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  • April 2009
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Video- Men’s Finish & Sprint At World Inline Cup In Rennes, France- From Roller En Ligne

Roller En Ligne shared a great video of Nicolas Iten winning and the ensuing men’s sprint for 2nd place at the Rennes sur Roulettes World Inline Cup. I love how the announcer is losing his voice while calling the finish. Superb finish ūüôā


Videos- Daniel Greig At Challengers Cup- Norway February 2009

The following videos were shared with by Australian Speed Skating; check them out here; Daniel Greig Videos – Challengers Cup, Norway Feb 2009.

Pictures- Univ√© World On Wheels- Oldebroek- From Tims ProSkateShots

Tims ProSkateShots shared some pictures from today’s Univ√© World On Wheels held in¬†Oldebroek.

Photo from Tims ProSkateShots

Photo from Tims ProSkateShots

Photo from Tims ProSkateShots

Results- Univ√© World On Wheels- Oldebroek

The results for today’s Univ√© World On Wheels held in¬†Oldebroek are online; use the following links;

Men A
1- Crispijn Ari√ęns
2- Shane Dobbin
3- Bart Swings
4- Ferre Spruyt
5- DJ Nation
6- Pascal Briand
7- Ingmar Berga
8- Sjoerd Huisman
9- Mark Horsten
10- Klaas de Weerd

1- Elma de Vries
2- Nicole Begg
3- Alexandra Vivas
4- Kelly Martinez
5- La√ętitia le Bilhan
6- Tamara Llorens
7- Sarah Bak
8- Anniek ter Haar
9- Mariska Huisman
10- Nienke Stenekes


Photos- Hearts For Kids- From DESGPhoto

DESGPhoto shared the following photos; KKH-Allianz Lauf “Ein Herz f√ľr Kinder”.

Nico Ihle, Jenny Wolf, Robert Lehmannmit, Dieter Baumann, and Michael Horn (KKH-Allianz)- photo from DESGPhoto

Referee’s Perspective- Gross Gerau International Criterium

In the thread Gross Gerau International Kriterium, Canadian Referee Alex Perrie shared his perspective of the racing at the recent Gross Gerau International Criterium in Germany-

It’s not surprising this post got put down to the bottom so fast. It’s like an ostrich putting it’s head in the sand. The reality is these guys are out there now and doing it right. Amazing racing on a great circuit. This was my 5th year as a judge and my first year as an an International assistant chief judge I have noticed a cleaner European style of racing in all the divisions. Skaters having respect for each other means a step toward’s a potential Olympic spot. Skaters like Kalon Dobbin, Bart Swings Daniel Gregg, the Columbians and many more. Yes I know the States has Joey but there are a lot of great US skaters who would of benefited from this kind of track experience. Two days of perfect weather with close to 800 skaters keeps this meet the #1 race in Europe. After talking to the organizer they would love to have an American and Chinese Team participate next year. Cheers Alex

Pictures- Univ√© World On Wheels- Emmeloord- From Tims ProSkateShots

Tims ProSkateShots shared some pictures from this past Wednesday’s Univ√© World On Wheels in¬†Emmeloord.

Photo from Tims ProSkateShots

Photo from Tims ProSkateShots

Photo from Tims ProSkateShots

Photo from Tims ProSkateShots