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Pictures- Mels Swiss Inline Cup #1- From Quartier Zopf Online

Quartier Zopf Online shared great photos from this past weekend’s Mels Swiss Inline Cup #1.

Photo from Quartier Zopf Online

Quartier Zopf Online

Quartier Zopf Online

Quartier Zopf Online

Quartier Zopf Online

Quartier Zopf Online

Quartier Zopf Online

Report & Video- Marathon Roller De Montreal- Live Breathe Skate

Live Breathe Skate‘s Mike Garvin shared his report from the Marathon Roller de Montreal- read it here; Road To Montreal

Going into the race I was worried the lead group was just drop me right away, since being an NROC race we thought some of the top US skaters might show up, and they would push the pace.  We did get a few competitive skaters from across the border, but it didn’t end up pushing the pace very much.  Off the line, 3 packs formed and jostled around all down the back straight right through the paddocks area.   It was kind of cool to see that much traffic at the front of the race.  It was a relatively small race compared to St Paul (now defunct) or Northshore, but everyone had the gaz, and we had three lines charging ahead for most of the first lap.


What New Sports Should Be In The Olympics?

Roller sports


Exciting action packed roller blade racing.

Cheap loop track that has to be built won’t cost much.

No steroid culture.

A new sport and something fresh.


Not taken seriously as a major sport. Little global attention.

Read more here; What New Sports Should Be in the Olympics?


NROC Standings- After Montreal

The NROC standings have been updated after this weekend’s Marathon Roller de Montreal;

Also read more here; Cado Motus Takes the Lead in NROC.


Andrew Love- 2009 Salt Lake Century

Here’s the latest from Andrew Love; 2009 Salt Lake Century

Sharing the work, we fly along. Spinning big gears. At my turns at the front, I take pedal strokes equal to how many years I want to live. 80, then 90. over and over.

We see big packs starting up the hills we are leaving.

Going the other way, on a shorter route, I see an inline speedskater whipping out a pro-level double push (It’s Josh Wood). As I whip by, I see all sorts of faces I know in a blur of bikes. There are the Speed skaters out for a training day. I miss my friends.


Candy Wong- From Montreal To India

Candy Wong in Montreal;

If I had a chance to do it over again, would I go for a slow and steady approach instead of going all out to hang with the pack that I did? My answer is a resounding no. I know I have it in me to stay in that pack. I belong there. I’ve learned my lesson and putting this race behind me.


Candy Wong in India;

At the last possible minute, I decided to pack my skate bag to India. It was a choice between a laptop backpack as my carry-on item or a bulky skate bag. Even though chances are not high that I’ll get a good skate in during this trip, I would rather drag along the extra weight than regretting not bringing my skates along.


Reports- Marathon Roller De Montreal- Share Your Stories

To read and find out about what happenned at this past weekend’s Marathon Roller de Montreal, go to Marathon Roller de Montreal – Share Your Stories!

It is fun for me to read skaters comments, and understand the race from their inside. I was so busy during the race that I could not really take time to talk to people to get some feedback. Reading your comments are great, and will keep us motivated for next year edition !