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In Quebec From Friday To Monday- Skating At ‘Le Taz’, Family Time On Sunday (New Baby?)

Friday- Leaving For Quebec
Morgane and I are leaving for Montreal later this evening. We’ll be staying at my aunt Marie-Paule’s place.

Saturday- Skating At The Taz
We’ll be skating at the Taz, the new 200-meter indoor track in Montreal in the morninig. I’ll probably shoot a few pictures and also take a video of the track.

Later on in the day, we’ll probably go for a nice bike ride in and around Montreal- as long as the sun is out in full force. I’m looking forward to getting back to the old and beautiful city, which I’ll be visiting a few times this summer anyway.

We’re also going to visit a few friends, and hopefully get a chance to meet up with Nick Z. Later in the evening, we’ll drive to St-Tite to stay at my uncle Réjean’s.

Sunday- Cabane A Sucre & Maybe A New Baby 
We’ll be spending the late-morning and early afternoon with my family at the ‘cabane a sucre’ (sugar shack) near St-Tite (Shawinigan) . With a menu featuring loads of bacon, crisped pork, sugar cakes, pancakes loaded with maple syrup, and more hyper-caloric foods, I’ll make sure to eat plenty of vegetables and a bunch fruit and drink lots of water before I go there.

Also (and more importantly), my brother and his partner are expecting their second child on Sunday. In other words, as far as I understand thigns, the new baby can be born any time between today (Friday) and over the next few weeks.

Monday- SSW’s Back? Maybe
After spending some time with my uncle Duke & aunt Fran in St-Lazare and then driving home, I might update SSW with news that I can dig up about the Trois Pistes, Tampa, and anything else that is shared online.

~Have a good weekend

Clara Hughes- 20th Season As An Athlete- Most Likely The Last

Here’s the latest entry from Canada’s long track speed skater Clara Hughes; HERE WE GO AGAIN…

So much of my year is spent within the regime of the team that I crave my space and the freedom to do my own thing. It’s too easy to stick with routine and the fact that I am still here, fresh and motivated to do this again after so many years, is due to the fact that I am creative with my ‘working environment’. It allows me to find my own way and make clear to myself that I don’t need the pampered environment, or the attention from outside forces, to find my drive and determination.


Nicolas Iten Interview

Team Rollerblade shared an interview with Nicolas Iten-

After many years on the circuit and in the team, how would you definite your role as a skater?

As I mentioned, I like the breakaways. That means that I have to work a lot in order that the race doesn´t end in a bunch sprint. But the nature of our sport doesn´t give a worker too much chance to win a race. So I try to break not only for me, more to let the other teams work a lot. In that case, our sprinters can relax in the bunch and wait for the final 500m…. But fortunately, in the last two years, I was several times in the position to win a race. Most of them, I used it and the team get some victories. So I am not only a worker: I have also the freedom to realize the main goal of the team: to win!


Trophée Des Trois Pistes About To Begin

The Trophée Des Trois Pistes is taking place this weekend in France- here are some links to pre-competition pictures, thoughts, & more-

- 3 days of competition
- On 3 tracks of south of France
- thousand of skaters
- 162 teams which 85 out of France
- 500 French skaters
- 500 Foreign skaters (Europeans, Americans, Colombians, …)
- 19 represented nations
- 5 à 10 World Champions presents every year
- 6000 spectators during 3 days

This weekend the famous Trois Pistes (Three Tracks) is taking place in France. This is a very popular race meet with races held on three different tracks in three different cities and over three days. On Saturday we will be racing at Pibrac, which is apparently a very slippery bank track. Sunday at Valence D’Agen which was the location for the 2001 World Championships. Valence D’Agen was also my first ever Junior World Championships. The last day of racing is on Monday at Gujan Mestras which was the location for the 1994 World Championship


Tampa Classic Updates & Pictures- From Stardust & Digital Pixel Photography

Thanks to Stardust Speed Skating and Digital Pixel Photography, you can stay informed with what’s going at the Tampa Classic taking place this weekend-

Photo from Digital Pixel Photography

2:45pm – Long Finals
Briana Kramer takes the Pro Womens 3000 Points and Jake Powers wins the 5000 Mens Points race, Cheeks in second.

2:15pm – Long Finals
Junior Ladies finish Wolverines, Stardust and the third lady was DQ’d for pylon. Junnior Men are all spread out half way through the race… Senior Ladies Team Extreme, Yucatan and then Ashley with Stardust and Stardust in 4th. Senior Men

1:45pm – Pro Short Finals
Mantia, Vogel, Horne with a battle to the line in the 500m final. all 3 in a full hawk at the line with the crowd all on their feet… Not sure who won yet… and someone was DQ’d.

Candy Wong’s Toronto-Area Training Locations

Candy Wong shared her Toronto-area training locations- see My Training Locations for more.


Jessica Gregg’s Blog On CBC Sports

Canadian short track speed skater Jessica Gregg has a blog on CBCSports

My team and I are now in Heerenveen, the Netherlands, for the world team championships. Last weekend, we competed in the world championships in Vienna. It was my first time competing in the worlds individually and I reached every one of my goals, including our team goal of earning a medal in the relay.

Jessica Gregg

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