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SSW Fund-Raising Drive Day 3- You Are My Sponsors

First, thank you to everyone who has contributed to the SSW Fund-Raising Drive.

In a sense, this makes you my sponsors. Instead of going out and writing sponsorship proposals and seeking help from companies, I share what I can through SpeedSkateWorld.com.

I think the idea is to leverage the hundreds & thousands of daily SSW visitors and create a support network.

With your support, I can continue working on and using SSW as a platform for sharing the wonderful sport of speed skating.

I guess in some sort of round-about way, SSW is my sponsorship proposal; it’s a representation of work, joy, fun, and committment to speed skating.

That means you can rest assured that all the funds that are raised, IMO, go to a great and worthy cause 😉

Click here or on the icon below to pitch in and help out with the SSW Fund-Raising Drive.


Videos- Süddeutsche-Meisterschaft

FUG Speed Team shared videos from the Süddeutsche-Meisterschaft. You can access all the videos in the video archives.

Report- Gournay En Bray French Inline Cup- From Bill Begg

Bill Begg shared a report on the in the thread BONT WHEELS TEAM Racing 2009 (see One that got away & one Bonus)-

At times Sara has shown good form at Europeans & very little at Worlds, so from those outside of Europe, does not have a high reputation & would not be closely watched. So a good win to Sara over Tamara, with Kelly & Alex 3rd & 4th. with the absence of Nathalie Barbotin Tamara Llorens now leads the FIC with two 2nds & 1 3rd placing from previous leader Nicole Begg.

But a great result for the Ageless Argentina skater & former sub World Champion ,Guillermo Trinaroli Bont Enduro 3rd in the mens race, there was a 4 men Breakaway, with Yann Gyader winning from teamate Ewen Fernandez.

Results & Pictures- 6 Heures Roller Du Circuit Carole (France)

Thanks to Roller En Ligne, we can check out results (soon to be posted) and view photos (use links below) from the 6 Heures Roller Du Circuit Carole  held in France.

Photo from Jépiro77

Photo by Fabien Duchaux

Photo from Jépiro77

Video- Gournay-En-Bray French Inline Cup- From Roller En Ligne

Roller En Ligne shared a video from this weekend’s Gournay-En-Bray French Inline Cup.


Results, Pictures, Videos- International Speedskating Event Mechelen

The International Speedskating Event Mechelen took place this past weekend in Belgium. You can use the following links to find what you’re probably looking for;



Photo from rik huys

Photo from rik huys

Report- RSO Series #1- Mother’s Day Classic- From Candy Wong

Candy Wong shared a report on this past Sunday’s RSO Series #1, Mother’s Day Classic.

Notice all the winter layers I piled on? Well well, if you take a closer look at my hands, you would notice that I was racing with mittens. Not just any old aerodynamic mittens (is there even such a thing?!)…

Read more here; The Summer That Never Came….


Article- Roller Sports On Slippery Track Over 2016 Olympic Bid

It figures in the World Games, Asian Games and PanAmerican Games. But can Roller Sports achieve the unthinkable and really make the step up to the Olympics Games? Very unlikely.

Read more here; Roller Sports on slippery track over 2016 Olympic bid.

You can read and add thoughts in Hyper’s Forum; Again the “Powers That Be” seem to be failing us…...

Maybe this article will inspire someone to push FIRS to do more?


Real Life On A Bike- George Liem

What does being a “self-propelled person” mean to you?

Skaters, bikers, walkers, anybody that doesn’t drive a car or motorcycle. I like my bike and speed-skates.

Read more here; Real Life on a Bike – George Liem.


Pictures- Gournay En Bray French Inline Cup

You can use the links below (thanks to Roller En Ligne) to find picutres from this past weekend’s Gournay En Bray French Inline Cup-

Autour de la course
Heure roller
Open femmes
Open Hommes
Résultats Open et Poussins/benjamins
Marathon femmes
Marathon Homme
les photos des podiums

Men’s marathon- photo from here

Open women’s race- photo from here

Women’s marathon- photo from here

Video- Men’s Open Race- Rennes Sur Roulettes FIC/ WIC

Roller En Ligne shared a video of the men’s open race from this year’s Rennes Sur Roulettes French Inline Cup/ World Inline Cup.