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Andrew’s Speed Skating Blog- ETAP Team 2009, Berlin Marathon

Here is Andrew’s Speed Skating Blog most recent entry; ETAP Team 2009 stands, at the Berlin Marathon.

The entry features team news, equipment news, skater news, and more. Keep your browsers readt to go back to Andrew’s Speed Skating Blog because you may find updates from this weekend’s Berlin World Inline Cup.

Something that might be news for the international scene, but has been public knowledge for quite some time in Germany is that German custom boot maker Daniel Junker (Junker skates) went out of business. Bont has made a generous offer to all those, who lost their money or have not received their Junker skates.

Keith Carroll- Now & Future

Here is Keith Carroll‘s newest entry; The Now and The Future.

Keith Carroll (left) going down during the junior men’s relay on the track at the World Roller Speed Skating Championships in Gijon, Spain- photo by me! (Peter Doucet/ SpeedSkateWorld.com)

My mind is already set for June. I know what I did last year and I know what I have to do this year. The only awkward part is I know how hard I trained last year and I know I should feel like the task I’m trying to do is almost impossible but I don’t. It’s doable. I know how hard I have to train and it won’t be that bad. Yes it will be hard and tiring but that’s what I skate for. I wouldn’t skate if it was easy. To make the jump I want to make, more of my changes will happen before I even tie my skates.

Wouter Hebbrecht- Be Active

Check out Wouter Hebbrecht‘s latest blog entry;“Training” or Not, Be Active.

Even when I’m in the off-season and do not yet need to be training for my next race, I am still very active. I find that by regularly running, biking, lifting weights, and swimming that I maintain a moderate baseline fitness level, which makes it easier to regain “peak form” when I need to.

EGC Skates At World Roller Speed Skating Championships

EGC Skates boots were used at this year’s World Roller Speed Skating Championships in Gijon, Spain. Canada’s Travis Shaw sported a pair of custom made EGC’s. Read more in EGC goes to Worlds.

Canada’s Travis Shaw (outside) races his 500-meter heat, using custom EGC Skates, at the World Roller Speed Skating Championships in Gijon, Spain

2009 World Roller Speed Skating Championships

The following is from Bill Begg in the thread Worlds 2009

Everyone has been saying 95 % China, I am not sure which one, as Switzerland originally pinched it off Chinese Taipei.

But my sources are telling me the Biggest drum of all is beating for Italy, could some short cutting sprinters,once again break World records, while a similar Capeto takes the long line.

Ask Bill Begg!- Skating Back-To-Back Distance Events

In the the latest Ask Bill Begg! article, Bill Begg answers Can I Skate Back-to-Back Distance Events?.

And don’t let your years discourage you. Age tends to invest athletes with durability, stamina and self-knowledge, all of which come in handy in long races.

Video- The World Is Just Awesome- Discovery Channel

This is a great commercial- Discovery Channel: I Love the World