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Reports, Results, Pictures- Ostrava World Inline Cup (Last Weekend)

I realize that I am a week late on sharing these reports & results. SSW is still on catch-up mode after last weekend’s 24 Hours Roller Montreal. And don’t worry, I have tons of links to pictures saved up that I’ll blast onto SSW soon.

For now, let’s focus on last weekend’s World Inline Cup/ Nestle Life Inline Tour held in Ostrava, Czech;

The 33km race was held around a fast and smooth 3.050 meter circuit. It was a straight forward circuit, up and down the same stretch of road with a U-turn at each end. There were plenty of spectators lining the streets of Ostrava and a great atmosphere for the race.

Photo from IGUANA

With the new way of interpreting the results the overall WIC has become a complete farce, with the 6 men present from WIC teams recieving the top 6 points, no matter where they finished & 5 Ladies from WIC teams, the top 5 ladies points.
Any one that attended Incheon from the WIC would automatically be a long way ahead, no matter where they ended up, there is a big danger of shooting yourself in the foot, as in the past the overall points counted for something, apart from Gyader & Rosero chasing WIC points, there is little other interest.

Its all very well the new management reading the rules to what they term as the letter of the law, but in some areas they required a bit more flexibility & this was one of them.

1- Kelly Martinez (Bont Wheels)-1:00:56.313
2- Katerina Novotna (KSB B/J)
3- Tamara Llorens (Bont Wheels)
4- Cecilia Baena (Powerslide Matter World)
5- Alexandra Vivas (Bont Wheels)

1- Luca Saggiorato (Rollerblade World Team)- 53:19,157
2- Andres Munos (Powerslide Matter World)
3- Severin Widmer (Luigino Swiss Team)
4- Thomas Boucher (Rollerblade ILA Speedodrom)
5- Nicolas Zamudio (Powerslide Phuzion World)

Photo from NLILT

Photo from NLILT

Photo from NLILT

Road Rash Chronicles- 24 Hours Roller Montreal- Team Bionic

Like the keener I am, I was up early and at the track at about 7:30 with my Starbucks extra venti sized coffee in hand.  I had my tent set up and everything ready to go by about 9am.  As the team trickled in, we were missing about 5 skaters by the time the event was about to start.  Thankfully they showed just in time and we headed to the line.

Read the Team Bionic perspective here; 24 Hours – Team Bionic.


Live Breathe Skate- Big Changes From 1996 To Today


Above you can see the progress I’ve made while taking on a skating/athletic lifestyle. On the left is me around 1996. On the right is a shot of me from 24 hrs this past weekend. I’ve made a lot of progess, not just in terms of burning off calories, but in terms of changing my life style to be an athletic one.

I think its worth noting that this progress did not just land in my lap, nor was it gained over night.  Its been an ongoing effort (struggle?) for many years.  Likely more to come as well.  So, if you are focused on weight loss through sports; great, go for it, but don’t get dis-heartened if you fail to shed 20lbs in a few months…it just doesn’t work like that.  If it goes off (to stay off), its about changing your lifestyle and slowly over time, dialing in a lower weight.

Read more from Mike Garvin here; The Great Wall of Training.

Pictures- Wilrijk

Click here for MSL-Project‘s pictures from Wilrijk.

Photo from MSL-Project

Candy Wong- Dreams Of Putting Together A Girl’s Team, TBC

Fast forward to morning of June 6, 2009. I stood at circuit Gilles-Villeneuve as the captain of Team Women On Wheels. After getting our team photo taken, the girls wanted to skate a lap to check out the track. We skated on the smooth surface in a tidy paceline trading leads. I looked at my teammates in our awesome pink and black skinsuit and couldn’t be prouder.

Read Candy Wong’s full report here; “You Had A Dream And You Made It Happen”.

Photo shared by Candy Wong, by Peter Moynihan

Results- Dijon World Inline Cup/ French Inline Cup

The Dijon World Inline Cup/ French Inline Cup was held earlier today.

Use the links below for pictures of the results sheet and check out PatinCarrera.com’s report; World Inline Cup: Shane Dobbin y Cecilia Baena fueron los reyes en Dijon.

The following is from Bill Begg in the thread DIJON France FIC / WIC;

Once again another bit of a letdown, when it looked like all the big teams would get to line up against each other & Rollerblade would be in Force, we find that the Italians have a training camp, so thats Saggiotatto & Zangarini out, plus Nicolas Iten with a brocken arm, so for sure Contin or Rosero will be looking for a breakaway opportunity, but this is likely to be the only big event that Cado Motus will front up at, Powerslide will be down on strength also with Italian team committements, so it looks like of the Big WIC teams Zepto will be at full strength & the Cado Motus a non WIC team, looks the biggest threat.

In the ladies Kelley Martinez back in Colombia & Nicole Begg still Injured sees Bont only line up with two, while Powerslide may have a full team if Turchiarelli, is not in the National selection.

So it looks like the World Championships before we get to see the Worlds best line up against each other.

Results shared by Itachimaru

Results shared by Itachimaru

Results & Pictures- RSO Outdoor Series #2- Toronto

The RSO Outdoor Series made its second stop of the year earlier today in Toronto.

Weather conditions were ideal, which made the small turn-out somewhat surprising.

Despite low attendance, the skaters took advantage to skate some fast times and get some racing in on the Father Redmond 400-meter track. This is the track that will be used for this July’s Canadian Championships.

The RSO Outdoor Series #3 is planned for July in Ottawa. Stay tuned for dates/ news as the date may change from the scheduled July 19th.

1500-meter time trial– 1- Peter Doucet (2:22.40), 2- Jesse Pauley, 3- Morgan Williams, 4- Travis Shaw, 5- Morgane Echardour (2:36.76), 6- Sarah Hopkins, 7- Jay Brown, 8- David Rudniski, 9- Nick Pelych, 10- Shannon Ford Smith, 11- Amanda Tickner

500-meter sprint– 1- Jesse Pauley (46.60), 2- Peter Doucet, 3- Morgan Williams, 4- Travis Shaw, 5- Sarah Hopkins (48.75), 6- Morgane Echardour, 7- Jay Brown, 8- David Rudniski, 9- Shannon Ford Smith, 10- Nick Pelych, 11- Amanda Tickner

10km pack race– 1- Peter Doucet (17:20.26), 2- Jesse Pauley, 3- Morgane Echardour (17:57.00), 4- Sarah Hopkins, 5- Morgan Williams, 6- Travis Shaw, 7- Jay Brown, 8- Nick Pelych, 9- David Rudniski, 10- Shannon Ford Smith, 11- Amanda Tickner

Stage #2 Overall Rankins– 1- Peter Doucet, 2- Jesse Pauley, 3- Morgan Williams, 4- Morgane Echardour, 5- Travis Shaw, 6- Sarah Hopkins, 7- Jay Brown, 8- David Rudniski, 9- Nick Pelych, 10- Shannon Ford Smith, 11- Amanda Tickner

Click here for results & pictures.