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SSW Fund-Raising Drive Day 4- 1000 Hours A Year

Based on my calculations, I can spend 3 hours each day working on SSW. Mind you they are not usually consecutive hours.

That makes an impressive 1000 hours a year spent maintaining SSW.

That’s the equivalent of half of a full time 8-hour per day job, complete with 2 weeks vacation.

That’s a lot of labour, work, and love that goes into maintaining this website. Don’t get me wrong; I DO have my priorities straight and I make sure the important things in my life are adressed, including (not in any particular order);

  • Sleep
  • Family
  • Nutrition
  • Training
  • Work
  • House work
  • Coaching
  • Helping organize events & supporting skating
  • Watching movies & reading
  • Playing music

If you’d like to help out and support the many hours that are put into SSW, don’t be shy; click here (or on the image) to help out- thanks 🙂


Scott Arlidge & Reyon Kay Skate On Newly Paved Arena2009

Scott Arlidge and Reyon Kay recently skated on the freshly paved track at Germany’s Arena2009-

On Thursday early around 07:00 the manager of the arena2009 Scott Arlidge and its team colleague Reyon Kay the first fast rounds on that freshly completed clock to asphalt road course of the arena2009. A large moment for the arena2009 team around manager Sabine Uhrig.

Read more (in Germany) here; Erster Test auf dem Straßenkurs der arena2009.


Report- Kassel German Blade Challenge- From Zepto Skate Team

Zepto Skate Team shared a report on the Kassel German Blade Challenge.


Interview- Alexis Contin- From Team Rollerblade

Team Rollerblade shared an interview with Alexis Contin; Interview with Alexis Contin: Rollerblade, the best team for me!

My role is to make sure that the guy who wears the same uniform as me crosses the line first. Of course, I enjoy winning races. But knowing that, when you help somebody to win a race, it is also a really great feeling. To me, being in a team is about giving and taking: I mean, sometimes the team works for you, and that is great, and sometimes you have to work for the team, because that day you were not the one who could make the difference. And that is also great! I really think that untill you realize that, you can not be a great skater.


Video- Training Session At Montreal’s Taz- With Aaron Arndt

Check out the video taken on May 10th at Montreal’s Taz 200-meter indoor track. The session was coached by Aaron Arndt.


Pictures- Masters & Training- From Pattinaggio Bellusco

Check out Pattinaggio Bellusco‘s two latest photo albums;

Photo from Pattinaggio Bellusco

Photo from Pattinaggio Bellusco

2009-2010 Short Track Speed Skating Calendar- ShorttrackOnLine.info

ShorttrackOnLine.info has a calendar of short track speed skating events for the 2009-2010 season.


Report- Kassel German Blade Challenge- From Powerslide

Powerslide shared a report on the German Blade Challenge held in Kassel, Germany-

The third GBC race (21km) took place in Kassel last weekend. It was a difficult course with some uphills and tight curves. The weather was unsteable and the road was wet at the start but getting dry during the race. That´s some conditions the skaters do not like, because finding the right wheel setup is not easy and choosing the wrong wheels might end in bad results.


Results, Report, Pictures- 2009 South African Roller Skating National Championship

The 2009 South African Roller Skating National Championships took place at the end of April. Use the links below to view results;

Roller Sport South Africa successfully hosted the 32nd South African Speed Roller Skating championship from the 28th of April to the 1st of May.

The track championship took place at Pilditch stadium in Pretoria West on both 28th and 29th of April. The road championship took place on the 1st of May in Mandela village, Hammanskraal.

All top skaters from all over South Africa participated in the action over the 3 days. Just over 120 skaters from 5 provinces competed in distances ranging from 200m sprints to 20km.

This year, many records were broken as there has been markable improvement in the standard of skating in all provinces.

Many of the team members who participated in last year’s World Championship participated and skated very well. They are looking forward to be selected for trials later. As we know, this year’s World Championship will take place in China in September.

Please visit Roller Sport South Africa website for results and more information.

Best Regards, Jack
Speed Skater

Pictures- Italian Marathon Championships

Click here to view pictures from the Italian Marathon Championships.

Photo from here

Photo from here


Australian Skaters In Europe

The thread Aussies in Europe? informs on which Australian skaters are competing and training in Europe for roller & ice speed skating;

Well no Aussies competing in the World Inline Cup, but a few Aussies floating around Holland, Angie stayed home last year to train for Worlds, while at home.

Brooke Lochland races maunly in Holland & does reasonably well in the marathon series.

Now your use of the Word great, can only apply to ones who have been, or who still are & then you have to look at the Double up merchants, Ice / Inline, try ex World sprint Champion Sophie Muir & Current Junior World sprint champion Daniel Greig, both showing it on both sets & likely to be on the startline for the winter Olympics, then you can use the word great, as that will be. Also Former World Junior Medalist Jose Lose another possibility.

Reports: FIC Gournay En Bray & 6h Du Circuit Carole- From ASTA

ASTA shared reports on theGournay En Bray French Inline Cup and on the 6h Du Circuit Carole-



Video- 1960 Winter Olympics- Squaw Valley & More!- Shared By Speedskating-Online

Speedskating-Online shared a video from the 1960 Winter Olympics Games in Squaw Valley- SQUAW VALLEY OLympics 1960 speed skating 1.500m women.

And while you’re at it, you might as well check this video from the 1956 Winter Olympic Games; olympics 1956 Speed Skating Cortina d’Ampezzo.

At the 1956 Winter Games, Yevgeny Grishin earned the gold medal in 500m speed skating by equaling his own world record. Two days later, in the 1500m, he set another world record, tying for first place with teammate Yuri Mikhailov. Four years later, at the Squaw Valley Olympics, Grishin’s performance was remarkably similar. Again he won the gold medal at 500m and again matched his own world record. Then, again two days later, he finished in another tie for first place, this time with Roald Aas. Grishin returned to the Olympics in 1964, gaining a silver medal at 500m. He made a final Olympic appearance at the 1968 Games, placing fourth in the 500m and missing a medal by only one tenth of a second.

2013 World Games- Candidate Cities Include Cali & Johannesburg

According to PatinCarrera, Cali & Johannesburg are two of the candidate cities for the 2013 World Games.


Results- Italian Marathon Championships

Click here to access the complete results of the Italian juniro & senior marathon championships.

Senior Women
1- Laura Lardani
2- Giovanna Turchiarelli
3- Simona Di Eugenio
4- Martina Taruscia
5- Valeria Giannelli

Senior Men
1- Alessandro Gherardi
2- Ivan Francolini
3- Fausto Distefano
4- Stefano Galliazo
5- Francesco Zangarini


Report- Heerde Skate Off- Shane Dobbin

You can read a report on the recent Heerde Skate Off on Shane Dobbin‘s website; Heerde Skate Off

The distance race final was held in the evening after the time trials. The heats were cancelled in the morning so there were many skaters in the final. The men had a 20 kilometer elimination race where the team of Cado Motus decided to go to the front and dominated the field. All five team members skated at the front all together in the line without anyone being able to break the team.


Results- Kassel German Blade Challenge

Click here for the results from this past weekend’s German Blade Challenge held in Kassel. You can find a list of the top finishers in the women’s & men’s races.

1- Cecilia Baena- Powerslide World
2- Katja Ulbrich- Experts Race Team
3- Sabrina Rossow- Experts Race Team

1- Christian Diaz Granados- Powerslide Phuzion
2- Scott Arlidge- Zepto Skate Team
3- Alexander Bastidas- Zepto Skate Team

Photo from here

Photo from here