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Ask Bill Begg! Preseason Workouts And Interval Training

The latest Ask Bill Begg! article is now online;

As for interval training, it’s a must if you want to get to the top of the tree! If you can, do them with a group of skaters. If the group is strong, do ten 500 meter intervals with three minutes rest between them and, before you start, designate a lead-out skater for at least the first 300 meters.

Read the compelte article here; Preseason Workouts and Interval Training.


European Championships Roller Speed Skating Website

Check out the rebuilt 2009 European Championships Roller Speed Skating website. Check out the udpate with pictures of the fresh asphalt.


Report- World on Wheels Oldebroek- From Shane Dobbin

Check out Shane Dobbin‘s webiste for a report on the Oldebroek Univé World On Wheels- World on Wheels Oldebroek

The ladies race was a fantastic race in Oldebroek. Early on in the race Elma De Vries of Cado Motus broke away with Nicole Begg of Bont Wheels. Both ladies racing a very hard race sprinting for the prime sprints and keeping the pace fast. Both Elma and Nicole ended up taking a lap over the peleton to secure the two top places on the podium.

The race started at 18:50 and again the race was fast right from the start. In Oldebroek there were many breakaways attempts and the pace didn’t slow down at all during the race. The World on Wheels races have sprint primes for both the overall classement and the sprints for money. With the sprint primes throughout the race, it makes the race much harder because during these laps it’s a great time for breakaways to form.


3 Wheel Frames Not Alllowed At USA Outdoor National Championships

I had just learned at the clinic this past week that the 3 wheeled frames will NOT be allowed at Outdoor Nationals this year. According to CIC rules, which is what ODN will go by, you will not be allowed to use them for competition. The reason for this was unknown, and hopefully someone can inform us as to “why” since there were no answers given.

Read more here; 3 Wheel Frames NOT alllowed at ODN.

Report- Rhein-Main Skate-Challenge (Frankfurt) GBC- From Powerslide News

Powerslide shared the following report from last week’s Rhein-Main Skate-Challenge GBC (German Blade Challenge) held in Frankfurt; Powerslide Phuzion Junior Skater Katharina Rumpus wins GBC race in Frankfurt

For the big surprise of everybody the 15 year old junior european champion Katharina Rumpus took the victory of the second stage of the GBC which was enbeded into the big cycling event, the Eschborn-Frankfurt loop. It was her first marathon race ever in her career. What a start!


Showdown “N” Cowtown Marathon

The Showdown “N” Cowtown Marathon will take place at Fort Worth, Texas’ Texas Motor Speedway on August 23rd. You can find more information here.