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Asianic Inline Cup- Overall Men’s Points After 2 Events

See the thread ASIANIC INLINE CUP 2009 as well as the post ASIANIC INLINE CUP OVERALL for the Asianic Inline Cup overall men’s standings after two events.

1/ 143 Andre Willie – Lichenstein – X-Tech International
2/ 125 Diego Rosero – Colombia – Rollerblade.
3/ 112 Michelle Ciognani – Italy – Scalero
4/ 110 Yann Guyader – France – Powerslide
5/ 104 Danniel Chee Wee – Singapore – Revo.
6/ 100 Christian Diaz Granados – Colombia – Pwerslide Fuzion.
7/ 91 Carlo Scalero- Italy – Scalero
8/ 90 Enigio Vidondo – Spain – Marianistas.
9/ 85 Pal Singa – India.
9/ 85 Scott Arlidge – New Zealand – Zepto Bont

For the overall points only the best WIC event of the 2 in Asia count, plus the best 6 of the 8 specific AIC races, to Qualify for the Asianic Inline Cup overall, you must skate in at least 3 of the specific AIC races, for sure a number of those WIC skaters featuring on the points list at present, will not contest the required ammount. But with the AIC rapidly gaining recognition & Credibility, some may decide to pursue the quota.


Circuito Internacional San Antonio (Pamplona) Live Updates- World Record In Women’s 15k

Check out the following links for live updates, results, pictures, and more from the Circuito Internacional San Antonio track races in Pamplona, Spain;

300 meters T/T Men:
01. Andres Muñoz, Colombia
02. Kalon Dobbin, New Zealand
03. Joseba Fernandez, Spain

500 meters Sprint Ladies
01. Sabine Berg, Germany
02. Estefania Cuervo, Colombia
03. Cecilia Baena, Powerslide Matter
04. Jercy Puello, Colombia

500 meters Sprint Men
01. Andres Muñoz, Powerslide Matter
02. Juan Nayib Tobon, Colombia
03. Jorge Luis Cifuentes, Colombia
04. Felipe Castillo, Venezuela



Pictures- World Inline Cup- Pamplona, Spain- From François & Marie

I’m sure that you’re pleased to read that François & Marie shared some very nice pictures from today’s World Inline Cup held in Pamplona, Spain.

Photo from François & Marie

Photo from François & Marie

Photo from François & Marie

Photo from François & Marie

Photo from François & Marie

Photo from François & Marie

Photo from François & Marie

Photo from François & Marie

Photo from François & Marie

Report & Pictures- Roller Sports Ontario Outdoor Speed Championships- Day 1- Harriston

Day 1 of the Roller Sports Ontario Outdoor Speed Championships is now compelte.

The racing is taking place at the CITC’s 200-meter banked track, which features a new bright-red coating.

Despite a small turn-out, the races were exciting to watch (and to be part of too). Racing continues tomorrow morning.

Senior Women
1- Sarah Hopkins
2- Morgane Echardour
3- Dominique Lalonde

1- Sarah Hopkins
2- Morgane Echardour
3- Dominique Lalonde

10km points/ elimination
1- Morgane Echardour
2- Sarah Hopkins
3- Dominique Lalonde

Senior Men

1- Jesse Pauley
2- Travis Shaw
3- Camilo Echeverri

1- Peter Doucet
2- Jessse Pauley
3- Camilo Echeverri

10km points/ elimination
1- Peter Doucet
2- Jesse Pauley
3- Benoit Letourneau

Intermediate Women

1- Shannon Ford
2- Erika Melin

1- Shannon Ford
2- Erika Melin

Results, Reports, & More- World Inline Cup- Pamplona, Spain

Colombia’s Kelly Martinez (Bont) and Diego Rosero (Rollerblade World) were victorious earlier today in Pamplona, Spain at the World Inline Cup.

With just over 21km to go Kelly and Giovanna Turchiarelli ended up breaking away from the main pack. There were numerous attempts from skaters earlier on to try get away but none were successful. Kelly and Giovanna then went on to lap the field and take the first two placings.

Women [Complete 42km results]
1- Kelly Martinez (Bont Wheels)- Colombia
2- Giovanna Turchiarelli (Powerslide Matter)- Italy
3- Sabine Berg (Germany)- Germany
4- Cecilia Baena (Powerslide Matter)- Colombia
5- Alexandra Vivas (Bont Wheels)- Colombia

Men [Complete 42km results]
1- Diego Rosero (Rollerblade World Team)- Colombia
2- Yann Guyader (Powerslide Matter)- France
3- Stefano Galliazzo (Alessi World)- Italy
4- Francesco Zangarini (Rollerblade World Team)- Italy
5- Luca Saggiorato (Rollerblade World Team)- Italy

You can use the links below to explore results, reports, and more-

Photo from  MundoPatin.com

Photo from  MundoPatin.com

Photo from  MundoPatin.com

Matter Black Rain Wheel

Check out Matter’s Black Rain Wheel.


Road To The World Games: DJ Nation

DJ Nation has two major goals for the 2009 inline season. World Games and World Championships, both in Asia this summer. The World Games are approaching fast, and so is top shape for DJ…

Read more here; Road to the World Games: DJ Nation.


Ellis Edge June Newsletter

Check out Ellis Edge’s June 2009 Newsletter, which includes the skating tip 75 reasons to train.

10. Increases lactic tolerance – muscles don’t hurt as much
11. Increases amount of fuel stored in muscles
12. Increases aerobic capacity
13. Increases aerobic power
14. Increase lactic capacity
15. Increases lactic power
16. Improves lactate buffering system – picture a bunch of Pac Men in your muscles eating up all the nasty waste products and then spitting them out as fuel again



Aaron Arndt Back In Europe

Yesterday afternoon, Aaron Arndt left for Europe-

I think I am going to bring this website back to the forefront of the internet where it belongs.  only this time, I mean it.  Peleton politics?

Read more here; Holy crap!


Pictures & Videos- France Youth Road Championships- From ASTA

ASTA shared pictures & videos from France’s recent Youth Road Championships. See the video France Espoir Route – 23-24/05/2009 – 10 000m éliminations MG and you can check for more videos on the right hand toolbar.

Photo from JMC Roller Sisters, by Gilbert & Juliette Pouydebat, shared by ASTA

Behind Schedule- Today’s Pamplona World Inline Cup

According to PatinCarrera, today’s Pamplona World Inline Cup is running behind schedule.


Report- Jia Xing Asianic Inline Cup

Check out the following links to read about today’s Asian Inline Cup held in Jia Xing-

Andre Willie X- Tech has in the last month proven to be somewhat of a breakaway expert, winning the Lichenstein Criterium in a Breakaway with Christophe Luginbuhl Bont, then in the 10 men initial breakaway in the WIC in Incheon to finish a creditable 7th, now with his win in Jia Xing 40 km AIC he will go to the top of the Asianic Inline cup overall, as will the Indonesian Lady Eri Marina Yo X-Tech , with her 3rd placing today.

While Willie was a hero in the mens race Guo Dan showed her class by sticking in the mens first pack, till Willie & Teamate Martin Thaler Austria along with Zing Chong Yu China broke away after 8 km & going into the last 4 km round Willie alone for the last 10km had a 1 min 20 sec lead on Thaler & Chong Yu with another 2 minutes back to the chasing bunch of 8, both Beetschen & Ashenbacher tried to get clear in the last laps, but could not.

Well Ultra the pain levels were high, a bit of a rough surface & a wind blowing & the pace on from the Gun, a lot of people blown apart, The 3 in the break Then the next the winner 1 min 20 sec clear of 2nd & 3rd, then another another 2 mins back to 9 others with Yang Song & Andreas Beetschen sprinting for 4th & 5th, with the Korean Tiger 6th & Guo Dan the first girl, with that group & Diasuki Kazamaki from Japan the last & cramped up badlly. Then almost a lap behind the next group 12th to 23rd, With the two Chinese Taipei, 2 Indians & 2 Indonesians, 1st Singapore Bertrand Chew 20th & 7 Chineses skaters.

Colombians In Spain For World Inline Cup & Track Races

A strong group of Colombian skaters are in Spain to compete in this weekend’s World Inline Cup in Pamplona as well as track races. Read more here & see which skaters from Colombia will be racing; Colombia rumbo a Pamplona, España.


Report- Marathon- VII Festival Olímpico de Patinaje de Velocidad

PatinColombia shared a report and some results from the marathon race at the VII Festival Olímpico de Patinaje de Velocidad.

Photo from PatinColombia

Pictures- Italian Road Championships- From Asco Concorezzo

Use the links below for Asco Concorezzo‘s pictures from the recent Italian Road Championships.

Photo by Cristiano Mariani and shared by Asco Concorezzo

Photo by Cristiano Mariani and shared by Asco Concorezzo

Photo by Cristiano Mariani and shared by Asco Concorezzo

Photo by Cristiano Mariani and shared by Asco Concorezzo

Photo by Cristiano Mariani and shared by Asco Concorezzo

Photo by Cristiano Mariani and shared by Asco Concorezzo

Photo by Cristiano Mariani and shared by Asco Concorezzo

Photo by Cristiano Mariani and shared by Asco Concorezzo

Photo by Cristiano Mariani and shared by Asco Concorezzo

Results, Pictures, Reports- Van Der Wiel- 3 Tracks Tournament

To find results, reports, picutres, and more from the Van der Wiel 3 Tracks Tournament in the Netherlands, use the links below;

Photo from Harm de Boer Fotografie

Photo from Harm de Boer Fotografie

Photo from Tims ProSkateShots

Photo from Tims ProSkateShots

Photo from Tims ProSkateShots

Registration Open For Thunder Bay’s MS Run & Roll Half Marathon

MS Run & Roll Half Marathon is taking place in Thunder Bay, Ontario on July 19th. Registration is now open.

World Inline Cup Adds ChunCheon To Its 2010 Calendar

One day before the Incheon World Inline Cup, the official Organisation Committee of the World Leisure Games in ChunCheon 2010 invited Heinz Schurtenberger and Markus Ott to sign the contract for the upcoming event in 2010.

Only 90 minutes far away from Incheon there is ChunCheon a wonderful area in the middle of mountains and lakes. After a typical Korean Lunch with the Organizers of the World Leisure Games, we went to see the official Marathon course for next year.

Read more here; WIC Race confirmed for 2010 in ChunCheon.


World Inline Cup- Chase For Points In Pamplona

Only a few days ago the elite of the inline scene got together in Incheon/Korea. On 30 May – only a week later – the international top skaters will come together in the Spanish town Pamplona. The fourth station of the WORLD INLINE CUP 2009 promised to be an exiting chase for points in the overall ranking. The leading skaters and their direct pursuers are already completely registered, both in the women’s and in the men’s race. The racetrack will guarantee a great deal of tension, too. The circuit of 1.2 kilometres will lead 35 times through the inner city of Pamplona.

Read more here; Chase for points in Pamplona.


Nicolas Iten Injured While Training In Spain

According to the World Inline Cup website, Switzerland’s Nicolas Iten was injured while training in Spain-

Nicolas Iten, the Swiss top crack and winner of the WIC race in Rennes 2009 injured himself heavily when falling down during the training for the race in Pamplona. Unfortunately he will not be able to take part in the race the following weekend in Pamplona. We wish him all the best from here and that he will recover quickly and come back soon.


Colombia- Atlantico Names Its Interleague Skaters

Colombia’s Atlantico region named its Colombian interleague squad- read more here; Atlántico define nómina al interligas.

Categoría prejuvenil varones.

1. Alex Cujavante Luna, club P.K.C
2. Juan Ujueta, Club P.K.C
3. Oswaldo Medina, Club Tiburones
4. Harold Espinoza, Club P.K.C

Categoría Juvenil varones.

1. David Goyeneche, Club Junior Skate.


Showdown ‘N’ Cowtown Marathon- More Information

Showdown ‘N’ Cowtown– set for August 23rd- now has a website.

You can find additional information on the marathon here; Showdown in Cowtown MARATHON!!! new info.


2009 John Rose Inline Cup Series Opens June 3rd

Racing starts June 3rd at the John Rose Oval.  Come check it out!  Please share this brochure with anyone you know who might be interested.  Dates of racing:  June 3, 10, 17, 24 and July 7,15,22,29.

The oval is reserved for speed practice at 5pm.  Racing will begin promptly at 6pm.  There will not be much rest between events.  Please listen closely for your division and stay ready to race (especially on Match Sprint night).  Races will not be held up once athletes are called to the starting line.

Read more here; 2009 John Rose Inline Cup Series.


Pictures- France Youth Road Championships- From RollerSisters

RollerSisters shared pictures from the French Youth Road Championships.


Photo from JMC Roller Sisters, by Gilbert & Juliette Pouydebat

Photo from JMC Roller Sisters, by Gilbert & Juliette Pouydebat

Pictures- Italian Road Championships- More From Pattinaggio Bellusco

Pattinaggio Bellusco shared more pictures from the recent Italian Road Championships. Use the links below to access the photo galleries;

Photo from Pattinaggio Bellusco

Photo from Pattinaggio Bellusco

Photo from Pattinaggio Bellusco

35 Times Above Allowed Nandrolon Levels

From SkatingSisters; check out Nandrolon


Check out the 7:46 mark of this video (or click on the image below and go to 7:46 for the report)-



Well Marcello & Johnny you will have your day, Van D has hit the nail right on the head.

Young Bullett, rocket or Wesley or whatever you call him had 35 x the legal ammount of drugs in his body, now details comming out of Holland Allege that our law flouting friend EDWIN & his wife, will be procecuted.

He flouted that Wesley was beyound the law as a minor, but the wiskered one has now discovered he is not beyond the law, well one thing can be sure, with doing that to a child, the dounut boys inside will be ready to give him an overdose.

No if or Butts now that the truth has arrived Gan got 8 years in the USA for buggering up his childs life, so 5 to 10 looks in order, perhaps this might shut him up from trying to Villifie Kiwi’s.

Any one mentioned was big enough & ugly enough to make his own decision in life, young Wesley was only Guilty of trying to please his parents, they are sure to have to pay the price, by the time Edwin gets the door open, there will be no family aroung to greet him.

On the 9th june the judge will make his opinion about today’s case.
On the 10th june the (official) doping case is planned in court.

I guess you all know that Holland is a strange country in “how to interpretate rules/relulations and law’s” and the Lommers hope they convince the judge in procedure-mistakes that the integrity of Wesly has damaged. One of the main things they blame is the Ice Union having their press release about a suspected youngster and at the same time all the results are moved out of the international database (http://www.knsb.nl/content/sara93/sara.asp). So both things lead to the suspect.
Question will be….what’s more important: procedure mistakes or the 35plus….

Bill Begg’s Six Steps to Speed

Six Steps to Speed is Bill Begg’s latest from the Ask Bill Begg! column-

Hi, Robert: The six building blocks are techniques and postures that you must master to develop a powerful speed skating technique. They are keys to the development of speed and advanced techniques, such as double push. It’s best to work on them one at a time, starting at the top of the list.


Video- Wednesday Night Hill Sprints With Sara Sayasane & Wouter Hebbrecht

everyone, Sara and myself did a bunch of 100, 200 and 300m uphill sprints in Fremont, CA. It’s about a 15% gradient so pretty steep…Enjoy watching!

Read more here; Wednesday Night Hill Sprints.


Registration Open For NYC Skate Marathon & New York 100k

The NYC Skate Marathon & New York 100k‘s registration is now open. Click here for 2009 event information.

I’m pretty sure that I’ll be racing in this one… it’s pretty much my favourite event of all time.


Spagatta Magazine

Check out Spagatta Magazine.