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Pictures- World Inline Cup- Pamplona, Spain- From François & Marie

I’m sure that you’re pleased to read that François & Marie shared some very nice pictures from today’s World Inline Cup held in Pamplona, Spain.

Photo from François & Marie

Photo from François & Marie

Photo from François & Marie

Photo from François & Marie

Photo from François & Marie

Photo from François & Marie

Photo from François & Marie

Photo from François & Marie

Photo from François & Marie

Report & Pictures- Roller Sports Ontario Outdoor Speed Championships- Day 1- Harriston

Day 1 of the Roller Sports Ontario Outdoor Speed Championships is now compelte.

The racing is taking place at the CITC’s 200-meter banked track, which features a new bright-red coating.

Despite a small turn-out, the races were exciting to watch (and to be part of too). Racing continues tomorrow morning.

Senior Women
1- Sarah Hopkins
2- Morgane Echardour
3- Dominique Lalonde

1- Sarah Hopkins
2- Morgane Echardour
3- Dominique Lalonde

10km points/ elimination
1- Morgane Echardour
2- Sarah Hopkins
3- Dominique Lalonde

Senior Men

1- Jesse Pauley
2- Travis Shaw
3- Camilo Echeverri

1- Peter Doucet
2- Jessse Pauley
3- Camilo Echeverri

10km points/ elimination
1- Peter Doucet
2- Jesse Pauley
3- Benoit Letourneau

Intermediate Women

1- Shannon Ford
2- Erika Melin

1- Shannon Ford
2- Erika Melin

Results, Reports, & More- World Inline Cup- Pamplona, Spain

Colombia’s Kelly Martinez (Bont) and Diego Rosero (Rollerblade World) were victorious earlier today in Pamplona, Spain at the World Inline Cup.

With just over 21km to go Kelly and Giovanna Turchiarelli ended up breaking away from the main pack. There were numerous attempts from skaters earlier on to try get away but none were successful. Kelly and Giovanna then went on to lap the field and take the first two placings.

Women [Complete 42km results]
1- Kelly Martinez (Bont Wheels)- Colombia
2- Giovanna Turchiarelli (Powerslide Matter)- Italy
3- Sabine Berg (Germany)- Germany
4- Cecilia Baena (Powerslide Matter)- Colombia
5- Alexandra Vivas (Bont Wheels)- Colombia

Men [Complete 42km results]
1- Diego Rosero (Rollerblade World Team)- Colombia
2- Yann Guyader (Powerslide Matter)- France
3- Stefano Galliazzo (Alessi World)- Italy
4- Francesco Zangarini (Rollerblade World Team)- Italy
5- Luca Saggiorato (Rollerblade World Team)- Italy

You can use the links below to explore results, reports, and more-

Photo from  MundoPatin.com

Photo from  MundoPatin.com

Photo from  MundoPatin.com

Matter Black Rain Wheel

Check out Matter’s Black Rain Wheel.


Road To The World Games: DJ Nation

DJ Nation has two major goals for the 2009 inline season. World Games and World Championships, both in Asia this summer. The World Games are approaching fast, and so is top shape for DJ…

Read more here; Road to the World Games: DJ Nation.


Ellis Edge June Newsletter

Check out Ellis Edge’s June 2009 Newsletter, which includes the skating tip 75 reasons to train.

10. Increases lactic tolerance – muscles don’t hurt as much
11. Increases amount of fuel stored in muscles
12. Increases aerobic capacity
13. Increases aerobic power
14. Increase lactic capacity
15. Increases lactic power
16. Improves lactate buffering system – picture a bunch of Pac Men in your muscles eating up all the nasty waste products and then spitting them out as fuel again



Aaron Arndt Back In Europe

Yesterday afternoon, Aaron Arndt left for Europe-

I think I am going to bring this website back to the forefront of the internet where it belongs.  only this time, I mean it.  Peleton politics?

Read more here; Holy crap!