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Estimation Of Skating Power (Roller Or Ice)

This is very very cool and it found its way into my bookmarks- give it a shot- Estimation of skating power (roller or ice).

In the following calculator, an instant speed gives an instant power and a mean speed gives a mean power.


Road Rash Chronicles’ Open Letter Re. Joey Mantia

As a reaction to comments (21 comments published as I write this) on Joey Mantia’s recent entry A Legend In My Own Mind, Road Rash Chronicles responded with the entry An Open Letter. Scratching at the Wheels of a Champion

At my level, if Joey wrote on his blog that eating dogfood every day is what made him a World Champion, I would be begging to know what brand.  With his success comes an automatic acceptance that what he has done works.  It may not work for you and that is fine but to attack someone like that is just not cool.



It is a lot of pressure to always be who people want or expect you to be, but you are after all human. Keep that in mind the next time you decide to not take responsibility for you actions. It is easy to blame others.

Sven Kramer & Schaatshooligan Go Paw-To-Blade During Long Track World Cup, Schaatshooligan Banned For 1 Year

‘Schaatshooligan’, the man dressed up as a bear who ran onto the ice- as a publicity stunt- during last weekend’s Essent ISU Long Track Speed Skating World Cup in Heerenveen, Netherlands, is banned from showing up at races for 1 year. Read more here; Jaar stadionverbod voor schaatshooligan. You can also read more here; ‘Schaatshooligan’ was publiciteitsstunt.

Watch what happens when Sven Kramer & the Schaatshooligan go paw-to-blade on the ice- sven kramer en ijsbeer hooligan op thialf tijdens wereldbeker schaatsen. Here’s thhe perspective from the ice- Beer op ijs Thialf.



Using Mirrors & Video To Work On Technique- From Rollercourse

Rollercourse.com shared an article about correcting skating technique using mirrors attached to a van- read more here- Un miroir pour corriger sa technique.


Reports- Day 1- Short & Long Track Speed Skating- World University Games- Harbin, China

Speed Skating Canada shared a couple of reports- on day 1 of short & long track speed skating- from the World University Games, currently taking place in Harbin, China-

Canadian Short Track speed skaters stepped on the Harbin ice, today, for the second day of competition of the 24th Winter Universiade. Tyler Derraugh (Winnipeg, MB) and Guillaume Bastille (Rivière-du-Loup, QC) posted the two best results of the day with 6th and 7th place respectively in the 1500m.

“Given that we’ve only been here for four days, I’m really pleased with how it went,” said Riopel, 20, who is a CEGEP student studying social science. He finished two 500m races in a combined time of 72.58 seconds.  “I was getting a little tired towards the end of the second 500, so to hang on for tenth was good. I think we can be better through the week, but to start with a 10 was good.”

Videos- Lemay Doan Wins 500m #1 At Salt Lake City Olympics, Enthusiastic Skaters On Thin Ice

Here are a couple of videos recently linked to & shared by Speedskating-online

This Weekend- New Zealand Banked Track Championships

The New Zealand Banked Track Championships are set to take place this weekend. Read more in Nicole Begg’s entry NZ Bank Track Champs

The Christchurch bank track is a 166.6 meter concrete, parabolic track. It’s not considered to be a fast track, so it will be interesting to see if any records fall.