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Results, Report, & Pictures- Trillium 10k (Mount Forest)

The Trillium 10k was held earlier today in Mount Forest, Ontario. A dozen skaters started the race despite wet & slick road conditions.

This year’s event featured a new course. Skaters encountered a number of turns in the opening and closing kilometers of the race. The route led skaters out of Mount Forest to a tight U turn and then back into town.

The U turn featured the customary bag-pipe player, who each year, entertains athletes by playing music at the turn-around.

10km Overall [Full results here (or search here)]
1- Peter Doucet
2- Morgan Williams
3- Herb Gayle
4- Travis Shaw
5- Morgane Echardour
6- Leo Frusteri
7- Sarah Hopkins
8- Melissa Mass
9- Eric Maas
10- Randy Domm
11- John Tollefsrud
12- Avery Reeves

Morgane Echardour was the top female finisher, about 1/2 minute ahead of Sarah Hopkins. Both Echardour and Hopkins skated with nasty shin pain because of the slick roads and the parts of the course that had rougher asphalt.

Morgan Williams took a small lead at the start of the race. I bridged the gap, skated with him and Herb Gayle for a couple of km’s and then pulled away. I ended up crossing the finish line unchallenged to collect the win. Note that my time should be 30-seconds faster; they had me finish on the wrong side of the road, so I had to go back and skate over the timing mat for the timing system to register my result.  Morgan Williams and Herb Gayle came in 1 1/2 minutes later to collect 2nd and 3rd place.

Avery Reeves was Mount Forest’s  resident competitor as well as the youngest skater in the race. She clocked a time of 30:28.

Video- Unive Skate-Off- From SkatingOnline

SkatingOnline shared a video of last weekend’s Unive Heerde Skate-Off. It includes 300-meter time trials and night-time pack races.


Jim White- Why Does CIC Not Allow 2 Or 3 wheel frames?

Here’s Jim White’s question from the thread 2 and 3 wheel skates disallowed;

Why does CIC not allow 2 or 3 wheel frames? Will WIC allow them?

There are plenty of good & interesting answers & interpretations, including the following from Alex Perrie;

This issue came up in Gross Gerau a couple of weeks ago. A coach came to me asking whether his young skater would be allowed to race with a 3 wheel setup. I knew about the CIC rule in article 20 and brought it to the chief judges attention. She told me there was an amendment and it would be allowed. Just as well as half the little skaters had the 3 wheel setup. I think USARS needs to learn to go beyond just reading words and look at why this might of been put in place. By not allowing the 3 wheel they are taking a big step backward. I know Canada will not enforce this rule at their Nationals.

Jim White later replied-

Just posted:
“The CIC rules are only strictly applied to our World Class events . . . i.e. those events leading to world team/Jr world team . . . all the other events at our ODN are unofficial (by CIC standards) because they do not qualify for worlds . . . we use the rules because it is intended to be a training event for the younger skaters. There would be no reason to enforce this rule for younger skaters or any non world class skaters.
Richard Hawkins, USARS Executive Director”

So that answers much for USA. I’m yet curious, at least, why the rule exists, and whether it applies to WIC.

Video- Emmeloord & Oldebroek Criterium Univé World On Wheels

CadoMotus shared a very cool, short & sweet video from the Univé World On Wheels Emmeloord & Oldebroek Criterium; Pure Skating. The video is by Wichert Hoekert.