shared about Kalon Dobbin being retired. I have been informed that this is not so, that what I shared is not accurate. Kalon Dobbin is not retired

My goal with SSW is to share news and accurately report on speed skating.

I appreciate the corrections that the individuals in the speed skating community share when I make errors. I apologize for my mistakes.—->

My connection to the Nothern-Switzerland Rumour Mill informs me that New Zealand’s Kalon Dobbin has retired from roller speed skating.

According to sources, Dobbin- gold medalist at World Roller Speed Skating Championships- has already hung up his skates for good.

Live Breathe Skate- Canadian Skate Bloggers

Here’s the latest from Mike Garvin; Keyboard Technique

If you are a skater and enjoy sharing your experiences, get yourself online, blogging is easier than you think! You don’t have to learn any new fangled tech-knowl-ogy…you can edit your posts in pretty much the same way you use a common editor like Microsoft Word.


Reports, Results, Pictures- Netherlands Road Championships

For results, reports, and pictures from this past weekend’s Netherlands Road Championships, use the links below;

Photo from Tims ProSkateShots

Mariska Huisman leads the way- photo shared here & by Tims ProSkateShots

Pictures- Zurich World Inline Cup/ Swiss Inline Cup- From Bildimpressionen.de

Check out Bildimpressionen.de’s pictures from yesterday’s Zurich World Inline Cup/ Swiss Inline Cup.

Photo from Bildimpressionen.de, Uwe Zeidler

Photo from Bildimpressionen.de, Uwe Zeidler

Photo from Bildimpressionen.de, Uwe Zeidler

Photo from Bildimpressionen.de, Uwe Zeidler

Photo from Bildimpressionen.de, Uwe Zeidler

Photo from Bildimpressionen.de, Uwe Zeidler

Results- Complete- Zurich World Inline Cup/ Swiss Inline Cup

Click here for the results from this past weekend’s World Inline Cup/ Swiss Inline Cup held in Zurich.


Reports- Zurich World Inline Cup/ Swiss Inline Cup- From Zepto & ASTA

Here are a couple of reports from the Zurich World Inline Cup/ Swiss Inline Cup-

The race started fast with some attacks from various teams. The ZEPTO team was working well to have at least one skater on each attack. At about half way through the race it started to rain and this made the race increasingly difficult. With slipply roads, rail lines, sharp corners and now rain we had to be more cautious. Alexander was unlucky and was involved in a large crash with about 8 other skaters and that ended his race.

Photo shared by Blog ASTA Roller – Course 


Video- Mittelrhein Inline Marathon- Koblenz- From Skate-Tv

Click here for Skate-Tv’s video from the Mittelrhein Inline Marathon. I think it may be the same video that I shared here (I can’t check because where I am, YouTube is blocked).


Pictures- Baxter Inline Marathon-

InlineSkateMpls shared links to a couple of photo albums from the Baxter Inline Marathon-

Daryl’s Photos

Jeff’s Photos

Photo from fleetfeet250

Photo from fleetfeet250

Photo by Jeff Steltz, from Martha

Photo by Jeff Steltz, from Martha

Michael Gilday- 3 In 1 Post

The latest from Michael Gilday is What a deal! 3 in 1 blog post

On Tuesday this past week I went down to Vulcan, Ab for the annual County Central High School sports award banquet. The owner of the local grocery store, Scott Mitchell had asked General Mills if one the aspiring Olympians that are on various General Mills cereal boxes would come down and speak at the banquet. So off I went. It was very cool to go down and attend an event like this.

Last but not least today is the day that we are off to Vancouver for our annual training camp. Just like last year, we will be taking advantage of being able to skate at the Olympic Short Track facility and get as much home ice advantage as we can.

Olivier Jean organized a salmon fishing trip for our rest day. Should be fun.


Videos- Dijon French Inline Cup- From Roller En Ligne

Roller En Ligne shared a few videos from the recent French Inline Cup held in Dijon-




Video- Shani Davis In Calgary

The video- Shani Davis– features a very intense beginning . It’s complete with Erben Wennemars at the finish line & also features Shani Davis talking about how he uses short track & long track training. He then talks about breakfast, when reaching for the Cheeto’s and oreos, he thinks about what Erben Wennemars and then settles for a healthier choices like oranges.

Video- Scott Arlidge Skating At 65km/h

65kph+ on a German road.

Scott Arlidge 09.

Mike Garvin, Greg, & Ed Skate 100k At P’tit Train Du Nord

The following is from the thread P’tit Train This Weekend!

Hey, Greg, Ed and I skated a 100K, it went really well…Greg had a wee fall but he soldiered through it and finished out the full century. We did see a little misting of rain but nothing to write home about. The little train station restauraunt was closed for some reason so went the Oblelex? Burger place down the road…mmmm….fries

Report- Big Granite Inline Marathon- From InlineSkateMpls

InlineSkateMpls shared a report on Saturday’s Big Granite Inline Marathon.

It was another hot one at Big Granite.  If the heat didn’t kill you the hills did.  Lemon Drop hill in Duluth is for pussies—it aint nuthin compared to Lactic Acid Mountain in Marengo.  If anyone wants a hill to talk about they should to do this marathon.  Racers go four miles an hour up some hills and forty miles an hour down the big one.  This race is no cakewalk.