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Speed Skating Is Alive & Well- Heading Past Doom & Gloom

The following is from Bill Begg in the entry 2009 heading past Doom & Gloom

Haven just recently landed in Europe after a Month around Asia, it appears as if speed skating is alive & well.

Over the weekend the retail skating trade was alive & well, Berlin & Nimes kicked off with there Inline cup series, the WIC, AIC & IIC series are all underway earlier.

Having talked to a large number of the movers & shakers there is a great deal of enthusiasm out there & 2009 will go ahead & be a great season, with 2010 sure to be bigger & better, as the World comes out of these bad financial times. So it has been great to see & so many mettings with positive outcomes.

Pictures- Christiana Speed Meet- From Tisa Della-Volpe

Tisa Della-Volpe shared a bunch of really good pictures from the Christiana Speed Meet. Make sure you click on ‘next page’ at the bottom of each photo page-

Photo from Tisa Della-Volpe

Photo from Tisa Della-Volpe

Photo from Tisa Della-Volpe

Photo from Tisa Della-Volpe

Pictures- Roller & Training In Holland- From Tims ProSkateShots

Tims ProSkateShots shared the following photo albums-

Photo from Tims ProSkateShots

Kimani Griffin Interview

Thanks to A Younger Perspective, you can read an interview with Kimani Griffin- First Interview – Kimani Griffin

-KC-What do you say to a young skater when they ask you how you got so fast?
-KG-Dedication, drive, and being hungry. I never accept defeat in anything and if I do lose best believe I’m coming back for seconds. Ever since I was little I just always wanted to be the best even if it was in putt-putt or a lame game of dodgeball. If you put the work into it you will see results.

-KC-When someone says the name Kimani Griffin what do you want people to remember?
-KG-People to recognize my talent and the work I put in. My friendliness to people I didn’t even know. How open I was to people’s criticism whether I thought they were right or not.


Report & Links To Pictures- Nimes French Inline Cup- From Online-Skating

Online-Skating shared a report from this past weekend’s French Inline Cup race held in Nimes; French Inline Cup sunny races in Nîmes– also use the links below in the speech bubble thingy for photos-

Bill Begg’s report on Bont.com
Web site of the organization
Sport-Up (full results)
Results (Excel format)
Your reactions on rollerenligne.com forum
Pictures of SA Mérignac (open race)
Pictures of SA Mérignac (Marathon)
Pictures of Captain Cavern (148 Mo en zip)


Photo from appache

Photo from appache

Photo from appache

Reports- Berlin Half Marathon- From Zepto Skate Team, Powerslide, & Team Rollerblade

Zepto Skate Team, Powerslide, and Team R0llerblade all shared reports & articles from this season’s first German Inline Cup race- the Berlin Half Marathon- use the following links-

The race started very fast with many attacks, not everyone was attacking to win the race, but it seemed that many guys just wanted to test their legs, and test the legs of their rivals. Then after about 5km a serious group formed off the front, with myself, Alexander Bastidas, 2 guys from Powerslide, and Diego Rosero from Rollerblade.

Alexis, how was the circuit of this first stage of the GIC?

It was a quite fast circuit. At the begining, we raced in the same streets than for the Berlin Real Marathon. The circuit was quite flat, but with a tiny corner 150m before the finish line!




Wriggeling Bottoms

Wriggeling Bottoms is now in the links section.