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  • April 2009
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Pictures- Minto Run For Reach (Ottawa)

There are lots of great photo albums from today’s Minto Run For Reach held in Ottawa;

Photo by Nathalie Larouche

Photo by Nathalie Larouche

Photo by Nathalie Larouche

Photo by Nathalie Larouche

Photo by Nathalie Larouche

Photo by Nathalie Larouche

Photo by Nathalie Larouche

Photo by Nathalie Larouche

Photo by Nathalie Larouche

Photo by Nathalie Larouche

Photo by Nathalie Larouche

Results- Minto Run For Reach

The Minto Run For Reach was held earlier today in Ottawa. Just under 100-skaters took to the steets to great Canada’s outdoor racing season. You can find full results here.

21km Overall
1- Peter Doucet
2- Sergio Almeralla
3- Morgan Williams
4- Benoit Letourneau
5- Allain Legacy
6-Stephane Tremblay
7- Marc Belanger
8- Sarah Hopkins
9- Benoit Tremblay
10- Damien Buchet
11- JF Messier
12- Herb Gayle
13- Fabio Pinzon
14- Morgane Echardour
15- Erwin Baertschi
16- Stephane Charron
17- Martine Charbonneau
18- Michael Garvin
19- Georg Nikodym
20- Travis Shaw


Results, Pictures, & Reports- Rennes (France) World Inline Cup

The World Inline Cup made a stop in Rennes, France this weekend. Make sure you check out François & Marie’s set of pictures.

Photo from François & Marie

1- Nicolas Iten- (Switzerland)- Rollerblade World
2- Yann Guyader (France)- Powerslide Matter
3- Massimiliano Presti (Italy)- Luigino Atom World
4- Alexis Contin (France)- Rollerblade World
5- Julien Despaux (France)- Rollerblade

1- Nicole Begg (New Zealand)- Bont Wheels
2- Tamara Llorens (Argentina)- Bont Wheels
3- Nathalie Barbotin (France)- Powerslide Matter
4- Lucie Peruzzetto (France)- Ligne Droite Powerslide
5- Laetitia Le Bihan (France)- RPM Poli

Photo from François & Marie

Photo from François & Marie

Use the following links for more;

And finally, he wins also. Nicolas Iten captured the gold in Rennes sur Roulettes on Sunday, after Diego last year, Alexis in 2005, or Jorge Botero in 2003. The Rollerblade World history continues in Britanny

In the rain effected Rennes WIC race, Bont Wheels team ran 1 & 2, after featuring in the event many times, Nicole has finally one it, unfortunately it was a weakened field, due to the clash with Gross Gera, Nicole won 3 of the 4 primes & 2nd in the other, while Tamara won one & was 2nd in the other 3.

Unfortunately Alexandra Vivas was disqualified, over an incident with Natathlie Barbotin, at first the referees decided to read the rule book, in a manner never ever been shown at Worlds or WIC & decided to disqualify Alexandra but also relegate Nicole & Tamara to 2nd & 3rd & elevate 3rd to 1st.

Photo from François & Marie

Photo from François & Marie

Photo from François & Marie

Photo from François & Marie

Bart Swings & CadoMotus World Win Gross Gerau

Debuting the new MPC Road War wheel, Bart Swings (just one month into his first Senior year) won the 5000m points race over experienced rivals Luca Saggiorato, ITA (2nd), and Jorge Cifuentes, COL (3rd), in a field that included points-racing champions Fabio Francolini, ITA, and Scott Arlidge, NZL.

Read more from CadoMotus here; Bart Swings & CadoMotus World win Groß Gerau.

Photo shared by CadoMotus

Netherlands- Last Weekend’s Reports, Pictures, & Reports

For some reason, I didn’t share until today the following links to results, pictures, and reports from last weekend’s racing in the Netherlands;

Women’s race in Domberg- photo from Tims ProSkateShots

Men’s A race in Domberg- photo from Harm de Boer Fotografie

Plus here are links to results;

  • Verslag MMNSC – Gouda – 18 april 2009
  • MMNSC jeugd -Gouda – 18 april 2009
  • Uitslag MMNSC -Gouda- 18 april 2009
  • Zeeuwse skeelercompetitie ABN-AMRO Domburg 18/04/2009
  • Verslag Powerslide Landelijke Baan Purmerend 18 april 2009
  • Univé World on Wheels 2009 – A – Domburg 18/04/2009
  • Univé World on Wheels 2009 – Dames – Domburg 18/04/2009
  • Univé World on Wheels 2009 – B – Domburg 18/04/2009
  • Univé World on Wheels 2009 – Masters – Domburg 18/04/2009
  • Daguitslag Powerslide Landelijke Baan Competitie Purmerend 18 april 2009
  • Landelijke Baan Competitie Senioren Heren – Wolvega – 15-4-2009
  • Landelijke Baan Competitie Senioren Dames – Wolvega – 15-4-2009
  • Road Rash Chronicles- Le Taz

    In a word, all I can truly say about the place is that it is FAST.  Really fast.  Crazy fast.  What makes it stand apart from other locations, for me, is that there is little to no effort needed to glide around the track.  In other words, you don’t fatigue as quickly which allows you to train for longer periods of time.

    Read more from Road Rash Chronicles here; Le Taz.

    Photo from here

    Bill Begg- Should I Buy Low-Cut Racing Skates?

    Here’s the latest from Bill Begg & the Inline Planet;

    Hi, Zoltan: You’re not having a midlife crisis — you’ve just seen the light and are discovering our wonderfull sport! It’s great that you have finished your first two marathons. Apparently, in your quest for faster speeds, you are now in the grips of vini, vidi, vici (“I came, I saw, I conquered”).

    Read more here; Should I Buy Low-Cut Racing Skates?.