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Results, Report, Pictures- International Big Rideau Speed Skating Championship (Long Track, MSI)

The International Big Rideau Speed Skating Championship took place yesterday in Portland, Ontario. The race, part of Marathon Skating International, featured 5km, 10km, and 50km distances. Click here for all the results.

Photo from A Leesh

Skaters braved very very cold conditions and cracked ice to complete the races. Lots of skaters fell thanks to cracks in the ice. Second place finisher Benoit Letourneau fell four times. He must be sore today 🙂 Despite the falls, organizer Marco Smits put on a fun show, with the likes of short track speed skater Tania Vincent and Canadian comedian Rick Mercer. It seems that the entire town or Portland and the surrounding area gets into the action and behind the event.

Photo from A Leesh

The men’s race featured Adrian Loewen and Benoit Letourneau leading hard and trying to leave each other in the dust. The race was decided in the last straight-away of the 50th lap, with Loewen edging out Letourneau for the win.

Alicia Weiss shared her pictures- check them out here- Skate the Lake. Portland, ON. January 31, 2009.

Photo from A Leesh

Women 50km
1- Susan Cameron
2- Dominique Lalonde
3- Suzanne Dionne

Men 50km
1- Adrian Loewen
2- Benoit Letourneau
3- Peter Doucet

Here are a few of my pictures-

Tons of icicles

Must be nice to be covered in fur on a day like today

Morgane Echardour registering

Eventual winner, Adrian Loewen, getting ready

In the town-hall

Beautiful skies greeted the skaters

Gathering at the start/ finish line

Rick Mercer gets to drive the Zamboni

Dominique Lalonde


Rick Mercer receives the Marco Smits award

Sharing the podium with the ladies

Women 29 and under

Women 40-49

Women 50+

Men 19 and under

Men 20 to 29

Men 50-69

Men 60 and over

Top-3 women- 3rd- Suzanne Dionne, 1st- Susan Cameron, 2nd- Dominique Lalonde

Top-3 men- 3rd- SpeedSkateWorld.com’s very own Peter Doucet, 1st- Adrian Loewen, 2nd- Benoti Letourneau

What to do with my prize money. Buy doughnuts? Muffins?

Soup and sandwich (and gasoline)

Pictures- Bytown Marathon- Ottawa- Long Track

Alicia Weiss shared pictures from last weekend’s Bytown Marathon in Ottawa. The race was part of the Marathon Skating International series.

Photo from A Leesh

Pictures- Day 2 & Day 3- Essent ISU Long Track Speed Skating World Cup- Erfurt, Germany

DESGphoto shared pictures from day 2 of the Essent ISU Long Track Speed Skating World Cup. The racing took place in Erfurt, Germany. Click here to access all the pictures. Day 3 racing picutres are not yet posted.

Claudia Wallin- photo from DESGphoto

Danielle Wotherspoon- photo from DESGphoto

Svetlana Kajkan- photo from DESGphoto

Denny Morrison- photo from DESGphoto

Brent Aussprung- photo from DESGphoto

Yang Gao- photo from DESGphoto

Mathieu Giroux- photo from DESGphoto

Takaharu Nakajima- photo from DESGphoto

Samuel Schwarz- photo from DESGphoto

Photo from DESGphoto

Photo from DESGphoto

Photo from DESGphoto

Photo from DESGphoto

Shani Davis- photo from DESGphoto

Report & Results- Waimate Sports Carnival- New Zealand

Bill Begg shared a report and results from New Zealand’s Waimate Sports Carnival- read it in New Zealand News

First of all a very big thanks to those 23 skaters, who turnt up at the Waimate sports carnival,its races like this in front of other sports, sponsors & the public,that canlift the profile of our sport. when the Waimate Caledonian sports Society tell us, that their principle sponsor ALPINE ENERGY, was very intesrested & impressed with the skating,its good for our sport

Picutre- Posing Like The Cow

Here’s a recent picture added to the Inline Planet Skater Network

Photo added by firefly(TFNS)

Pictures- Mini Meet In Milton (Short Track)

Here are some pictures from this past December’s Milton Mini-Meet- Pictures From Milton Mini-Meet (December).

Photo from Hamilton Speed Skating Club

Photo from Hamilton Speed Skating Club

Ellis Edge Skating Tips- Part 3 Of Strategy And Tactics

The most recent Ellis Edge Skating Tip is Strategy and Tactics – Part 3 – The Moves and Counter Moves

In short track it is not always the fastest skaters who win the race. Often the skater who outsmarts his opponent is the victor, even if they aren’t the fastest. I’ve seen many races where the fastest skater has been caught behind someone they “should beat” but can’t get around them. That’s why strategy and tactics are so important! And that’s what makes short track so much fun and so exciting!

In this article we will look at some of the moves and the counter moves such as passing, blocking, and pace changes that allow skaters to either move up in the pack or prevent people from moving ahead of you.