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35 Times Above Allowed Nandrolon Levels

From SkatingSisters; check out Nandrolon


Check out the 7:46 mark of this video (or click on the image below and go to 7:46 for the report)-



Well Marcello & Johnny you will have your day, Van D has hit the nail right on the head.

Young Bullett, rocket or Wesley or whatever you call him had 35 x the legal ammount of drugs in his body, now details comming out of Holland Allege that our law flouting friend EDWIN & his wife, will be procecuted.

He flouted that Wesley was beyound the law as a minor, but the wiskered one has now discovered he is not beyond the law, well one thing can be sure, with doing that to a child, the dounut boys inside will be ready to give him an overdose.

No if or Butts now that the truth has arrived Gan got 8 years in the USA for buggering up his childs life, so 5 to 10 looks in order, perhaps this might shut him up from trying to Villifie Kiwi’s.

Any one mentioned was big enough & ugly enough to make his own decision in life, young Wesley was only Guilty of trying to please his parents, they are sure to have to pay the price, by the time Edwin gets the door open, there will be no family aroung to greet him.

On the 9th june the judge will make his opinion about today’s case.
On the 10th june the (official) doping case is planned in court.

I guess you all know that Holland is a strange country in “how to interpretate rules/relulations and law’s” and the Lommers hope they convince the judge in procedure-mistakes that the integrity of Wesly has damaged. One of the main things they blame is the Ice Union having their press release about a suspected youngster and at the same time all the results are moved out of the international database (http://www.knsb.nl/content/sara93/sara.asp). So both things lead to the suspect.
Question will be….what’s more important: procedure mistakes or the 35plus….

Bill Begg’s Six Steps to Speed

Six Steps to Speed is Bill Begg’s latest from the Ask Bill Begg! column-

Hi, Robert: The six building blocks are techniques and postures that you must master to develop a powerful speed skating technique. They are keys to the development of speed and advanced techniques, such as double push. It’s best to work on them one at a time, starting at the top of the list.


Video- Wednesday Night Hill Sprints With Sara Sayasane & Wouter Hebbrecht

everyone, Sara and myself did a bunch of 100, 200 and 300m uphill sprints in Fremont, CA. It’s about a 15% gradient so pretty steep…Enjoy watching!

Read more here; Wednesday Night Hill Sprints.


Registration Open For NYC Skate Marathon & New York 100k

The NYC Skate Marathon & New York 100k‘s registration is now open. Click here for 2009 event information.

I’m pretty sure that I’ll be racing in this one… it’s pretty much my favourite event of all time.


Spagatta Magazine

Check out Spagatta Magazine.


Schedule Of Events- Roller Sports Ontario Outdoor Speed Championships

Click here to access the schedule of events for this weekend’s Roller Sports Ontario Outdoor Speed Championships.

I’ll be racing in the senior men’s category. Races take place Saturday & Sunday at the CITC‘s 200-meter banked track in Harriston, Ontario.


Jia Xing Asianic Inline Cup

The Asianic Inline cup only finalized two or 3 weeks ago for Jia Xing, has attracted a lot of Interest, with a decent contingent of foreign skaters, who should ensure a great race.

The Big Litchensteiner Andre Willie representing X-Tech International team is one of the favoured starters, after his good 7th Placing in the Incheon World Inline Cup last week, he has a solid team of workers behind him with the Austrian Martin Thaler & the Swiss pair Andreas Beetschen & Roman Ashenbacher.

Not much is known about the 3 Indonesian Men but Allan Chandra, Johanes Wihardja & Muhammand Arief Rachman could Suprise, as 15 years ago they had strong skaters, so we expect it could still be the case, we Have the Veteran Japanese Skater Daisuke Kazamaki & the Korean marathon specialist Kim Bum Suk, alias Tiger, if you can “Grab the Tiger by the Tail ” you could just about win it.

Read more here; Jia Xing Asianic Inline Cup.