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Results- Team Time Trial & Marathon- Besançon French Inline Cup

Roller En Ligne shared the team time trial results from the Besançon French Inline Cup.

You can also find complete results from the marathon racesclick here to download the file (excel).


Report- Shane Dobbin Wins Besançon French Inline Cup

Here’s the latest from CadoMotus

VIA SMS: Shane Dobbin wins the Besanc Inline Cup marathon with a strong 40km solo attack. Teammates Bart Swings & Ferre Spruyt finish 2nd and 3rd to give the CadoMotus team a clean sweep of the podium…

Read the entire report here; Shane Dobbin Wins Besanc Inline Cup, FRA.


Road Rash Chronicles- Only 2 Road Rash Pics From Past 2 Months

Finally, I have only received 2 road rash pics from the past 2 months.  People, if you don’t send me your war wounds, I will have to change the name of my blog.  I know you are falling!!!  Send in your pics.  Cor1000@yahoo.com

Read more of Road Rash Chronicles‘ latest; View from behind.

Randy Plett Underwent Surgery- Terrific Vitals Testament To His Fitness

Go to the thread Randy Plett to find the latest on Randy Plett’s injury-

Randy had his surgery this morning and afternoon……5 hours later… There was a bit more damage than what they had originally thought but they fixed him up and he is doing well. Lorraine says he is most entertaining while still in recovery !!!! The doctors say his vitals are terrific and as we all know that is a credit to Randy’s tremendous fitness. So let that be a lesson to all of us……stay real fit if you plan on landing on your head. Sorry about that comment….could not resist. Randy will have a recovery period that I am sure we can all be a part of in some way. I will try and refresh the update in the next couple days with some even better news.

Results- T’Veld- Univé World On Wheels

Youc can use the following links for the results from today’s t’Veld Univé World On Wheels or click here


Australian News- Short Track To Long Track

In other news, a prominant Australian short tracker with WC experience will be making the move across to the claps for the upcoming season, basing himself out of Calgary from the beginning of July.

Read more here; INLINERS & ICE 2008 / 2009 and the post #245,

Pictures- Regensburg Half Marathon- German Blade Challenge- From Ht-skate.de

Thanks to Training & News, I can share ht-skate.de’s great photo album from the Regensburg Half Marathon (German Blade Challenge).

Photo from ht-skate.de

Inline News

Check out Inline News.


Report- 53rd Circuito Internacional San Antonio- Pamplona, Spain- From Zepto Skate Team

Zepto Skate Team shared a report with results from this weekend’s 53rd Circuito Internacional San Antonio held in Pamplona, Spain.


Women’s Rankings After Two Events- Asianic Inline Cup

To explore the women’s Asianic Inline Cup rankings after two events, see the thread ASIANIC INLINE CUP 2009 and the post OVERALL RANKINGS AIC AFTER JIA XING.


1/ 196 Eri Marina Yo – X-Tech – Indonesia.
2/ 138 Kim Ames – Bont – USA.
3/ 125 Cecilia Baena – Powerslide – Colombia
4/ 110 Jana Gegner – Powerslide – Germany.
5/ 100 Lee Nana – Korea.
6/ 90 Song – Korea
7/ 85 Jun Hee Lim – Korea.
8/ 80 Lee Hyun Jun – Korea
9/ 75 Lee Pam Pi – Korea.
10/ 71 Manee Chantakett – Singapore.

Pamplona World Records? See CIC Technical Rules

This past weekend, skaters beat the world record times in the the 15km points/ elimination races at the 53rd Circuito Internacional San Antonio in Pamplona, Spain. However, what is stated in the CIC technical rules suggests that the times from this weekend shouldn’t be counted as world records;


The times might best or beat FIRS listed WR’s , but according to CIC technical rules :

“Chapter C – Records
Art. 28
CIC recognises and validates world records, set on official distances as by program and
during world or continental championships or World Games.”

Video- Men’s Race- World Inline Cup- Pamplona, Spain

MundoPatin.com shared a video from Saturday’s World Inline Cup race held in Pamplona, Spain- World Inline Cup Pamplona 2009 – Race Men.

Pictures, Results, & More- Pamplona World Inline Cup & 53rd Circuito Internacional San Antonio- Spain- From MundoPatin.com

Make sure you stop by MundoPatin’s 53rd Circuito Internacional San Antonio page. Once there, you’ll find-

Photo from MundoPatin.com

Photo from MundoPatin.com

Photo from MundoPatin.com

Photo from MundoPatin.com

Photo from MundoPatin.com

Photo from MundoPatin.com

Photo from MundoPatin.com

Photo from MundoPatin.com

Photo from MundoPatin.com

Photo from MundoPatin.com

Photo from MundoPatin.com

Photo from MundoPatin.com

Randy Plett Injured In Bike Accident

Randy Plett Injured in Bike Accident

Skating superstar Randy Plett was injured in a road race in Winnipeg on Thursday, May 28th. He is hospitalized in Winnipeg, awaiting surgery on Monday for a broken neck (C 6 & 7). Fortunately he is expected to make a full recovery.

Photo from InlineSkateMpls

Results & Picutres- Day 3- Van Der Wiel- 3 Tracks Tournament

You can use the following links to find results & pictures from the third day of racing at the Van Der Wiel 3 Tracks Tournament held in the Netherlands-

Photo from Tims ProSkateShots

Photo from Harm de Boer Fotografie