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  • April 2009
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Live Breathe Skate- A Nice Light Snack

The latest from Mike Garvin’s website Live Breathe Skate is the following post; A Nice Light Snack

Its was a pretty good day for early spring skating.  This time last year we were still snowed in.  Its great to have a chance to train for a couple of weeks before the Texas Road Rash and before Run For Reach.   If you haven’t signed up for Reach yet, Do it Now!.  The temperature was around 5C, tolerable.  The wind though….the second half of the loop we were pushing wind the whole way, and a lot of wind.   Its good training value though, so I won’t complain too much 🙂


Shane Dobbin- Ice Season overview

I missed this recent addition to Shane Dobbin’s website; Ice Season overview

It’s finally the end of the season and the World Championships are over and already two weeks have passed. Shane Dobbin flew back from the World Championships in Vancouver to the netherlands after skating the 10 kilometer.


Road Rash Chronicles- Randomness- Le Taz

2.  The Taz was the fastest venue I have ever skated in and it was awesome.  I will report on it officially after my new visit.  Pics and Video will accompany the post.  Stay tuned.

Read more here; Randomness.

Report- Nimes French Inline Cup- From Bill Begg

Bill Begg shared a report from today’s Nimes French Inline Cup- NICOLE BEGG BONT WHEELS WINS NIMES FIC.

In her first Marathon outing of the season Nicole Begg won the Nimes French Inline Cup marathon at Nimes, with Team Mate Tamara Llorens 3rd & Bont Skater Livia Meier 8th, in what must have been Europes best Spring Day. With the ageless Nathalie Barbotin splitting them.

Alliance Roller Vitesse

Check out the Alliance Roller Vitesse– a group that will organize and plan Eastern Canada’s roller speed skating club use of the Taz, Montreal’s 200-meter indoor track.


Results & Report- Yann Guyader & Nicole Begg Victorious- Nimes French Inline Cup- From Roller En Ligne

Thanks to Roller En Ligne, we can go through the following from today’s Nimes French Inline Cup;

Elites hommes
1) Yann GUYADER (Ligne Droite/Powerslide)
2) Ewen FERNANDEZ (Ligne Droite/Powerslide)
3) Julien SOURISSEAU (RPM Poli)
4) Fabien HASCOET (RPM Poli)
5) Kevin GAUCLIN (RPM Poli)

Elites dames
1) Nicole BEGG (Bont)
2) Nathalie BARBOTIN (Ligne Droite / Powerslide)
3) Tamara LLORENS (Bont)
4) Laetitia LE BIHAN (RPM Poli)
5) Lucie PERUZZETTO (Ligne Droite / Powerslide)

Nationaux hommes
1) Benjamin BOURLIER (Lou Roller National)
2) Hugo BALANDRAS (Lou Roller National)
3) Damien DUCREUX (Générations Roller Sport)

Open femmes
1) Elodie GAILLARD (Team Mont-Blanc Roller)
2) Floriane IMBERT (Générations Roller Sport)
3) Mathilde MOURIER

Open Hommes
1) Jean-François LENOTRE (CPR Toulouse Limayrac)
2) Thierry VANDENBROUCKE (Lou Roller Team)
3) Alexis LAIEB (Lou Roller Team)

Pictures- Open Vlaams Championships- From Skating Sisters

Skating Sisters shared some pictures from this weekend’s Open Vlaams Championships held in Zandvoorde.

Photo from Skating Sisters