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This Weekend- 24 Hours Montreal- Candy Wong Giving Live Updates

This weekend, I will be competing in the 24 Hours Inline Montreal. The competition begins Saturday at 1pm and concludes on Sunday at 1pm.

Candy Wong will be sharing live updates on her via Twitter. You can also view her webpage.

The team- Toronto Inline Skating Club/SpeedSkateWorld.com – that I am skating on includes Leo Frusteri, Camilo Echeverri, Jesee Pauley, Jade Pauley, Travis Shaw, Eric ‘Hip Hop’ Gee, Morgan Williams, and perhaps two more skaters who we’ve been in contact with and grooming. We’ll also have Mister Scott Pauley helping us with strategy, motivation, and more.

Our team’s goal is to have fun, enjoy the skating, and skate well. We’ve got a team of good skaters with a wide array of strengths. I’m looking forward to spending 24 hours competing with friends and skaters from Toronto.

Just in case you’d like to come by and visit the team and I, we’ll be set up in paddock #28C (see the paddock set-up).


Here are a few of the things that I am taking with me to Montreal-

  • Morgane Echardour
  • Food (each team member is responsible for bringing pre-assigned food for the entire team)
  • Big white board with dry-erase markers
  • Microwave
  • Lots of tea
  • Chairs
  • Tent
  • Pillows
  • Air mattress
  • Blankets
  • Timimg clock
  • Walkie-talkies

I highly doubt that I’ll be updating or maintaining SSW during the 24 hours. I’ll probably start sharing news & maintaining SSW on Monday or even possibly Tuesday or Wednesday.

I’m sure that in between now and then, you can figure out where to find news from the 24 Hours Inline Montreal as well as from the wide world of speed skating.

Pictures & Results- London Inline Marathon

You can use the following links for pictures & results from the London Inline Marathon;

Photo from BigSteev

Rand Plett Update- #6- June 4

What a difference a couple days make !!!!! I walked in to visit Randy today and he was standing up and moving around and walking and had a big grin on his face !!!! The physio guy was in and they were discussing ways for Randy to get in and out of bed by himself. I believe Randy is testing and playing the physio guy a bit, to gauge exactly what he has to accomplish to get out of the hospital and home……. He will probably practise during the nights instead of sleeping…. The way things are looking to my uneducated eye is Randy is looking at being home before the weekend is over !!!!

Read more here; Randy Plett (post #5).

Video- Yann Guyader On Television- Nantes 7

ASTA Roller shared a television show from Nantes 7 featuring Yann Guyader- Yann Guyader passe (encore) à la TV sur Nantes 7.

Dans le cadre de son émission MEME PAS PEUR, Nantes 7 est venu à la piste il ya quelques jours pour fimer Yann avec la participation de Valérie Sibioude, membre d’équipe de France de kayak polo. Le but étant d’échanger les sports entre athlètes de haut niveau.


Doekle Terpstra Aiming To Maintain Top KNSB Position

Schaatsenzo.nl is reporting that Doekle Terpstra is vying to maintain KNSB‘s presidency.


This Weekend- World Inline Cup In Czech Republic

The World Inline Cup will be making a stop this weekend in the Czech Republic. Read more using the following links;

NIRA Nationals & US 10k- Together In Atlanta

The National Inline Racing Association proudly announces that the 14th Annual NIRA Nationals will be held over the Labor Day Weekend at the newly remodeled Sparkles Roller Skating Rink, in Smyrna, Georgia. Smyrna, located just minutes of North of Metro Atlanta, will allow skaters participating in the NIRA Nationals the opportunity to also compete in the US 10K Outdoor Events on Monday September 7th. The NIRA Nationals are scheduled annually over the Labor Day Weekend with this year’s dates set for Saturday and Sunday, September 5 and 6, 2009. The NIRA looks forward to another exciting NIRA Nationals and the opportunity to compete on Sparkles freshly sanded and super fast hardwood maple floor.


Hilde Goovaerts Welcomes Baby Gust

The CadoMotus World Ladies team leader – former World Marathon Champion and World Cup winner Hilde Goovaerts celebrates a new phase of her life together with husband Bart, with the birth of their son Gust on May 28.

Read more here; Hilde Goovaerts has baby Gust.


Results- Southeast Regional Indoor Championships

Click here for the results from the Southeast Regional Indoor Championships.


Pictures- Thursday June 4th Toronto Inline Skating Club Practice

Here are a couple of pictures from Thursday’s Toronto Inline Skating Club practice-

TISC was pleased to welcome Florida’s Jessica Wright. She and her family are en-route to Montreal for this weekend’s 24 Hours Montreal. They stopped off and skated TISC‘s Thursday evening practice.

Team Schankel‘s Travis Shaw (left), Jesse Pauley (middle), and Jade Pauley (leadings)