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SSW Fund-Raising Drive Day 3- You Are My Sponsors

First, thank you to everyone who has contributed to the SSW Fund-Raising Drive.

In a sense, this makes you my sponsors. Instead of going out and writing sponsorship proposals and seeking help from companies, I share what I can through SpeedSkateWorld.com.

I think the idea is to leverage the hundreds & thousands of daily SSW visitors and create a support network.

With your support, I can continue working on and using SSW as a platform for sharing the wonderful sport of speed skating.

I guess in some sort of round-about way, SSW is my sponsorship proposal; it’s a representation of work, joy, fun, and committment to speed skating.

That means you can rest assured that all the funds that are raised, IMO, go to a great and worthy cause 😉

Click here or on the icon below to pitch in and help out with the SSW Fund-Raising Drive.


Videos- Süddeutsche-Meisterschaft

FUG Speed Team shared videos from the Süddeutsche-Meisterschaft. You can access all the videos in the video archives.

Report- Gournay En Bray French Inline Cup- From Bill Begg

Bill Begg shared a report on the in the thread BONT WHEELS TEAM Racing 2009 (see One that got away & one Bonus)-

At times Sara has shown good form at Europeans & very little at Worlds, so from those outside of Europe, does not have a high reputation & would not be closely watched. So a good win to Sara over Tamara, with Kelly & Alex 3rd & 4th. with the absence of Nathalie Barbotin Tamara Llorens now leads the FIC with two 2nds & 1 3rd placing from previous leader Nicole Begg.

But a great result for the Ageless Argentina skater & former sub World Champion ,Guillermo Trinaroli Bont Enduro 3rd in the mens race, there was a 4 men Breakaway, with Yann Gyader winning from teamate Ewen Fernandez.

Results & Pictures- 6 Heures Roller Du Circuit Carole (France)

Thanks to Roller En Ligne, we can check out results (soon to be posted) and view photos (use links below) from the 6 Heures Roller Du Circuit Carole  held in France.

Photo from Jépiro77

Photo by Fabien Duchaux

Photo from Jépiro77

Video- Gournay-En-Bray French Inline Cup- From Roller En Ligne

Roller En Ligne shared a video from this weekend’s Gournay-En-Bray French Inline Cup.


Results, Pictures, Videos- International Speedskating Event Mechelen

The International Speedskating Event Mechelen took place this past weekend in Belgium. You can use the following links to find what you’re probably looking for;



Photo from rik huys

Photo from rik huys

Report- RSO Series #1- Mother’s Day Classic- From Candy Wong

Candy Wong shared a report on this past Sunday’s RSO Series #1, Mother’s Day Classic.

Notice all the winter layers I piled on? Well well, if you take a closer look at my hands, you would notice that I was racing with mittens. Not just any old aerodynamic mittens (is there even such a thing?!)…

Read more here; The Summer That Never Came….