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Results & Pictures- Scooter’s Indoor Speed Club Invitational #2

The Scooter’s Indoor Speed Club Invitational #2 was held yesterday at the Scooter’s Indoor Roller Palace in Mississauga. Despite a small turn-out, each race was well contested. Thank you to everyone who volunteered to help time and run the event. It can’t happen without you.

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  1. Hi, I am a former long time coach,rink manager & speed skater from the southern region. FL and VA. I now live in NiagaraFalls,NY and would love to donate my time to assist with meets ( I have hosted many meets in my rinks and am familiar with all aspects) , coaching , organizing or anything needed. I’m also not a bad announcer. I can give some of the biggest names in the game as references . Living up here has distanced me from the sport I love and I would love to help promote it here. I would like to come check out a practice somewhere if someone can tell me were some are. Please email me if I can be of any assistance. My facebook page I just started can give you a little idea of my experience level. Thank You, Charlie Lantz logdyl@gmail.com

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