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  • April 2009
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Michael Gilday- 1500m Long Track & 3-Week Long Off-Season

Being a rookie on claps, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to go full out or start that well (hence no 500) but didn’t want to go extra hard and be in extreme pain (hence no 5000m or 10000m). So the 1500 it was. I managed to finish in a respectable (so I was told) 1.49.01. It was really fun to do something a little different but man did I gain a respect for the type of pain long trackers experience. It’s a lot different than a short track burn but you are totally wasted after going full out for that long.

Read more from Michael Gilday here; We’re Back!! (In more ways than one…).


Ludovic Alvarez’s Boot Pictures- Machin Bidule

This is from Roller En Ligne;


Explore more here; Dessins de chaussures vitesse sur Machin-Bidule.

You can also check out Machin Bidule Creations‘ website.


Frank Fiers’ Profile

It’s not easy finding words to describe the Belgium veteran. The 37-year old Frank Fiers still wins his races every season in the Dutch competition, after being a European champion long ago, in 1994. He’s one of the few left that started skating on quads, and after having a hard time loosing his sister in a car accident, Fiers knows how priviliged he is to skate. “Hopefully, I will skate for another long time.”

Check out Frank Fiers’ profile.


European Roller Speed Skating Championships- Oostend, Belgium

The 2009 European Roller Speed Skating Championships will take place in Oostend, Belgium. According to Skating Sisters,  the event’s website will soon be up and running.


Road Skating- Practising Saloon For Ladies, With Lady Attendant

I received this image from a friend- looks like 2 wheel frames with big wheels have been around for a while 😉


Ask Bill Begg!- Becoming King Of The Hill

There are varying opinions on the best technique for climbing — and they depend on the steepness of the hill. But in general, here are the rules:

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