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10 Years Old Today- Speed Skate World/ Peter’s Inline Racing Web Page

March 31st 1999; 10 years ago-
That was the day this website/ project, formerly known as Peter’s Inline Racing Web Page, first shone through the lights of the world’s computer screens.

Counting: The the
I wish I could count the typos, but there hvae been are too many. If only I could count the hours spent working, surfing, enjoying, watching.

A Lot Happens In 10 Years
1999 to 2009 saw plenty of action in speed skating; there has been a lot to inspire, a lot to look back upon, a lot to learn from and use to become better… at something.

Here’s a hacked-together list of things from my skating & non-skating life from the last 10 years

  • Worlds- 2000, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008- (I got my ass kicked at all of these)
  • Pan American Championships & Games- 2002, 2005, 2007- (I also got my ass kicked at all of these)
  • Stupid road trips (5000km’s in 2 days from Toronto to Florida & back, right Hip Hop?)- too many to count
  • Role models; yes, there are a few- thanks MM
  • Workouts reinforcing bad technique- too many to count
  • Nights that I am feeling like I couldn’t have made a better choice with this as my chosen passion- also too many to count
  • Percentage of New York 100k’s & A2A’s where I wanted to stop skating, throw my skates in the bushes, and never skate again; 100%
  • Becoming a teacher- emphasis on the word becoming
  • Debt: an embarassingly high ammount- and digging out of it
  • Friends: I love you all- many came & went, and a precious number live in my heart forever 
  • Death- it happens; family & skaters; sorry to see you go. We must all leave at some point- honour the past, learn from it while enjoying today & moving and looking to the future
  • Songs written: not enough
  • Song I wished I wrote: Missed the Boat by Modest Mouse
  • Ball hockey (street hockey) games: lots, and more to come! Ontario Ball Hockey League top tier?
  • Amazing trips: All of them, Nantes
  • Toronto Inline Skating Club venue changes lots
  • Wheels- big, bigger, and even bigger!
  • Things I wish I could take back (in skating); being a fool at the World Championships, every time I coached when I really didn’t know my ‘stuff’, spending time working with incorrect technique
  • Girlfriends: I have a wonderful one who’s playing with lying down beside my cat right now 🙂
  • Funny things; naked skating on the Worlds track? Who was sober? Who was not? Did it happen??

…I can spend days writing here, but it won’t make sense to anyone…

…Time To Train
I want to write something inspirational, I want to go on and on, but I’m going to go run right now. I have to digest the prunes I’ve been eating :S Damn! They’re good… and what they say about prunes is true…

Bottom’s up to another 10 years!

Yann Guyader & Elio Cuncu Training In Sardinia

This looks like a great place to skate; Traingscamp in Sardinia, Yann and Elio

Yann and Elio both were in the first group in the first WIC in Cartagena, but the 3rd position that Yann reached did not satisfy the team. Victory is the only thing that satisfies the POWERSLIDE WORLD TEAM. Below you find some pictures of Elio and Yann, training in Sardinia, so you can see for yourself that it takes blood sweat and tears to become the World´s best skater:

Photo from here

Powerslide Statement Re. Colombia’s Andre Munoz

The following is from Powerslide News; POWERSLIDE statement to Andres Muñoz

You might, or might not be aware of the fact that Andres Muñoz was banned from racing in Cartagena due a high Hematocrit level.

In fact right after the incident, Andres voluntarily took an anti doping test, to prove that at no point he used any forbidden/illegal substances. Today we have received the results of this test, which we are publishing below. Taking into account the results of the test and all background information that Andres and the Colombian Federation have provided, POWERSLIDE is convinced of the fact that Andres Muñoz is a clean athlete. We thank him for being so open with us, and wish him all the best of luck in the upcoming season. POWERSLIDE once again would like to make very clear that we have a very strict anti doping policy, and that keeping speedskating clean is one of our main priorities. We herewith consider this case closed.


Pictures- Metrodome Inline Marathon- Inline Planet Skater Network

Check out the Inline Planet Skater Network’s pictures to dig up some photos from this past weekend’s Metrodome Inline Marathon.

Team Adam’s Inline Dome Race 2009‘- caption & photo from Adam Bradley

Midwest Skateclub Women- photo from Sarah Oftedahl

Carving Speed Skating- Love The Sketch Of The Boot

Roller En Ligne shared a link to the re-designed Carving Speed Skating website. I really dig the sketch of the skate 🙂


Road Rash Chronicles: Ready For Run For Reach?

Why they have our event last is beyond me.  It should be first.  That way we don’t have to skate around discarded cups and water hazards that the runners leave in their wake.  I think that next year, they should give us an early slot and let us go first.  We don’t leave anything behind except for some occassional skin and blood.  😉

Read more from Road Rash Chronicles here; Run for Reach – Are you ready?.


CadoMotus Athlete Profile: Pieter-Jan Van Eck

Here’s the latest from CadoMotus; Athlete profile: Pieter-Jan van Eck

Your best skating moment so far
It was the relay race at the World Championships in Korea, 2006. I got second in the juniors with my team mates Koen Verweij and Jan Blokhuijsen