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My Pictures- 24 Hours Inline Montreal

Below are some of my pictures from this past weekend’s 24 Hours Inline Montreal.

I took few pictures this year because the team I was skating with was locked in a battle from the start of the event until the very end.

The team I was skating with constantly traded leads with the Rabid Lap Dogs (RLD) until midnight. We fell back over 2 laps in the middle of the night, but unlapped ourserlves from Montreal Inter & (RLD), and mounted a late charge, finishing a mere 40-seconds behind Montreal Inter & 1 lap and a bit behind RLD.

I thought it was wiser to rest, eat well, and be prepared for my next shift. That meant I could not catch up with nearly as many friends that I would have liked to. As well, the result was that I took very few pictures.

The thing is, conditions were perfect for taking fabulous pictures and cool videos. I saw lots of photographers skating and walking around, so I figured someone else would capture the experience. I’ll share links to some of the other photo galleries later. You’ll have to be patient with me though; I am resting & recovering from the 24 hours, this week is extremely busy at work, and I’m focused on continuing with training and preparation.

Between the thousand skaters, beautiful scenery, excitement of the event, you really had to be there in person to really soak in and appreciate the 24 hours experience.

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