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Pictures & Report- Day 2- Roller Sports Ontario Outdoor Speed Championships

Day two of the Roller Sports Ontario Outdoor Speed Championships, held at Harriston’s CITC, were held in very cool & windy conditions.

Despite the weather, Sarah Hopkins and I set Canadian records in the 15km elimination races.

Sarah Hopkins and Morgane Echardour traded leads, keeping a high pace. The race came down to the last few laps. Morgane Echardour led the sprint and Sarah Hopkins took the inside lane in the last corner to win the race by a wheel & claim the record.

In the senior men’s 15km elimination race, I managed to take the race from the start and come in with a Canadian record time of 25-minutes 35-seconds. I think that’s a pretty good time considering the strong winds & solo pace.

Camilo Echeverri, who wasn’t feeling well on day, came back to win both his heat as well as the final in the senior world class men’s 500-meter sprint. Echeverri won the sprint while Travis Shaw held off a late charge on the inside- almost in the grass- by Jesse Pauley.

In the senior women’s 500-meter sprint, Morgane Echardour blasted off the line, but Sarah Hopkins cranked up the pace and passed her with about 150-meters to go to take the win and the sprint title.

Also setting another Canadian mark- this one in the relays- was the team of Morgane Echardour, Sarah Hopkins, and Dominique Lalonde.

Senior World Class Women
15km elimination
1- Sarah Hopkins *Canadian record
2- Morgane Echardour
3- Dominique Lalonde

500-meter sprint
1- Sarah Hopkins
2- Morgane Echardour
3- Dominique Lalonde

Senior World Class Men
15km elimination
1- Peter Doucet *Canadian record
2- Jesse Pauley
3- Benoit Letourneau

500-meter sprint
1- Camilo Echeverri
2- Travis Shaw
3- Jesse Pauley

Intermediate Women

1- Shannon Ford
2- Erika Melin

500-meter sprint
1- Erika Melin
2- Shannon Ford

Intermediate Men
1- Dragi Dodevski

500-meter sprint
1- Dragi Dodevski

Grand-Master Men

1- Jay Brown

1- Jay Brown

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