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Video- Canadian Open ST Champs (Montreal), Guyader Clinic (Roller), Scooter’s Indoor Invitational #1

Here’s my latest video; 2009-01 Canadian Short Track Champs, Yann Guyader Clinic, & Scooter’s Indoor Invitational #1.

As you can probably tell, it features some footage from this January’s Canadian Open Short Track Speed Skating Championships & Yann Guyader Clinic both held in Montreal, as well as the latest Scooter’s Indoor Speed Club Invitational #1.

Updated- Saturday February 7th- Typo Causes Panic; World Inline Cup Bombshell- 4 & Not 5 Skaters On Men’s WIC Squads

The text in the speech bubble below (from BONT WHEELS TEAM Racing 2009) was added on the evening of February 7th- it explains that a mistake on the WIC website caused the confusion and reaction- men’s WIC teams will be allowed to field 5 skaters in 2009-

I have just revieved a clear statment from Mr. Ott that there will be definetly 5 skaters per mens team!
May be there was a small mistake shortly on the web site! Now let’s relax and focus on the season preperations 🙂



World Inline cup team managers are upset over the 2009 World Inline Cup’s decision to limit the number of skaters on the men’s teams from 5 to 4. A number of managers, some whom had already signed 5 skaters to their teams and even purchased airline tickets to events, were not consulted by the WIC about this rule change.

Check out the rules; Quick WIC-Rules 2009– Then check out the thread BONT WHEELS TEAM Racing 2009;


I have had about 6 or 7 telephone conversation with Mr. Ott from IGUANA, and he promised me it will be 5 men and 4 girls for the WIC and the same rules for SIC and GIC! We have signed contracts with 5 skaters and alredy booked flights for all of them! I can not imagine they do this without informing anyone from the international team’s!

A few days ago we all meet at the ISPO! I have no news, and until I do not receive a different information we will start with 5 skaters!



Hi Joerg,

I thought everyone understood that if you change the numbers youhave to do it before the end of the previous season.

I think Rollerbade have there five, you have 5 & I have 5, so who did they discuss this with from the teams?

They appeared to be doing as good under the current circumstances as possible, but this is a bombshell, I agree with 4, but the timming is not right.


Rolller Skating’s Positive Impact On Health- From Online Skating

Online Skating shared an article about roller skating’s positive impact on health- read Benefits of roller-skating on health for more-

Roller-skating may be enjoyed in many different ways: fitness, speed, long distance races, stunt, figure skating, inline or rink Hockey, roller-dancing… Every above-mentioned practice can be considered as a specific sport. In this article, our goal is to show some benefits of roller-skating, especially through fitness-skating: what is a good practice, working at moderate cardiovascular level, how to get a balanced diet?


Report- Day 1- Samsung ISU Short Track Speed Skating World Cup- Sofia, Bulgaria- From Speed Skating Canada

Speed Skating Canada shared a report on day 1 of the Samsung ISU Short Track Speed Skating World Cup taking place in Sofia, Bulgaria- read Canadian Short Track Skaters Shine on First Day of World Cup #5

The Canadian short track speed skating team had a great day in Sofia, at the first World Cup stop after a two month break from international competition. Almost all athletes have qualified directly for the final rounds to be held tomorrow and Sunday.

“It was a great day but very long for our team”, explained Yves Hamelin, Short Track Program Director for Speed Skating Canada. “The zamboni broke which made us late for the relay at the end of the day, but we are very happy with the races of our athletes today.”

Candy Wong- In Miami

This weekend, a lot of skaters are converging in Miami for the Great EsSkate. You can read about Candy Wong’s adventure in In Miami At Last

My fatigue was swept away though when I was greeted by the sun, the snow-less landscape, and the (relative) warmth of South Beach. Skating begins tomorrow!


This Weekend- Essent ISU World Allround Speed Skating Championships

The Essent ISU World Allround Speed Skating Championships are taking place this weekend in Hamar, Norway.

Here is the event’s website; VM allround, Hamar 2009.


You’ll be able to find complete results here.


OBB: Bert Van Buuren And Roy Polmans (Part 1)

Here are a couple of recent video profile/ features from Skate Podium;