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Video- KNSB Cup #8- Eindhoven- From Skate Podium

Skate Podium shared a great quality video report from the Eindhoven KNSB Cup #8- Wedstrijdverslag KNSB Cup Eindhoven. The video includes the women’s race, the men’s A race, interviews, and more.

Ask Bill Begg! Best Wheel Size For Sprinting

The most recent Ask Bill Begg! deals with wheel size & sprinting- read it here- What’s the best wheel size for sprinting.

Size, age and strength are all important factors to consider. And what works for one skater may not work for you.

Results & Pictures- Autumn Tournament- Short Track- Groningen

Click here for the results from the Autumn Short Track Tournament which recently took place in Groningen, Netherlands. You can find a few podium pictures here.

Video- Keith Carroll- Inline Speed Skater

Check out this video featuring USA’s Keith Carroll- Keith Carroll: Inline Speed Skater– thanks to the Inline Planet for sharing the video-

…where ever it may be, skating will always be my life

Rene Ruitenberg Testing Marchese Clap Blade

Check this out from Cado Motus- Ruitenberg race-testing new Marchese clap blade

CadoMotus founder Diederik Hol and custom boot maker Paul Marchese set up a unique partnership to bring Marchese technology and quality to a wider market. The first product to emerge from this collaboration has been the Marchese ONE short track boot – released in August – making features previously found only in custom skates now available and affordable for all skaters.

Athletes worldwide are currently testing prototypes of the Marchese clap blade. In the US, Trevor Marsicano and others are working together with Paul Marchese to finalize steering performance characteristics of the bi-metal runner and steel tube‘- caption and photo from Cado Motus

Videos- Flashback- Speed Skating 2008

If you enjoy watching  really good and high quality short & long track speed skating videos AND you don’t have time to watch them right now, the click on the following link when you have time, because, well with over 50 videos of including world records and falls, you’ll want to keep watching and watching- Flashback: Speed skating 2008

Thanks to Universal Sports for compiling and sharing the videos-

The 2007-08 speed skating season was filled with drama, on both the short track and long track circuits. World records were broken, rivalries were renewed, skaters went down and youngsters made a name for themselves.

Universal Sports once again tapped into its video vault and compiled a recap of eight events from early 2008, complete with all the highlights you need from the rink. Who won titles at the World Short Track Championships? Which American skater had a breakout season? Scroll down to find out!

As the 2008-09 campaign gets under way, revisit your favorite moments from last season. Enjoy the show.

Speed Skating Canada Names 3 Of 5 Fall Long Track World Cup Teams

Speed Skating Canada just announced World Cup Long Track Speed Skating teams for three of five world cup events. Read the details here- Speed Skating Canada Names Long Track Fall World Cup Teams.

I’m really happy to read that Jordan Belchos and Andrew Godbout were listed on the roster- way to go guys 🙂

Shannon Rempel (Winnipeg, MB) – Berlin, Heerenveen, Moscow
Christine Nesbitt (London, ON) – Berlin, Heerenveen, Moscow
Tamara Oudenaarden (St. Albert, AB) – Berlin, Heerenveen
Kerry Dankers (Melville, SK) – Berlin, Heerenveen
Brittany Schussler (Winnipeg, MB) – Berlin, Heerenveen, Moscow
Kristina Groves (Ottawa, ON) – Berlin, Heerenveen, Moscow
Clara Hughes (Winnipeg, MB) – Berlin, Heerenveen, Moscow
Nicole Garrido (Edmonton, AB) – Berlin, Heerenveen, Moscow
Jeremy Wotherspoon (Red Deer, AB) – Berlin
Mike Ireland (Winnipeg, MB) – Berlin, Heerenveen
Vincent Labrie (Lévis, QC) – Berlin, Heerenveen
Jamie Gregg (Edmonton, AB) – Berlin
Muncef Ouardi (Montréal, QC) – Berlin, Heerenveen
Denny Morrison (Fort St. John, BC) – Berlin, Heerenveen
François-Olivier Roberge (St-Nicolas, QC) – Berlin, Heerenveen, Moscow
Philippe Riopel (Lachenaie, QC) – Berlin, Heerenveen
Steven Elm (Red Deer, AB) – Berlin, Heerenveen, Moscow
Lucas Makowsky (Regina, SK) – Berlin, Heerenveen, Moscow
Jeff Kitura (Langley, BC) – Berlin, Heerenveen, Moscow
Justin Warsylewicz (Regina, SK) – Berlin, Heerenveen
Jordan Belchos (Toronto, ON) – Berlin, Heerenveen, Moscow
Jay Morrison (Fort St. John, BC) – Berlin, Heerenveen, Moscow
Alexandre Garant (Québec) – Heerenveen
Andrew Godbout – Moscow

Picutres- ISU Samsung Short Track Speed Skating World Cup #2- Vancouver- From Glenn Koshi

Click here for a few pictures shared by Glenn Koshi of Vancouver’s ISU Samsung Short Track Speed Skating World Cup #2.

Canada’s Olivier Jean in another 1000m heat‘- caption and photo from Glenn Koshi

Videos- ISU Samsung Short Track Speed Skating World Cup #2- Vancouver

A bunch of videos from Vancouver’s ISU Samsung Short Track Speed Skating World Cup #2 are online- but make sure you first check this one out- Vancouver ISU Samsung Short Track Speed Skating World Cup #2 (see the first video below)- it includes shots of the rink, crowd, skaters, and the men’s relay A final which is just amazing! I was on the edge of my chair the whole time watching it!

Also make sure you stop by and check out Pne2010‘s archive for lots and lots of videos of racing.

Bont Team 2009 & European Women’s Racing

Check out the thread BONT WHEELS TEAM Racing 2009 for Bill Begg’s thoughs on Bont’s women’s team for 2009 and the European women’s racing-

Part of this is I feel is to blame for the European Championship system, where they allow 3 from each country to start in races, as oppossed to two at the Worlds, the French Women looked like World beaters at the Europeans,with a 3rd person running rough shot over the likes of Nadine Gloor & they collected plenty of European medals.
But alas in top sport Laungage at the Worlds, “they failed to fire a Shot”, I can remember back many years ago when the European results, were nearly a preview for Worlds.

Roller To Ice- Germany’s Matthias Schwierz Trying To Qualify For Long Track Team

According to Jord D in the thread INLINERS & ICE 2008 / 2009, Germany’s Matthias Schwierz is trying to qualify for the national long track team for the upcoming Long Track Speed Skating World Cup in Berlin in November.

Matthias Schwierz (ZEPTO) will try to qualify for the 500 m during the german national champs on the ice this weekend.
He needs to be in the TOP 5 of the nationals in the 500 m to be able to start at the world cup in Berlin the following weekend.

There is a chance if he has a good run and may be has some luck with the last corner! If he can stay below 37 sec. he has a good shot at his first world cup race!
In the moment there are 3 german ice skaters slightly faster and another 3 on the level of Matthias! He needs a good day to make another step towards Vancouver 2010!

Picutres- KNSB Cup #8- Eindhoven- From Harm De Boer Fotografie

Harm de Boer Fotografie put up three photo albums of the KNSB Cup #8 in Eindhoven-

Yvonne Spigt leads the women’s race- photo from Harm de Boer Fotografie

Michiel van Goor in white and blue- Men’s A race- photo from Harm de Boer Fotografie

Men’s B race- photo from Harm de Boer Fotografie

Montreal’s Taz- Taking Shape

Montreals new indoor facility is starting to take shape. Le Taz, which is set to open in 2009, will feature a 200-meter indoor track. The track will include

  • integrated AMB chip timing at the starting and finishing lines
  • a new roller speed skating club, with parent volunteers, a skate school, and introduction to roller speed skating programs
  • 200-meter FIRS spec track
  • completely indoor & open year round
  • 100-meter & 200-meter track configurations
  • an opportunity to promote roller & ice speed skating as complimentary & stimulating training options

‘Le Taz’ is a wonderful project that will inject much needed growth, development, and excitement for the sport in Montreal and Canada. The facility is a great addition to Quebec’s sporting system, which has a long and rich history.

The facility will one of few Canadian facilities with an orientation to roller speed skating. The Canadian Inline Training Centre is Canada’s only dedicated outdoor speed facility while roller rinks in Calgary, London, Montreal, and Mississauga are used for indoor roller speed skating.

The track layout with painted lines

Pictures- CNO vs GPG- From Pattinaggio Bellusco

Check out Pattinaggio Bellusco‘s pictures from CNO vs GPG- use the links below in the text bubble to view the albums-


Photo from Pattinaggio Bellusco

Photo from Pattinaggio Bellusco

2009 Italian Champs (Roller) Website

Check out the website for the 2009 Italian Roller Speed Skating Championships.

Pictures- KNSB Cup #8- Eindhoven- From TimsSportsCam

Click here for TimsSportsCam’s pictures from the Eindhoven KNSB Cup #8.

Photo from TImsSportsCam

Photo from TImsSportsCam

Wouter Hebbrecht- Tips On Arm Swing

Wouter Hebbrecht‘s second entry on technique is online- check it out at Swing them right….

While swinging your arms back you should fully extend them. That way your are creating a tension in the muscles and tendons. This tension wants to release and by just letting your arm fall down forward the tension will release. You can look at it as a sort of wind up system. It will swing your arm forward automatically and that means you are saving energy not using your muscles to create this motion. Again this is a personal experience and a lot of other top skaters do not extend their arms cause they feel it will move their shoulders. A lot of practice will help your shoulders from moving while fully extending.

Photo from Wouter Hebbrecht

Results- KNSB Cup #8- Eindhoven

Click here for the results from the KNSB Cup #8 in Eindhoven.

Houston Inline Marathon- Update- Still A Go

The Houston Inline Marathon is still a go for this weekend- read what you need to read in Race Director says Houston is a go

The bottom line is that I’m going to lose a LOT of money on it, but we’re going to have the event anyway. Period!

Arzelia Jane Love- Welcome To Earth- Congrats Jess And Andrew Love

Name: Arzelia Jane Love
DOB: October 29th 2008
Sex: Little girl
Weight: 7lbs 5oz 
Proud Parents: Jessica & Andrew Love

Find out more; you must read: Love.

Everything is different now. And there, finally, at 4am, I found myself physically shaking with emotion, exhaustion, love, and that tsunami of realizations common to new parents

The nurse taught me how to give her a bath, I changed my first diaper, plus they “footprinted” her, using me as a blotter‘- photo and caption from Andrew Love

Joey Mantia- Giving What He Never Had

Joey Mantia wrote a new entry for his blog- Help ME give YOU what I never had…

I want to save people those few years and teach them what they need to know directly, instead of having to learn it for themselves the hard way.

* just a few tips to those coming up to make it where we want to help you:

– don’t act like you know everything already

– have respect for those who have been where you want to go

– ask questions

– have the desire to beat everyone, just stay humble about it at practice

– set your goals high

Telegraaf Schaatsspecial 2008 Magazine

Check out the Telegraaf Schaatsspecial 2008– looks pretty good- don’t forget to peel your eyes from the cover page and flip through the rest of the pages!

Season 2- Canada’s Best Speed Skating Story- ING Speed Skating Challenge

The ING Speed Skating Challenge‘s second annual search for Canada’s best speed skating story is under way. Check out the article Catriona Le May Doan Launches Second Annual Search to Find Canada’s Best Speed Skating Story for more details.

“Last season’s video stories reminded us that speed skating is more than just a sport. It’s a part of what makes us Canadian, it’s a part of our community fabric and it’s a part of our hearts. This year we’re expecting even more great storytelling from young speed skaters across Canada,” commented Catriona. Speed Skating Canada’s Director General, Jean Dupré, was encouraged by the quality of the video stories and the camaraderie developing between skaters across the country.

Eric Bédard- Coaching German Short Track Team

According to the Nouvelliste article Éric Bédard s’adapte à la vie en Allemagne (kindly shared by Patinage De Vitesse Courte Piste), Sainte-Thècle’s Eric Bédard has been living in Dresden, Germany coaching the German short track speed skating team. His contract runs until the 2010 Olympics.

À Dresden, l’équipe s’entraîne dans un nouvel aréna, érigé autour d’un complexe sportif «écoeurant», selon l’expression de Bédard. «On a deux patinoires olympiques, un gymnase triple, deux salles de musculation, un restaurant avec des écrans géants, tout ça flambant neuf. Autour de l’aréna, le complexe comprend huit terrains de soccer, deux pistes d’athlétisme de 400m, une piste de rollerblade de 250m, un ovale pour le patinage longue piste, une piste d’athlétisme intérieur, d’autres salles de musculation… on est vraiment choyés!».

The text above says that the German team has a brand new kick-ass facility that features two Olympic sized rinks, a triple gym, 2 weight rooms, a restaurant with giant screens, 8 soccer fields, 2 400-meter running tracks, a 250-meter inline skating track, a long track oval, and more!

Masters World Records Set In October

World Masters Short Track recently shared the news that Masters world records were set in October. Read more in the entry New Masters World Records in October

Congratulations to both skaters, who in their 60’s, are showing that improvement can take shape at any age – a great example to the younger skaters.

Cado Motus & Paul Marchese Collaboration

CadoMotus & Paul Marchese have been collaborating with design and testing of boots and frames. The collaboration is ongoing and continues, with the Safan Pro Marathon Team testing the Marchese Clap prototype.

The people behind CadoMotus have years of experience in the design and manufacture of ice skating products, and we add to that the cutting-edge sporting experience of Paul Marchese. Paul worked with USA Speedskating during the Olympic Winter Games in Salt Lake City, 2002 and in Torino, 2006.

Marchese Clap Prototype- In live-race action under the feet of Rene Ruitenberg (NED)‘- photo and caption from Cado Motus

Candy Wong- Planning Ahead

In her entry The Wheels Of Planning In Motion, Candy Wong writes about her plans the next skating season. He plans include the Great EsSkate, off-season training & a marathon, and the Montreal 24 Hours Inline-

I’m very excited about returning to this event but planning for a mid-winter getaway when there isn’t any snow on the ground does feel a little strange.

Speed Skating Canada- Articles From ISU Samsung Short Track Speed Skating World Cup #2- Vancouver

Speed Skating Canada has a few articles and reports from the Vancouver ISU Samsung Short Track Speed Skating World Cup #2-

François Hamelin leading the way‘- caption from Speed Skating Canada and photo by Jeff Bough

Article- Begg Hoping For A Medal On The Ice

Check out this article: Begg hoping for a medal on the ice

The 25-year-old is keen to chase his Olympic dream in Vancouver in 2010 so has hung up his inline skates in favour of ice skates for the northern hemisphere winter.

CROSSING OVER: Timaru’s Wayne Begg (centre) is trying his luck on ice in Holland with the hope of making the New Zealand Winter Olympic team‘- caption from and photo shared by Timaru Herald

International Speed Skating Federation

Check out the International Speed Skating Federation.

The mission of the International Speed Skating Federation (ISSF) is to promote the sports of inline and ice speed skating worldwide. Ingrained in this mission is the desire to enhance the virtues of responsibility, commitment, and accountability in all skaters, and make them healthier through participation in either or both of these sports. The ISSF also plans to make these sports affordable to anyone who wants to skate; develop more sites where skaters can practice and compete; and provide Web-based information about facilities and competitions