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Birmingham Wheels’ 25th Anniversary

Well…this month celebrates not only 25 years of having the first (and now only) purpose built banked speed skating track in the UK but also marks the 25th anniversary of the forming of the Birmingham Wheels Roller Speed Club.

Read more here; Birmingham Wheels – 25th Anniversary (#1192) and in the thread England News.

Kalyna Roberge

Check out Kalyna Roberge‘s website.

Il y a du nouveau à l’aréna Maurice-Richard! La Fédération de patinage de vitesse du Québec vient d’installer des matelas de protection autour de notre patinoire. Ces nouvelles bandes amortissent mieux nos chutes et diminuent les risques de fractures ou de commotions juste avant les Jeux.


Results, Pictures, Report- Nestle Inline Tour- Ceske Budejovice

The Nestle Inline Tour made its most recent stop last weekend in Ceské Budejovice.

Photo from Nestle Inline Tour


Pictures- Buenos Aires Ciudad Deportiva- From VisualSkate.com

VisualSkate.com shared pictures from the Buenos Aires Ciudad Deportiva.

Photo from VisualSkate.com

Pictures- Trofeo Citta Di Siena & Memorial Manuel Calzavara-From Pattinaggio Bellusco

Pattinaggio Bellusco shared photo albums from the Trofeo Citta di Siena and from the Memorial Manuel Calzavara. Use the links below to access the photo galleries-

3° Trofeo Città di Siena

Duecento fotografie divise nelle raccolte: A B

7° Memorial Manuel Calzavara

Duecentosessanta fotografie divise nelle raccolte: A B C

Photo from Pattinaggio Bellusco

Photo from Pattinaggio Bellusco

Photo from Pattinaggio Bellusco

Photo from Pattinaggio Bellusco

Candy Wong- Back In Form From India

It’s been a while since my last update but things certainly have been busy at the home front. My journey back from Pune was an over 26 hours ordeal involving 8 hours layover in the Mumbai airport at night.

Coach PD started practice with a few of my favourite crossovers drills. Those drills always help me to recalibrate my direction of push, timing, and body alignment. As a result, during the hour-long workout, my corners felt solid and my shins never once fail me.

Read more from Candy Wong’s entry Back From A Long Absence.


Results- Handi Globe Roller Narbonne

Roller En Ligne shared results from the Handi Globe Roller Narbonne. Click here to directly access the results.


Liam McFarlane’s Thank You To Yvon De Blois

The latest call from him was this past Friday, He needed help moving things into a cargo container that was heading out to Québec the following morning.  Some of it was heavy lifting so he needed a second pair of hands.  It was amazing; while moving I came across a number of boxes containing old credentials from World Cups and Olympics, awards, and pictures.  I was blown away by it – …

Read more from Liam McFarlane here; Thank You Yvon.


Ask Bill Begg!- Why Did My Son Slow Down?

Hello, Bill. Last year, I bought 84mm Bont Alphas for my 7-year-old son, who has been skating for several years. Since then, his aggression while sprinting has reduced. He can no longer start as quickly and is no longer competitive on shorter tracks. Could the problem be the new skates? Kind regards, Jaspal from India.

Read Bill Begg’s response here; Why Did My Son Slow Down?


Clara Hughes- Charmante Nature

Avant de regagner la froideur du béton urbain de Calgary ou de Richmond, Clara revient dans son coin des Cantons-de-l’Est où elle a acquis une maison avec son mari, il y a neuf ans. Elle n’y séjourne que l’équivalent d’un mois ou deux par année, mais le retour provoque le même effet apaisant à chaque fois.

Read more here; Charmante Nature.


Bill Begg And The Big Skate

Check out this picture; bill-begg-big-skate.

Bill Begg checks out a wheel on the world’s biggest skate at the opening ceremony of the Haining Roller Sports Expo

Photo shared on Inline Planet Skate Network

Aaron Arndt In Europe

Training in an hour, feels like maybe I am home.

Read more from Aaron Arndt here; In and On.


Video- 15km Elimination Race- San Antonio Circuit- Pamplona, Spain- From Roller En Ligne

Roller En Ligne shared a video of the 15km elimination races at the San Antonio Circuit in Pamplona, Spain from this past weekend’s competition. These are the races where the men & women skated faster times than the FIRS records.