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Results (Basic)- 24 Hours Inline Montreal

Click here for basic results from this weekend’s 24 Hours Inline Montreal. Detailed results will be online later.


Aaron Arndt- Back To Crash Site In Weinfelden

I was flooded with flashbacks, memories, and of course out came a few stories of different skaters appearing out of the corn fields.  Perhaps most notably Ruben Martinez. Who, several minutes after everyone capable of walking had left the scene, popped up out of the six-foot tall growth, looked both ways, and took off sprinting…  That moment may be among the funniest things I have ever experienced.  I even had to laugh in that moment; broken leg and all.

Here are two of Aaron Arndt‘s latest entries;


Jessica Gregg- How I Keep Going When I Don’t Think I Can

As athletes, we commit a great deal of our time to our sport, and so when the training gets hard it’s nice to remind ourselves that not everyone has the ability — or the will power — to do what we’re doing. It’s something we should feel proud of, no matter what the results are in the end.

Here’s Jessica Gregg’s complete entry; How I keep going when I don’t think I can.


Michael Gilday- Snow & Bears In June

After a good start weather wise, things started to turn mid way through and the ride ended in another whiteout snowstorm. No worries though just another (fun!) day on the bike. I say fun because I saw two grizzlies. And not together but just two different sightings. Pretty cool.

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Bear 2‘- caption & photo from Michael Gilday

Nicole Begg- What Was On Last Weekend

I am back on my skates training but still not allowed to race so I will miss out on the Ostrava World Inline Cup on this Sunday. It’s the first time the World Inline Cup has ever been to the Czech Republic, so that is fantastic for skating in general.

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Andrew Love- Distance From Skating, Fatherhood

Here’s the latest from Andrew Love;

I am at a distance from skating. As out of focus as this photograph. I remember how it feels & miss it. Am racing my bike a lot from sheer convenience. Still lifting big in the gym, but have yet to touch ice this year.

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