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Schankel Canada

Schankel Canada is now listed in the links.


Aidez Mathieu Turcotte A Vaincre Le Cancer

Chers parents, amis et combattants,

Comme vous le savez peut-être, ma femme Véronique à combattu le cancer l’an dernier.

Grâce à sa force et toute son énergie elle est maintenant en rémission et en pleine forme.

Pour continuer la lutte contre le cancer, ce vendredi 5 juin je participerai pour la 2e année consécutive au Relais pour la Vie, une marche nocturne de 12 heures, au profit de la Société Canadienne du cancer.

Plusieurs personnes comme Véronique ont bénéficiés des généreux montants qui ont été donnés l’an passé.

Vos dons font la différence; notre équipe à ramassé plus de 20 000$ l’an dernier grâce à vous.
Vos dons font la différence; faites-le pour tous les gens autour de vous qui sont touchés de près ou de loin.
Vos dons font la différence; nous avons vu et vécu les effets de cette levée de fond.

Recherche, prévention et guérison du cancer, voici les objectifs de cet évènement grandiose pancanadien!

Pour m’encourager, faites un don, c’est facile et ça fait du bien

Votre contribution permettra à d’autres personnes comme Véronique de reprendre leur vie suite à un cancer.
Merci de votre générosité, et n’hésitez pas à passer le message


Belgium’s European Championships Selection

Click here to find out the skaters that are part of Belgium’s European Championships selection. You can read more from Training & News here; Marathon-selectie.


Brooke Lochland’s Race Diary- Van Der Weil 3 Tracks Tournament

Last night i had the first race of the Van der Weil 3 Tracks Tournament, raced in Staphorst on a 400m track. It started to spit at the start of our race so we didn’t put our rain wheels on but some did in case it started pouring and they were right, i knew our new MPC Road War wheels were pretty good in the rain as i tested them in the rain the other day (long story). Our rival team Bemog/powerslide started attacking early but there was no way of them breaking away. I decided to attack as i was feeling good and i was finding the corners easy to skate.

Read more here; Brooke Lochland’s Race Diary.


Results- Jiaxing International Roller Marathon Invitaional Tournament

You can use the links below for results from the recent Jiaxing International Roller Marathon Invitaional Tournament-

Eis-Blog- Training Camp On The Island Of Mountains

The following is from eis-blog‘s entry Trainingslager Oberstdorf – von der Insel auf die Berge translated in Babel Fish

The olympic year is now already so far advanced like that which I already from the third training camp announces itself. To two stays on Mallorca we drove now into the mountains to Colonel village. Now in the fourth year we one behind the other turn in the hotel beautiful view of the Schölleralm in. Here we will be occupied in particular with wheel units, Kraft and on the ice.

Photo from eis-blog

Pan American Championships Planned For Mexico In October, Now Postponed

PatinCarrera is reporting that the Pan American Championships, which were originally planned for Aguascalientes, Mexico in October, have been postponed due to the influenza. The event is now planned for March 2010.

The Pan American Championships serves as the Pan American Games qualifying event for roller speed skating, artistic, and hockey.

The following is a translation of the article using Babel Fish

The rumors sounded by the corridors for some weeks but nobody confirmed the news. Last night, the Pan-American Confederation of Roller Sports presided over by the Colombian Carlos Orlando Ferreira Pinzón confirmed the situation and the Pan-American Championship of Skating 2009 will be postponed until the coming season. 


Pictures, Video, & Report- Belgium Open Marathon Championships- From SkatingSisters

SkatingSisters shared a report and pictures as well as a video from the Belgium Open Marathon Championships. You can also view a picture of the results here.

Photo from SkatingSisters

Photo from SkatingSisters

Photo from SkatingSisters

Canadian Speed Skaters Support Upcoming MS Bike Tour

On June 13-14 several Canadian speed skaters will once again participate in the MS Bike Tour, a two-day 180-km trip from Airdrie to Olds and back, to help build more awareness of Multiple Sclerosis and to raise as much money as possible for MS research.

Read more here; Canadian speed skaters support upcoming MS Bike Tour.


Ottawa Inline Skating Club- Club Meeting Minutes

Check out the Club Meeting Minutes of the Ottawa Inline Skating Club

Hi everyone, I’ve created an archive of our Club’s executive meeting minutes here:


Note that the meeting minutes are _only_ available to club members who have a paid membership for the current year. Also note that the archive does not contain minutes from 2005 (I could not find any anywhere).


Video- Women’s & Men’s Finish- Palplona (Spain) World Inline Cup- From Roller En Ligne

Roller En Ligne shared a video of the women’s & men’s finish from the Pamplona World Inline Cup.



2009 USOC Speed Coaches’ Conference For USA Roller Sports- June 26th

The United States Olympic Committee has agreed to do seminars for USA Roller Sports coaches on June 26th, 2009 in the following areas:

•Nutrition and Hydration
•Strength and Conditioning
•Sport Psychology

The details of the conference are reaching the USA Roller Sports membership later than originally planned as the Olympic Training Center cutbacks delayed the approval process.

Find more details here; 2009 Speed Coaches’ Conference.


Yann Guyader’s Used Wheels From Pamplona (Spain) World Inline Cup

Check out ASTA‘s entry Histoire de roues usées…… to view pictures of and read about Yann Guyader’s wheels that he used during this past weekend’s World Inline Cup race in Pamplona, Spain.

Voici quelques photos qui vont permettre à certain de comprendre que les élites qui font de la vitesse usent leurs roues sur les côtés et non sur le dessus.


Lommers- WADA & Health Consequences

The thread EDWIN LOMMERS FRAUDSTER is sill alive-

The obvious conclusion, the one that Lamerz fails to understand while keeping up his silly PR campaign, is that the kid career is over for good. Not only that: the side effects of nandrolone go from nasty to fatal. Boy’s liver, kidney, pancreas, joints, heart and testicles might already be compromised forever if treatment went on for more than a month, which seems obvious from his pictures. I hope somebody informed the kid about this, before is too late!

Not very nice at all & the lommers should be severly delt with by administering the crap to there child, lets hope its only one of the children, although many have doubts.

If Edwin has one once of decency, he should apologize to everyone on this board, as he has gloated about the use of drugs & how they will get off & he will overturn WADA & every other bit of nonsencical crap, but I doubt he has the balls to do that & young Wesley might be a bit deficient there also, if the usual alleged shrinkage problems occurr.

Johnny & Marcello might take turns at delivering the Johnstons product while he is inside, I was allways prepared to cut Edwin a bit of slack, but this shamfull act of 35 times the legal ammount, can only mean one thing, a long trip to the Government hotel, if somehow he worms his way out of it, it will certainly make a complete mockery of WADA, but I doubt it will get to that.

Sprint Ace Rankings- Asianic Inline Cup

Click here to view the Asianic Inline Cup’s Sprint Ace Rankings after two events.

There are also updates that are hinting at what you can look forward to in the AIC’s upcoming season-

The Asianic Inline cup will be looking for new Venues for 2010, as New Zealand & Australia are on the cards late in January & early February, with the next step Indonesia February prior to Singapore & Malaysia.

1/ 13 – Diasuke Kazamaki – Japan – Shankel
2/ 12 – Michelle Cicognani – Italy – Scalero.
2/ 12 – Martin Thaler – Austria – X- Tech International.
4/ 11 – Fabien Latchenmeir – Germany.
5/ 10 – Doon Yuen – Hong Kong – Checker Sport, Bont,Twin Cam

1/ 31 – Eri Marina Yo – Indonesia X-Tech
2/ 18 – Kim Ames – U.S.A. – Bont.
3/ 12 – Gua Dan – China.
4/ 9 – Manee Chantakett – Singapore.
5/ 8 – Yan Young Hong – China.

Video- Ice Gives Out, Again, And Again

Here’s a video for you; Wakschaatsen in Ryptsjerksterpolder (21-12-2007). How many times did the ice give out?