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SSW Fund-Raising Drive Day 2- It’s About Time

We are now on day 2 of the annual SSW Fund-Raising Drive.

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Speed Skating Unites

In all of its forms, speed skating allows everyone who is involved a good way and a positive framework to explore human nature, foster long lasting bonds & friendships, to push & test limits (physical, emotional), and to be healthy in a varitey of ways.

Where politics & religion deeply divide, sport- like speed skating- unites. This is a gift that sport offers and that we need to foster.

What’s SSW’s Future Look Like? Who Knows? Not Even Me!

In all honesty, I don’t know what SpeedSkateWorld.com will look like in a few years. Maybe the site’s focus and content will change. Maybe it won’t.

For now, the site’s future is directly linked to how much time I can dedicate to it and invest.

Keeping SSW afloat requires delicate and constant balancing of the most important resource; time.

One Wish: More Time

If I rubbed a magic lamp & a genie magically appeared offering me one wish, my wish would be to have more time (unless of course the genie allowed to wish for more wishes).

Wouldn’t that be great? Imagine if all of us had unlimited time, just buckets and buckets of time, so that we could do whatever we wanted and needed to do whenever we wanted and needed to do it.

But the reality is this; when we really consider what we are, the choices we have, and what we know- that OUR time is very finite- the conclusion that most will inevitably come to is that we should really be doing and focusing on the things we love.

In a way, our understanding, use, knowledge, manipulation, and consciousness of time is what makes a lot of things more important.


Pictures- Trillium 10k (Mount Forest)- From RB Jones

Click here to view RB Jones’ photos from last Saturday’s Trillium 10k held in Mount Forest, Ontario.

Photo by RB Jones

Nicole Begg & Her Mum

Here’s a nice entry from New Zealand’s Nicole Begg; Happy Mothers Day.


New Track For Rennes, France

Rennes, France, is home to a new roller speed skating track. Check the the details (in French) here; Spot:  la piste de vitesse de Rennes (35).

Photo shared by Roller En Ligne

China Will Become A Major Skating Power

Hey Bill, Christophe already got into China, sounds like you are paving the way for your entry too – thats a smart move, going where the resources are, and you will be able to help the Chinese grow into a skating superpower , like you have done elsewhere before.

I like the way the chinese completely rebuilt that track when they decided it wasn’t as good as it could be….

Read more in the thread Beidaihe CHINA Skating Mecca.

Travel Light, Smell Right- Inline Planet Skate Tip Of The Week

The Inline Planet‘s latest Skate Tip of the Week is written by Eddy Matzger; Shower With Your Clothes on

How have I lived out of a Transpack for the last 20 years without smelling like a pair of old socks? I simply step into the shower with my clothes on.


Marathon Roller De Montreal: NROC, 200 Skaters, Parking, & More

The latest from this weekend’s upcoming Marathon Roller De Montreal can be found here; Marathon Roller Montreal Joins NROC!.

The marathon will be hold rain or shine. In case of rain there is no shelter, so bring your umbrella. Weather forcast for next sunday calls for sun so far. But you know how predictable the weather is…
I wish we could have the paddock shelter for the race. But the track administration is already asking for 2000$. Opening the paddock is too much for our budget.

There are a couple of car parks around the track. The closest one to the start line is P1, since we will be all located in the hair pin area. 300 meters from the start line.
If P1 is full, you can park at P2, 300 meters the other side of the start line.
Parking fees are 13$ for the whole day. You can pay cash (coins) or credit card.
Minimum fees for parking should you want to try the track on Saturday is 7$.
Check the following map: http://www.parcjeandrapeau.com/pdf/carte_parc_jean-drapeau.pdf

Each lap is 4.295 km. The “Marathon” will be 10 full laps.
We have so far 135 registered skaters, total for all events: 42k, 21k, 8k and 4k. We are expecting about 50 registrations on race day.

The Sk8ologist- III: Referees: Who Watches The Watchmen?

The 3rd Sk8ologist article is now online; Referees: who watches the watchmen?. You can read some responses and join in the fun of the discussion; The Sk8ologist III: bloody referees!

In the confined wastelands inside parabolic tracks or around road circuits, lays the domain of the untouchables’ caste. They are quite positive they hold superpowers, but they’re no heroes. They wear costumes, but need no masks or shields. Their candid white uniform should represent purity, cleanliness: it’s definitely not the case. Truth is, their only power comes from the regulations armor created and shaped by and for themselves, an aura that makes them invulnerable, immortal…


Pictures- From Contruction To Skating At The Acquacalda Track

Click here to view pictures of training & skating at Italy’s Acquacalda track (NB: there are 5 pages of photos).

Photo from here

Photo from here

Results- 2009 Pacific Northwest Regionals Championships

Click here for results from this past weekend’s Pacific Northwest Regionals Championships.


Results- Gournay En Bray French Inline Cup

Roller En Ligne shared top-10 results of a few categories from this weekend’s French Inline Cup held in Gournay en Bray.

Elite Men
1- Yann Guyader
2- Ewen Fernandez
3- Guillermo Trinarolli
4- Julien Levrard
5- Axel Terrien

Elite Women
1- Sara Back
2- Tamara Llorens
3- Alexandra Vivas
4- Kelly Martinez
5- Laetitia Lebihan

Results- Powerslide Landelijke Baan- Haulerwijk

Here are the results for the recent –


Mike Cofrin: Minnesota Half Marathon; Passion To Keep It Growing

The fact of the matter is that SPIM was not profitable last year and barely profitable the year prior. We were faced with the option of either modifying it or canceling it altogether. We elected to restructure the event in a fashion that we think will succeed if the skating numbers remain somewhat stable and the running numbers climb to a solid level. (fingers crossed).

Read more from Mike Cofrin here.

Rémi Hubert In Cameroon

L’association WICOACH créée par Christophe Audoire apporte son soutien aux patineurs des pays en voie de développement. Récemment, Rémi Hubert, entraîneur de la région centre, s’est rendu au Cameroun pour apporter du matériel et son expérience aux patineurs locaux…

What the above quote means is that World Inline Coach’s Remi Hubert made his way to Camoroon to help with the development of the local skate scene. Read more here; Des nouvelles de WICOACH  Rémi au Cameroun !

Photo shared by Roller En Ligne


MPC Road War

The product of extensive development and testing since before the 2008 World Championships, May 2009 sees the release of the Road War: the newest addition to the MPC speed wheel line, and already a proven giant-killer on the asphalt.

Read more in the article MPC Road War.