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  • September 2008
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Article- Shane Dobbin- Race On To Get To Olympics

Check out this article about Shane Dobbin’s Olympic aspirations; Race on to get to Olympics

Now he has signed fulltime with DSB with the Olympics in mind, as a worker in the six-man team which races marathons every weekend at venues around the Netherlands. They race on 400m ice tracks on indoor rinks, all televised live.

Reports- New York 100k In Skatelog Forum

The Skatelog Forum has a thread that features stories and reports from the New York 100k- read more at NYC 100K Roll call & results (war-stories).

Fun random fact. I dropped my bottle of electrolyte early in the race. Amazingly I pulled out of the paceline and picked it up on the next lap. It then popped out of a pocket in my new skinsuit. I picked up two more bottles later, but neither was mine. It hurt me later as my quads cramped up. There may be some pictures of me paralyzed lying down shortly after crossing the finish line. It took a good 10 minutes before I could roll over and bend my knees. At least I made it to the finish and no falls!gopherfan

Video- Northshore Inline Marathon 2008 Re-Do Crew

Keeping the tradition alive. We do miss Doucet though…

After the New York 100k, I had a chat with Eddy Matzger. He asked me if I saw this year’s Duluth re-do video.

Remember last years video with the re-do? 2007-09-15 Duluth Northshore Inline Marathon.

Here’s Eddy Matzger’s re-do video from this year; Northshore Inline Marathon 2008 Re-Do Crew