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Ask A 2010 Olympic Hopeful A Question- From Universal Sports

Here’s your chance to get the scoop straight from your favorite U.S. Olympic athlete. Fill in your name, hometown and question. We’ll ask the athletes questions, and you’ll see the answers in the fall, just in time for winter sports to start again.

Find out more information from Universal Sports here; Ask a 2010 Olympic Hopeful a Question.


Benefits Of Inline Skating- From Inline Skating Notebook

Inline Skating Notebook shared the following; Benefits Of Inline Skating

Inline skating, when compared to running, causes less than 50 percent of the impact shock to joints, according to a recent study conducted by the University of Massachusetts, thus demonstrating that inline skating is less harmful to the joints than the higher impact sport of running.


How About A REAL Masters’ Championship?

Here’s a great thread that I’m sure a lot of you will enjoy- How about a REAL masters’ championship?

Greetings, my fellow aging skaters! Here I go again… How about having a REAL World champs for us old timers? I mean, not just a lone boring marathon, designed and organized specifically to make some italian fanatics win at all costs… No, what I propose (once again) is to have the full monty, a collection of several distance/type races, from time trials to the bloody marathon (if you insist on having that), including relays….

Marcello got virtually thrown out of a meetting for trying to support Nigeria, as no one else in Authority was, But it was over a politically appointed official over the last 10 years, Also on the gravy train for the World games, get real & get Fisher in there, not pretenders, who keep there breath sweet with chewing Gum in case the masters come by with the usual wink & a Nod.

Look at our track record & check the files, not the skating ones, of Sabatino Aracu, The Late Molina from Argentina, Ferreria from Colombia, its quite obvious why we go backwards instead of forwards. THese are, or were the big power brokers of our wonderfull sport, you do not have to be mandrake the magican to work out the common denominater & where to check their files.

Whoa, there, mate! Now THAT’S what I call support! I even wet myself. As for CIC & Co, as you well know, things are better served if you do ’em yourself… and I know I can organize a better event than any of those italian donkeys. At least, chicks & lager are 100% guaranteed! And viagra will be NOT considered doping here

If I’m flying 1/2 way round the world then Hell Yes I’d like 1 week of racing…otherwise it will be 2 days of racing and 5 days of Yahooing.

Article- Begg Victorious In First World Inline Cup

Timaru speed skater Nicole Begg won the first European stage of the World Inline Cup after surviving the difficult conditions.

Read the complete article here; Begg victorious in first stage of World Inline Skating Cup.


Speed Skating Canada Coaching Symposium- Early Bird Registration Deadline Approaching

Registration for the 2009 Speed Skating Canada Coaching Symposium has been fast and furious!  More than 80 delegates representing almost every province and territory have already registered and the numbers continue to grow rapidly.  These numbers promise to make the 2009 Coaching Symposium a truly unique learning experience, representing the largest gathering of speed skating coaches in Canada ever.

Read more here; Coaching Symposium Early Bird Registration Deadline is fast approaching.


Results- Austrian Inline Cup- Wörgl

Click here to find the results of the Wörgl Austrian Inline Cup.


Videos From IPSN: Skating In Montreal, Eddy Matzger Playing In Thailand

Here are a couple of recent videos shared on the Inline Planet Skater Network

Eddy and his Thai friends play on an inflatable dam in the north of Thailand. What seems like fun is actually hard work!