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Montreal 24 Hours- Quick & Short Report

Quick update; the event was fantastic! Huge thumbs up to organizers- Simon Clement, Youri Juteau, and the rest of the team for putting together a great professional top notch event with tons of skaters, media, sponsors, music, fun, and more.

My team rocked- we finished 3rd, some 40-seconds behind Montreal Inter. We made a come back from being down almost 2-laps but just missed 2nd place. I skated 48 laps (201km’s) most at about 7mins 15, which gives an average of 35km/h.

I’m now off to bed, I’ll share more later.

1- Rabid Lap Dogs (Ottawa) 
2- Montreal Inter (Montreal)
3- Toronto Inline Skating Club/ SpeedSkateWorld.com

Women Only Teams
1- WOW (Women On Wheels)
2- Poulettes Sur Roulettes

1- Lou Solitaire