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Results, Report- Big Granite Inline Marathon

The Big Granite Inline Marathon was held earlier today. You can use the following links for results;

Here’s a report; Kara Peterson and Mike Anderson Win at Big Granite.


John Rose Inline Cup Results as of 6/17

 John Rose Inline Cup Results as of 6/17

Another great night at the track. This week the new race was the miss and out race. Every lap the last person is eliminated until a winner is declared.

John Rose Inline Cup Series Standings

Pictures- Training In Toronto & 24 Hours Roller Montreal- From Jessica Wright

Jessica Wright shared a couple of photo albums;

Photo from Jessica Wright

Photo from Jessica Wright

Photo from Jessica Wright

Pictures- La Faute Sur Mer

Check out the pictures from La Faute Sur Mer (in France).

Photo from christophe

Report- 24 Hours Roller Montreal- Take a Lap- Live Breathe Skate

Live Breathe Skate‘s Mike Garvin shared his report from the 24 Hours Roller Montreal; Take a Lap

I would also guess he didn’t see me as a threat (and I wasn’t), but with the Benoit clones being so fast, the rest of us only had to be fast enough to make it hard to close the gap.  This was a our big advantage I think.  Our team wasn’t stacked with super fast skaters, but they were all fast enough, to make it hard to close the gap.   So for example, even if Peter has better stamina then one or both of the Benoit clones, Peter still had to skate many more laps and was just getting worn down a lot quicker.

Our team was competive, but you can join a fitness or recreational team and have a more purely fun experience, there is something for all levels of skaters. If you haven’t tried 24 hours yet, I highly recommend.  Its one of the unique  adventures you can have thorugh skating.  One the reason’s I skate is the adventure it brings.  Sure I like training, and getting in shape…all good, but what is work without some play?    Get out there and find some adventure…preferrably on your skates!


Video- Martin Cordoba- Italy 2004

Check out VisualSkate’s video featuring Argentina’s Martin Cordoba racing at the World Junior Roller Speed Skating Championships in Italy in 2004.


Report- Svenska Inlinecupen

PatinCarrera shared a report on the Svenska Inlinecupen 2009.

Meanwhile, in the Sweden neighbor also there was activity and of the good one. The Svenska Inlinecupen is the new series of competitions ruteras and official marathon impelled by the Swedish federation of skating that found in our discipline a great activity to practice and to develop in the months of summer.