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RSO Series #1 May 10th- Toronto

The year’s first RSO Series race is taking place on May 10th in Toronto. You can find details here.

For those of you who want to travel to Toronto and make it a 2-race weekend, you can also skate in the Trillium 10k in Mount Forest, near Toronto, on Saturday May 9th. The Trillium 10k is the race with the famed post-race food- chocolate fountains, amazing cookies & nanaimo bars, veggies, fruit, pizza, this and that and more!!



Pictures- Gross Gerau International Criterium- From Skeelerclub Oost Veluwe

Skeelerclub Oost Veluwe shared pictures from this past weekend’s Gross Gerau International Criterium.

Photo from Skeelerclub Oost Veluwe

Photo from Skeelerclub Oost Veluwe

Report- CadoMotus Ladies At Gross Gerau International Criterium

CadoMotus shared a second report from the Gross Gerau International Criterium- Ladies gaining confidence

“For me this was a real surprise. I’m very happy with this result. I know I can sprint, but I didn’t know I could do so well in a points race. I earned points as well during the race as during the last sprint. That shows I’m in a good shape. And the team did a great job by doing so much work in the lead.”


World Inline Cup- Pamplona, Spain- May 30-31

The World Inline Cup will be making a stop in Pamplona, Spain on May 30-31. You can find more information here and also here.


Reports- Minto Run For Reach (Ottawa)- From Road Rash Chronicles

Road Rash Chronicles shared a couple of report on this past weekend’s Minto Run For Reach in Ottawa- good stuff; My Run for Reach Experience. *sigh* and also Pondering

Well the first race of the season has come and gone. Thank god. And as I sit here at the office this morning, my back is still fighting me. Can I not have that thing removed? Hmmm.

First off, it was great seeing everyone. Being able to catch up with the TO crew and the Montreal crew is always fun. Great bunch of people and equally amazing skaters. Be sure to read up on the event from my fellow bloggers.

While Candy, Mike, Peter and other bloggers describe race tactics, attacking their packs, break aways, tons of strategies and “playing” that is happening in their particular race bubble, I find myself thinking “my goal was to finish faster than last time”. Pretty simple.


My Pictures- Run For Reach (Ottawa)

As you can tell by the variety- or lack thereof – of photos that I am sharing from this past weekend’s Minto Run For Reach in Ottawa, I’m more focused on racing, warming-up, cooling down, and executing race plans, rather than taking pictures. These days, my camera tends to stay put away in the camera bag, and that’s ok because I know there are plenty of good photographers (case & point).

Videos- Gross Gerau- From Bildimpressionen.de

Thanks to the people behind Bildimpressionen.de, we can access a wealth of videos from this past weekend’s Gross Gerau International Criterium held in Germany. Use the links in the speech bubble quoty thing below to access each day’s videos-

31.Int. Speedskating Kriterium, 26.04.2009
31.Int. Speedskating Kriterium, 25.04.2009
German Blade Challenge, 25.04.2009
7. Int. Speedskating Sprint Cup, 24.04.2009

Once you’ve created an account an you’re logged in, you can view videos, including the following which feature crashes;