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Results- International Trophy Terras Do Infante- Portugal

The International Trophy Terras Do Infante is taking place this weekend in Portugal- you can find a few results in this thread- International Trophy Terras do Infante

10.000 meters Points Senior Ladies:
1st. Cinzia Ponzetti (ITA) – Cardano Inline ASD.
2nd. Laetitia Le-Bihan (FRA) – RPM. Poli.
3rd. Britta Vantournhout (BEL) – Bemog-Powerslide.

10.000 meters Points Senior Men:
1st. Patxi Peula (SPA) – Marianistas-RB Euskadi.
2nd. Iñigo Vidondo (SPA) – Marianistas-RB Euskadi.
3rd. Fabien Hascoet (FRA) – RPM. Poli.

5.000 meters Relays Ladies:
1st. Team Belgium (BEL)
2nd. Roller Lagos (POR)
3rd. ASD. Pattinatori San Mauro (ITA)

5.000 meters Relays Men:
1st. Roller Lagos “A” (POR)
2nd. Marianistas (SPA)
3rd. Roller Lagos “B” (SPA)

The competitions will continue tomorrow with the test of 300, 500 and 10.000 meters Points

Reporting On The Rain From New Zealand Banked Track Championships

In the thread New Zealand News, Bill Begg shared updates about the New Zealand Banked Track Championships-

Not the best scenario no skating at 9am postphoned till noon, but intermittant showers, do hopefully we get underway, in the afternoon, big dissappointment with listed athletes withdrawn for various reasons, Kalon Dobbin, Shane Dobbin, Scott Arlidge, Daniel Leishman, Rhys Cortesi, Christan Alden, Peter Micheal, DJ Nation, Ollie Jones & Emma Lancaster.

It would be hard for those overseas, who know how high the standard of N.Z. skating is on a World Wide scale,. to Visualize that only 2 senior Women & 4 Senior men will front the starter, thank god for open events.

It looks like we will have a possible 1 pm start providing no more rain.


Video- US Champs Short Track 2009 Intro Video

Check out this pretty sweet short track speed skating video featuring good racing and exciting falls- US Champs Short Track 2009 Intro Video.

Pictures- KNSB #9 (Groningen), #11 (Alkmaar) & #12 (Haarlem)- From Tims ProSkateShots

Tims ProSkateShots shared some pictures of the last two KNSB Cup races-

KNSB Cup #11 Alkmaar men’s finish- photo from Tims ProSkateShots

KNSB Cup #12 Haarlem men’s race- photo from Tims ProSkateShots

Results & Report- KNSB Cup #12- Haarlem

The KNSB Cup #12 was held in Haarlem. Click here for the results and you can find SkatePodium‘s artcle here; Michaud winnaar in Haarlem.



Results & Report- KNSB Cup #11- Alkmaar

Click here for the results from the KNSB Cup #11 that was held in Alkmaar. Here’s a report from SkatePodiumWinst voor Elma de Vries in Alkmaar.



Video- Bernhausen 2009 Schuler A

From FUG Speed Team; check out this video featuring young skaters racing. It’s got a pretty good tune too- Bernhausen 2009 Schüler A.