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Wrong Time For A Secret Valentine

Secret Valentine

I joined the ‘Secret Valentine’ activity here at work. For 5 days leading up to Valentine’s day, all the participants receive small gifts from their Secret Valentine.

All of those who chose to take part in the Secret Valentine filled out a form that asked for information about…

  • favourite food (my answer: chocolate)
  • fantasies (my answer: fun with chocolate)
  • favourite drink (my answer: chocolate and tea)

This Is NOT The Best Time To Cut Down

I’m trying to get lean. Sexy lean.

Race lean.

I want to be so lean and fit that everyone who sees me on the starting line of a race will KNOW that I am fast.


Here’s The Problem

The problem is that I recently decided to to cut down on my intake of  junk food, chocolate bars, DQ blizzards, chocolate powder, brownies, and cookies.

By recently, I mean that my ‘crack down’ started on the day that my Secret Valentine left a plate of home-made brownies covered with thick and rich chocolate icing topped off with cinnamon hearts.


What Did I Do With The Brownies

Let me break the news: I admit that I am not perfect. I ate one and a half of the 12 brownies.

That’s not a bad statistic considering I spent the better part of 8 hours yesterday staring at those damned delicious things.

Drooling and salivating; constantly reching for cups of green tea, carrots, oranges… anything that could keep mytummy satisfied.

The other ten and a half brownies found their home in other people’s tummies.


It Works!

Since I decided to cut out the cookies, chocolate,  DQ blizzards, chocolate poweder, etc…, I lost 6lbs! That’s an average of 3lbs a day.

At this rate, I’ll lose 90lbs in 30 days.


3 More Days- This Is  A True Test Of My Commitment & Will

Today, my Secret Valentine gave me tea. That’s a good thing, I can live with that.

Except that along with the tea sachets, there’s a mug filled to the brim with cinnamon hearts. I can devour those things faster than you can type www.SpeedSkateWorld.com

I came to work today armed with fruit, grain products, veggies- in short, tons of yummy and enjoyable heatlh food.

I am ready to ballte the junk food monsters that lie behind every corner.


I’m Not Saying I Haven’t Been Serious

My committment to realizing my potential as an athlete be hasn’t changed.

I’ve been serious with thing like training, eating properly, and learning about & getting technically efficient.

The decision to hammer out junk food consumption is part of the continuum of changes that contribute to being a better athlete.

I’d guesstimate that 97% of my food intake is either very good or ideal. I have proof in my eating journal/ diary.

It comes down to the last 3%.

It’s that tiny little bit that if it’s under control, I can truly claim being the best that I can be. Really, I’m striving for a very small change that it all fairness should be pretty easy to implement.

Keith Carroll- Reflecting

Here’s Keith Carroll’s latest entry; Reflecting

I was the little kid at practice that if Jeff gave one of his lectures I sat down on the wall, because the big kids did it. If they were quiet, I was quiet. I use to listen to every word. I can remember getting the chills when Jeff talked about skating hard and how it can make you the best.