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Festival Of Excellence- Usain Bolt Wins

The Festival of Excellence, held at the University of Toronto’s Varsity Stadium, featured a program packed with many Olympic Champions & medalists as well as World Champions & National Champions in track & field.

Jamaica’s Usain Bolt helped draw a big crowd for the show, which culminated with his winning the men’s 100-meter sprint in 10-seconds flat in the rain.

Morgane and I watched the race from the standing-only area on the opposite side of the track. For only $25 per ticket (much cheaper than the $140 or so to sit in the stands), we had a decent view of the race. Plus, after his race, Bolt came around for a victory lap and touched the oustreched hands of fans, including mine. 🙂

Can you tell who this is?

Victory lap for Usain Bolt

Men’s 1500-meters with 1 1/2 laps to go

Men’s 1500-meters early on

Usain Bolt 10-minutes before the 100-meters

Women’s 400-meters

Reports- 24 Hours Inline Montreal

As you can tell, I’ve taken my time getting SSW back up to speed with reports, news, results, and more.

I have a collection of links to all sorts of goodies that I’ll continue sharing over the next few days.

For now, I’d like to share links to a few reports from this past weekend’s 24 Hours Inline Montreal

I smiled, I laughed, I sniffled, I told someone to “kiss it”, I ran, I walked, I danced, I rocked, I rolled and I skated my azz off. It was probably the most emotionally charged and most satisfying “24 hour Inline Relay event” that I’ve ever completed and I’ve completed 5 of them.

Some of the guys were really concerned that the all girls’ team founded by Candy Wong might beat us. Personally I don’t care who our team beats (or does not beat) but I couldn’t figure out how Women on Wheels (WOW) would manage it. True, they had the advantage of youth but, because of their smaller size, women are not generally good pullers –and that is what this race is all about. Anyway, we skated faster but they looked a lot better in their fancy pink and black skinsuits.

Applause to the organizers for changing the set up of the relay area. Great idea and I think it worked quite well. And although my team didn’t use it, the push relay was super fun to watch. Road Rash galore!

Weather. No complaints. Winds were strong at times but at that track I am beginning to think that is just the way it goes. Thankfully no rain and the temp was perfect for the entire event.

Music. *Sigh* I know you can’t please everyone but the music sucked. lol


Usain Bolt Running At Toronto’s Festival Of Excellence

Later this evening, Usain Bolt will be running at Toronto’s Fesitval Of Excellence.

I managed to score some tickets. I’ll be there to trying to get a glimpse of the world’s fastest sprinter. I can’t wait!


Petition To Protect Montreal’s Gilles-Villeneuve Circuit

Maintient du Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve pour l’entraînement des cyclistes / Keep Gilles-Villeneuve Circuit for Cyclist Track

We, the undersigned, oppose the new devices installed on the Gilles-Villeneuve circuit to restrict the speed of cyclists. The Gilles-Villeneuve circuit is the only place in Montreal where competitive cyclists can train. This decision hinders the development of local athletes in cycling and in triathlon. Furthermore, this decision jeopardises the safety of road users and of these athletes because it forces them to relocate their training to busier roads or bike paths that are used by leisure cyclists.


Tony Muse Helps Master Corners

Rule 5 – Sit low and deal with the pressure and pain.

Without sitting low, you will not have a powerful push. The faster you go, the more force will be put on your legs and the greater desire you will have to lift your backside.

Fight the pain because without your hips down, you will not be able to reach far to the inside or sustain high speeds.

Master all five rules. Once you do, you’ll feel like your whipping around the corners on your personal roller coaster!

Read the entire skate tip here; Master the Corners- Learn to skate the corners like a world champion.


Watch The Brasilian Inline Speed Skating Nationals Live On Your PC- July 10th-11th

Comment from Thanks/ Support SSW

We are proud to invite all speed skaters comunity to join the Brasilian inline speed skate nationals live on your PC. Our federation is provading the link, so if you could link it to your site it would be very important to us. The championship will take place in BRasília- BRazil on the 10 and 11 of july (this friday and saturday) on the Brasilian time (-3 greewich). Friday all day long and saturday morning.

Video Interview- Shane Dobbin At Besançon French Inline Cup

Roller En Ligne shared a video interview with Shane Dobbin following his victory at the Besançon French Inline Cup. Click here to download the interview.


You Do What?

It’s a question I’ve been asked a lot this week, and I’ve been happy for the opportunity to answer it.

“You inline speed skate?”
“Wow..I’ve never heard of that before…”
“Where is Nationals held ?”

Read more here; You Do What ???.


USA Roller Sports Indoor Nationals Schedule

Click here for the tentative schedule of events for this year’s USA Roller Sports National Indoor Speed Chamionships taking place in Peoria, IL. The competition begins on July 19th.

You can read more here; 2009 Indoor National schedule???.


Margarita World Inline Cup- Venezuela- October 30th To November 1st

The Margarita World Inline Cup is set for October 3ost to November 1st in Venezuela. 


Listen Up Inline Skaters & Cyclists: Grow Your Sport Or Ruin It For Everyone

I was thinking the best way to grow the sport is not by winning competitions nobody sees except other skaters or their families, but by skating where people are walking their dogs, running, texting and walking and riding their bikes…and by just being nice, overly nice, whenever possible.

But you’re not going to last long with anyone who cares about the regular park users if you come flying through and yelling rudely at people like you are the only one who matters. Making enemies won’t improve your fun with every lap. It’s not always easy to keep in mind when working out, but you need friends where you work out, and it will eventually make it more enjoyable.

Read more here; Listen Up Inline Skaters & Cyclists: Grow Your Sport or Ruin It For Everyone.