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Alexander Uphues Interview- From Zepto Skate Team

Zepto Skate Team shared an interview with Alexander Uphues, ‘The man responsible for some of the biggest & best skating events in the World‘.

We can assume that some details are harder to organise than others. What is some of the bigger challenges you are faced with when planning and doing these events?
One of the particular challenges is the safeguarding of the course by volunteers. Today voluntary work isn’t as common as in the past. The course goes through the entire city of Berlin, therefore you’ve many spots, where volunteers are obligatory. My biggest nightmare is the risk that some skaters lose the right course. Generally it’s a big challenge to keep the survey. The half marathon and the marathon are four-day events and everything has to fit. As soon as the four days have started, you can’t revise anymore. Therefore you might have a pencil and paper next to your bed to note some ideas going trough your mind while sleeping.


Report- Blue Ridge Challenge (Roanoke, Virginia)- From Keith Carroll

Keith Carroll shared his thoughts on this past weekend’s Blue Ridge Challenge held in Roanoke, Virginia- read it here- Meet Review: Roanoke

The biggest indoor meet of the year. (Yes I am claiming it is bigger then Indoor Nationals). The general review:The floor in my opinion was great. I will not fault the floor for dust/dirt that accumulates. In the mornings the floor was flat out great. About as tight as a floor can be. They dust mopped it throughout the competition but with the construction going on outside nearby, and having 400-500 skaters plus parents and family members in one rink will create particles that make their way on the floor.


Picutres- Heerenveen Men’s 10km Mass Start- From Pictures From Ice Speedskating

Pictures from Ice Speedskating shared some pictures from Sunday’s 10km mass start race that took place after the Essent ISU Long Track Speed Skating World Cup held in Heerenveen, Netherlands- view the photos here; World Cup Heerenveen feb2009-2 Mass-start.

During the World Cup, there was a mass-start 25 laps, all started at the same time. Marathon and longtrackskaters joined in for a spectakle!

Photo from Pictures from Ice Speedskating

Photo from Pictures from Ice Speedskating

Photo from Pictures from Ice Speedskating

Two More Articles- Samsung ISU Short Track Speed Skating World Cup- Dresden, Germany- From Patinage De Vitesse Courte Piste

Here are a couple of articles, shared by Patinage De Vitesse Courte Piste, about this past weekend’s Samsung ISU Short Track Speed Skating World Cup. The racing took place in Dresden, Germany-


Videos- Blue Ridge Challenge- Roanoke, Virginia- From Pinnacle Racing

Click here to find lots of videos from this past weekend’s Blue Ridge Challenge held in Roanoke, Virginia. You can find more information and discussion in the thread 2009 Blue Ridge Challenge Sponsored By Pinnacle Racing.

Go To http://video.google.com/
and start seaching for 2009 Blue Ridge Challenge Sponsored By Pinnacle Racing or my screen name.


Here’s the World Class Men’s 5000-meter


Here’s the World Class Ladies 1000-meter final


Pictures- Marathon De Joliette- From Marie Eve Leblanc

Click here for Marie Eve Leblanc’s pictures from this past weekend’s Marathon de Joliette.


Joey Mantia- First Meet Disqualification In 13 Years Of Skating

Joey Mantia was disqualified from the Blue Ridge Challenge this past weekend- you can read his thoughts about what happened in his entry I Don’t Get It…– you can also read the different comments that have been submitted.

In conclusion, I’ve lost all respect for the two people at this meet who abused their power and ultimately made me realize the kind of person i never want to become. Anyone who was there can testify on my behalf and anyone who knows me personally knows that I would never say what i was accused of saying, regardless of the situation.

Comment from anonymous-

I agree with your whole post. The incident wasn’t handled properly and you were singled out to be “made an example of”. As one of the other commenters pointed out, this was not the only “thing that made you say ‘hmm…'” that occurred