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Kalyna Roberge- Olympics Training Camp

Canadian short track speed skater Kalyna Roberge is off to Vancouver to skate on the short track venue that will play host to next year’s Winter Olympics.

According to Roberge, the Canadian team will be there until July 5th in preparation for the Olympic trials. The trials will take place in August.

Check out her website.

Lors de ma routine régulière, je vais sur la glace une à deux fois par jour alors que durant ce camp, j’irai jusqu’à 3 fois par jour. Patiner sur la glace olympique m’aidera


Coenwesselman- Shani Reacts *Not*

The following is from Coenwesselman.nl’s Shani reageert *NOT*, as translated in Babel Fish;

Erben Wennemars are super-fanatical on twitter.com. He is the inventor of twitter under the skaters. at least that says the mediums. Vaandag gave plaagerig the title of the above photograph linkje to a reportage which made the NOS ever of Shani Davis he. In this he showed that Erben hang Wennemars on its frigidaire to remind him that he had eat no biscuits.

Humbug Shani (to see Dutch word order in English) reacts very grasped. Simply funny:)


Mirror Bus In Geisingen

Click here for a German-language article about a training session using the mirror bus in Geisingen. The following is translated using Babel Fish

The Zepto team pulled to its courses on the freshly asphalted course in Geisingen, when over 25 inspired Fitness and speed Skater of the Skate association Geisingen met to first mirror bus training. Particularly was the large participation of the children, who enjoy a special status in Geisigen. Amazing is again and again the apprehension of the young Inline Skater, which with a freshness and lively approach often in few minutes their personal Skate technology improved.


Results & Report- Univé World On Wheels- Utrecht

Yesterday’s Univé World on Wheels was held in Utrecht-


1. Pascal Briand, Frankrijk, Skatemill-Powerslide
2. Geert Plender, Kampen, Univé-Stouwdam-Cadomotus
3. Geert-Jan van der Wal, Groningen, Nefit
4. Sjoerd Huisman, Andijk, Nefit
5. Ferre Spruyt, België, CadoMotus Worldteam


1. Brooke Lochland, Australië, CadoMotus/BOB team
2. Britta Vantournhout, België, Bemog/Powerslide
3. Anniek ter Haar, Groningen, Bemog/Powerslide
4. Carla Zielman, Steenwijkerwold
5. Jolanda Langeland, Bedum, Bemog/Powerslide


Pictures- Zurich World Inline Cup/ Swiss Inline Cup- From Jörg Dietrich

Check out Jörg Dietrich’s pictures (FaceBook) from today’s Zurich World Inline Cup/ Swiss Inline Cup.

Photo from Jörg Dietrich

Photo from Jörg Dietrich

Photo from Jörg Dietrich

Photo from Jörg Dietrich

Photo from Jörg Dietrich

Preliminary Results & Reports- Zurich World Inline Cup/ Swiss Inline Cup

The preliminary results & reports for today’s World Inline Cup, held in Zurich, can be found thanks to the following links;


1/Yann Guyader Powerslide Matter France
2/ Alfredo Leon Bont Venezuela
3/ Joey Mantia Lugino Atom USA


1/ Cecilia Baena Colombia Powerslide Matter
2/ Jana Gegner Germany Powerslide Matter
3/ Giovanna Turchiarelli Italy Powerslide Matter

In the Ladies Bont Wheels team skaters Alexandra Vivas was 5th & Tamara Llorens 6th, the other top 10 were Bianca Roosenbloom Holland with a good 4th, Laura Ghezzi Italy 7th, Andrea Hartichelhar & Tina Struever World Inline center 8th & 9th & Justine Hallabout France 10th.

Juan Nayjib Tobon Zepto was 4th, Tomas Boucher 5th, Max Presti 6th, Steffano Galliazzo 7th, Christian Diaz Granados 8th, Reyon Kay Zepto N.Z. 9th & Felix Rijhen Germany 10th.

There were 158 starters in the mens race with 118 finishers, in the ladies there were 36 starters.

It appears the invincibility tag for a straight line sprint, is no longer hanging around Joey Mantias neck.

Boucher back in some form after not being prominent in big races for some time.

The veteran Stefano Galliazzo continues to amaze with his top performances.

Leon Alfredo, has had some good results & good to see him pull out a good one.

The Young skaters Diaz Granados, Rejhen & Kay, continue to run top placings.

Today Diego Rosero was a dissapointing 36th & Guyader stretches his big lead in the WIC. at this stage I have not heard reports from the race, to see if Diego may have had an accident.

it started raining about halfway through and I am pretty sure Diego took a spill, as he was looking strong and then disappeared. The course changed a bit from last year and had a pretty tricky right left chicane about 800m out from the finish which was quite interesting in the wet, as were the tram tracks…which explains the high number of DNF’s

Yes found out a bit more, yes Diego took a heavy fall, Wayne was having his best race of the year Bastidas went down in front of him on a downhill bit in the heavey rain & they slid past people while on their butts & slid accross a couple of lanes. Andre Willie, Livio Wenger & many men took spills, as apparently Ben, you were the only one with wet weather wheels on.

In the ladies Alexandra Vivas was unfortunately relegated from 3rd accross the line back to 5th for interference, the previous week in Dijon another team were guilty of some very dodgy tracking in the sprint finish, but were not pulled up.


SpeedSK8ers.com Has News For You About The Press

SpeedSK8ers.com issued its 4th issue of the Sk8ologist; Press: Have I got news for you

Websites, what a mess

Aw, don’t get me started. Every time there’s a big event somewhere, I need to check half a dozen local websites, blogs or forums just to get a general idea of what happened. In fact, I have a collection of about 200 skating sites on my favourites, none of which brings a complete, trustworthy panorama of the international scene. The reason is simple: no specialized website is designed and run professionally; bar perhaps some of those funded by the big manufacturers… which by definition are tendentious. The only true exceptions are WIC’s newly refurbished site (although it’s still a bit too basic and slowly updated), SkateTV.de (decent videos, but in German only), Rollerenligne (French) and the recently defunct portal SkatePodium, which was definitely the best ever seen. Although mostly written in Dutch, it was lovely designed, technically sound and very rich in content (especially the video section), an expensive venture that ultimately proved impossible to be adequately financed.

Bont Enduro Team Ready For Le Mans 24 Hours

According to the thread BONT LE MANS ATTACK, the Bont Enduro Team is ready for the Mans 24 Hours which takes place next weekend-

Here is the list of the team members of the BONT ENDURO TEAM and their phone numbers.

Wayne Begg (Captain) (New Zealand)
Ben Alchin (New Zealand)
Willem Hut (Netherlands)
Ard Veneman (Netherlands)
Kert Keskpaik (Estonia)
Philippe Matter (France)
Guillermo Trinaroli (Argentina)
Ruben Martinez (Argentina)
Alfredo Moreno (Venezula)
Livio Wenger (Switzerland)

Also coming along is Aaron Arndt from Canada who was originally in the team but due to his ankle from last years accident not fully recovered he will help form the support team.

Candy Wong- Dodge The Crowd & Unexpected

Here’ are Candy Wong’s latest entries; Dodge The Crowd and Unexpected

The season for our FNS group kicked off a few weeks ago. Since my original plan for a road trip to Trexlertown fell through, I met up with other skaters to take in the sight and sound of Toronto at night. Summer time is festival time in Toronto and there are so many activities going on this weekend.

An unexpected turn of events has occured since and now I am faced with some interesting issues. I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with eating and in times of distress, my reaction is to switch off my appetite.