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Pictures- 24 Hours Roller Montreal- Collection Of Photo Galleries

I have finally gotten around to sharing all the links I collected to photo galleries from the 24 Hours Roller Montreal.

There are truly some beautiful pictures. Take your time to soak these in.

Photo from TermV

Photo from TermV

Photo from TermV

Photo from TermV

Photo from flickr_photographer

Photo by Petermoynihan.com

Photo from Julie Robert

Photo from Martine Charbonneau

Photo from TermV

Photo from TermV

Photo from TermV

Photo from TermV

Photo from TermV

Photo from TermV

Photo from TermV

Photo from TermV

Photo from TermV

Photo from TermV

Photo from cor1000

Photo from cor1000

Photo from Mohamed Ariba

Photo from Mohamed Ariba

Photo from Mohamed Ariba

Photo from Mohamed Ariba

Photo from Mohamed Ariba

Photo from Mohamed Ariba

Photo from Mohamed Ariba

Photo from Mike Lin

Photo from Mike Lin

Video- Dijon World Inline Cup/ French Inline Cup- Men’s Race- From Roller En Ligne

Check out Roller En Ligne’s video of the men’s race from this past weekend’s Dijon World Inline Cup/ French Inline Cup.


Pictures- Roller In The Mid-80’s

I came across these great pictures recently- I think they’re John Fry’s;

Back in 1986- Racing in Tatem Park in North London- John Fry leads Hugh Doggett

Rowan Harlow leads Ashley Harlow with John Fry sitting in 3rd. Coming up on the outside (right) are Hugh Doggett and Ian Cox

1985 podium in Tatem Park- Left to right are Bobby Kaiser, Tony Keefe, Mark Took, Hugh Doggett, Derrick Ritchie, and John Fry

Racing a 50km race in Belgium

Racing in St Brieuc, France’s International Road Event in 1984

Pictures- Regionali Pista GE Di Cremona- Shared By Pattinaggio Bellusco

Pattinaggio Bellusco shared more pictures from the Regionali Pista GE Di Cremona. Use the links in the quote bubble below-


Photo from Pattinaggio Bellusco

Photo from Pattinaggio Bellusco

Photo from Pattinaggio Bellusco

“It’ll Make Sense Later…”: Highwood Pass 2009

Highwood Pass 2009 is “It’ll Make Sense Later…” latest entry-

Our newly formed ritual of going to Highwood Pass in Kananaskis Country was a success.  We’ve headed out there a few times now, 4 days last year (weather was god awful and miserable) and now for 7 amazing days this year.  Although, the first weekend we didn’t have that great of luck on weather it still proved to be a fun few days.

Top left to Bottom Right: Yasu, Dustin, Cory, Blake, Jon, Michael‘- caption & photo from “It’ll Make Sense Later…”

Reports, Results, Pictures- Indonesian Nationals

Check out the thread Indonesian Nationals for reports, results, and pictures from this year’s Indonesian Nationals. You can find photos here.

men :
1. Dimas Prasetya (East Borneo) —> Blue skinsuit
2. Miftah (East Java) —> red bont suit
3. Stevanus (DKI Jakarta)—-(Johannes Wihardja younger brother, he came to jiaxing)
let me update the points for men soon…

women :
1. Eri Marina Yo 41 pts (East Borneo)
2. Ajeng Anindya 34 pts (Central Java)
3. Heydi Agraditta 17pts (East Java)

Photo from erihohoho

Photo from erihohoho

New Road Rash From Road Rash Chronicles

Finally, some Road Rash!!– and they walked/ skated away, smiling-

Evidence that the summer season is upon us and the Road Rash is finally trickling into my email.  Keep it coming people.


Vote- Which Two Sports Should Earn Olympic Status?

I am curious to see which sport you’d vote for? Alle Olimpiadi del 2016 potrebbero essere ammesse 2 nuove discipline. Quali scegliereste tra queste 7 candidate?.

You can add your thoughts & follow the discussion here; YOU VOTE FOR THE SKATING IN THE OLYMPIC GAMES.


I hope you are right & the top guys have done their homeework with the right appointments & right telephone calls ? it seems a bit worrying when the Olympic president travelled all the way to N.Z. & it was only reported he spoke with Golf & Rugby & N.Z. has one of the proudest speedskating records, the work needed done a long time ago, I just hope the IOC is not just impressed with $ signs, a few years back, these sports of Rugby & Golf would never ever been considered.

US 10K Classic Promo Video

Check out the promotional video for the US 10k Classic; US 10K Classic Promo 2009

Video- Dijon World Inline Cup/ French Inline Cup- From CadoMotus

Check out CadoMotus’ video from the Dijon World Inline Cup/ French Inline Cup.

Shane Dobbin wins the 2009 Dijon World Cup marathon with a late solo break in slippery conditions. Teammate Bart Swings takes 2nd by winning the bunch sprint behind.

Court Upholds Young Speed Skater’s Ban

Gericht bestätigt Doping-Sperre für Jugendlichen– translated in Babel Fish;

A 15 years old Netherlands ice high-speed runner remains provisionally closed after a positive Dopingkontrolle. The boy had been tested on 31 January 2009 as the second the Netherlands C-Juniorenmeisterschaften. One found the 35-fache of the permissible quantity of the anabolen Steroids Nandrolon in its urine.


Results- 24 Hours Roller Montreal

Click here for the results of the 24 Hours Roller Montreal.


Roller Sports Pitched To IOC Executive Committee In Lausanne

The following is from PatinCarrera.com’s  article Sueño Olímpico 2016: El patinaje vivió un día histórico en Lausanne & translated with Babel Fish

It happens what happens in the final decision, the world-wide speed skating today gave a great jump in its long sport history since for the first time, the top leaders of our sport were reunited expensive to face with the leaders of the world-wide sport, the members of the Executive Committee of the Olympic Committee the International, the organization of greater prestige and power in the sport scope of the planet.

The video to ¨Roller for Olympics¨ was a special protagonist in the interview and hit in the eyes of the members of the Executive Committee that were bewildered with the speed and the skill of the skaters.


Reports- 24 Hours Roller Montreal- From InlineOttawa Forum

In the thread 2009 24 Hour Inline Report, you’ll find a few skaters’ reports & points of view from this year’s 24 Hours Roller Montreal-

The 24hr organizers made some changes this year. They moved the village into the parking lot, the DJ booth to a corner on top of the paddocks overlooking the villiage, and the timing booth and start/finish line to the other far end of the paddocks. The area behind the paddocks was completely fenced off and reserved for tents and picnic tables. The exchange area was lengthened, widened, and each team assigned a specific waiting zone for their transfers. The infamous zone of red paint, which in the past transformed into one long zone of frictionless teflon when wet, was gone, replaced with blue paint that had faded over the course of the winter to the point where it wasn’t a safety hazzard this year.

About my secret weapon: I had brought my L.E.D. light set which I use for 24 hour mountain bike races and training at night. It is blindingly, searingly bright. It should come with a warning and a legal waiver, it is that bright. Crazy bright. Did I mention it’s bright?



Report- Dijon World Inline Cup/ French Inline Cup- From Roller En Ligne

Roller En Ligne shared a report on this past weekend’s Dijon World Inline Cup/ French Inline Cup.

Photo shared by Roller En Ligne

Report- Chile National Selection #2- From PatinCarrera

PatinCarrera shared a report on Chile’s second selection competition held this past weekend.


Eastern Seaboard Series- This Weekend

The second Eastern Seaboard Series race is set for this weekend in Trexlertown.

For information, check out ESS #2.

This Saturday June 20th we will be holding the 2nd race of the season, we will be offering free food to all in attendance, hamburgers and hotdogs. We will also be hosting the Keystone leagues end of year awards right after the races in the Pavalion area. I will be posting a race schedule Wednesday.

Candy Wong- 24 Hours: Pink Vs. Pink

Candy Wong‘s latest from the 24 Hours Roller Montreal is Pink vs Pink

Sarah woke me up Sunday morning at 6am. The sun was bright and the air was cold & crisp. The night shift team was on their 6th rotation and the girls were getting tired. We needed fresh legs on the course. Now. Between 3am to 6:30am, the girls skated some very strong laps and we regained our lead on the Poulettes to 1 lap +5:20.