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Quick Report- New York 100k

The New York 100k took place earlier today. The entire race was skated in the wet and with some rain. Good turn-out, nice to see friends and skaters and everyone there. Off to the post-race party now at the Zanzibar near Times Square.

Men’s race: Philippe Boulard and Julien Levrard and their team mate broke away from the main group on the 9th lap. There was a very fast and hard chase, but the managed to carve out a 2-minute lead and finish 1-2. A Colombian skater sneaked away with 4 laps to go- some people saw him drafting a bike, but he finished 3rd. Eddy Matzger hammered up the hill and I countered hard his pulls after the hill. Sprint for 4th place- Matzger, French skater, Luis Carlos Meija 6th, and I came in 7th. A few strong skaters were there as well including a bunch from Colombia, Mauro Guenci, James & Chris Springer, & more.

1- Philippe Boulard
2- Julien Levrard
3- Colombian dude
4- Eddy Matzger
5- Mathieu Barrault
6- Luis Carlos Meija
7- Peter Doucet
8- James Springer
9- no idea- maybe Francisco Ramirez? Luis Moreno? Mauro Guenci? Dennis Humphrey? Morgan Williams perhaps? A Colombia skater?

I felt really good during the race. I was racing to try to win, but the pack dynamics didn’t work out to bridge the gap to the duo that broke away. I tried to get away from my group, but all my breaks were agresively covered by Luis Carole Meija and the French skater. My heels are torn apart and they hurt like heck!

Women’s race: Martine Charbonneau came away with the win uncontested. Brianna Kramer was 2nd. I think a Colombia skater came in 3rd.

1- Martine Charbonneau
2- Brianna Kramer
3- I think she was Colombian

Other: Morgane Echardour won the pro 42km race. Candy Wong (Toronto) won the advanced 42km. Morgan Williams (Toronto) finished 2nd in the Pro Masters 100k. My mom cheered us on during the race- she enjoyed it 🙂 Morgane, my mom, and I visisted Times Square, ate calzones at a pizza joint on Smith street in Brooklyn, and bought chocoalte at the Hershey store- gotta treat myself a bit, right?

There was a big group of skaters from Montreal and quite a few from Ottawa as well.

Berlin World Inline Cup- Short Report

For a short report of today’s Berlin Wordl Inline Cup race by Bill Begg, go to World Cup Topics for 2008

Hi Skaters,

Just a brief, no Internet Hotel, just one public Machine for all to use.

The Mens race very fast 1 hr 00. 33sed, lots of breakaways, the most serious involving Nation, Zamudio, Iten, but by all accounts it was Joey Manti who hauled the break back. Then he came from about 25 back, just through the arches, to grab the Alessi men right on the line.


Marathon Survival Guide

My mother, Morgane, and I made it to New York City. I’m going to bed in a couple of minutes. The short-term forecast for New York on the Weather Network has a picture of a cloud, rain drops, and lightning.

Hmm, storm surge seem like a good wheel selection. I’m glad I brought some with me! Thanks Diederek Hol for selling the wheels to me right before the marathon at the World Championships while we were being called to the line 🙂

World Roller Speed Skating Championships, Gijon, Spain- Lots of MPC Storm Surge wheels in the senior men’s marathon- I suppose a few skaters will be using them in the New York 100k tomorrow if it rains

Make sure you stop by the Inline Planet and read Ultra Marathon Survival Guide- Going the distance in the New York 100K and a2a which was written by SpeedSkateWorld.com‘s Peter Doucet. 😉

Don’t Get Lost!

I don’t think there is anything more stressful than getting lost during a race. You can ask my friend Ed Leung, who once got lost in the back country of Georgia. (Imagine an Asian man dressed in a tight spider-man skin suit trotting around the back-roads on skates. As far as I’m concerned, that’s asking for trouble!)