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  • May 2009
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Results- Sursee Swiss Inline Cup

Click here for the results from today’s Swiss Inline Cup held in Sursee.

Women [results]
1-Alexandra Vivas
2- Tina Strüver
3- Tamara Llorens
4- Andrea Hartichelar
5- Katja Ulbrich

Men [results]
1- Janick Schalch
2- Victor Wilking
3- Leon Alfredo
4- Stefano Galliazzo
5- Nicolas Iten
6- Severin Widmer
7- Stefano Chinaglia
8- Kalon Dobbin
9- Felix Rijhnen
10- Mathieu Grandgigard


Pictures- 19th International Geraer Rollsporttage- From Bildimpressionen.de

Click here for bildimpressionen.de’s pictures from the 19th International Geraer Rollsporttage.

Photo from Bildimpressionen.de

Results- Italian Road Championships

You can use the links below to view results from this weekend’s Italian Road Championships. Results will be posted here as they come in.


Results, Reports, Pictures- Netherland Championships

The Netherland Championships are taking place this weekend- you can use the links below to explore pictures, reports, results, & more-

Photo from Tims ProSkateShots

Photo from Tims ProSkateShots


Photo from Harm de Boer Fotografie

Photo from Harm de Boer Fotografie

Photo from Harm de Boer Fotografie


Jessica Gregg- Inspiration From The Best Of The Best

I had a great time in my short three weeks off. Going to Mexico made the break feel a lot longer, and I got a tan to go along with that, so it was very worthwhile!

One of the best parts of the trip, though, was coming back from it. When I got home I finally felt ready to get back on the ice and start my summer training. I could tell some of my group members weren’t as excited as me to get on the ice as they had been skating for a week already. It took a couple of days to get used to the ice and being in the skating position, but I caught on pretty quickly. The last couple of weeks we have been skating almost every morning and training again in the afternoon, usually weights or a bike or run.

Read more from Jessica Gregg here; Inspiration from the best of the best.


Wouter Hebbrecht- Stop Whining, Start Working!

Wouter Hebbrecht latest entry is Stop whining, Start working!

There are two ways to deal with that: the first one and of course the easiest one is to keep on whining and keep using the sentence “if this, then that…” and 99% of the people have this mindset. The other 1% are the exceptional people. People that can think outside the box and step back to have a serious look at themselves! People who can wake up and look in the mirror and see their own mistakes, face them and create an opportunity out of them to change their ways. In my life I have had the opportunity to meet a few people like that and they have inspired me to try and do the same.


Michael Gilday- Quest For 8.9 Second Laps

Read Michael Gilday’s entire entry here; The Quest for 8.9.

So when Wim de Deyne of Belgium went 8.98 seconds in a flyer (a single lap full out) yesterday it was a big moment. There had been alot of 9.0’s and 9.1’s but no one could break the 9.0 barrier (this is kind of ridiculous because on normal ice we would do somewhere in the 8.2-8.5 region). The ice was always too brittle, with too many ruts and too little glide.But finally the Quest for 8.9 was complete!.