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  • September 2008
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Video- World Inline Cup Trailer

Check out the following video from the World Inline Cup. Some of the footage is from the Zurich WIC in August: World Inline Cup Trailer– watch below-

Video- Pontarlier French Inline Cup- Transroller

Check out the video from the Pontarlier French Inline Cup- Transroller: 34 Kms Course Elite – Trans’roller 2008– you can also watch below-

Results & Pictures- Roller Marathon Des 3 Vallées

Roller En Ligne shared results and pictures from the Roller Marathon des 3 Vallées. You can find the results here (scroll to the bottom) and photos here.

Photo from Roller91.fr

More Posts In We Could Of – If We Would Of – But Will We?

The thread We Could Of – If We Would Of – But Will We? features a number thoughts and ideas shared during the last day.

We have a great community established of wonderful coaches, skaters and parents dedicated to the sport and it’s future. At what point can we say enough is enough and do what some of you have suggested needs to be done? Then we can choose what needs to be done for funding to carry out the ideas mentioned in this post. Look at the history of the current successful sports, they didn’t get where they are at without change happening first.

Pictures- Men At Work From DESG

DESG shared the following photo album: Men at work. You can also find out more about the pictures here.

Today I had once again the chance to visit our German men at work. On the program were statics to the “warming” and then strength training and jumping. Especially the first part I could title: “The trainer as the model”. Thats because because Bart was on practice with his men. The evidence is shown by some pictures.

Bart Schouten and Robert Lehmann- photo from DESGphoto

Stefan Heythausen, Jörg Dallmann- photo from DESGphoto

Passion On Wheels- Dilemma

The following Passion On Wheels entry is from August- Dilemma.

Fitness or technique? What type of skater you want to be if you have the choice: a strong monster but technically flawed, or almost perfect technique but can’t skate more than 1km, or a blessed one with both fitness and technique? Yeah, of course, the last one is ideal, what if you have to choose between the first two? I know the question sounds ridiculous, but we see these types of skaters from times to times.

Inline Skating Notebook: MPC Vs Matter

Check out Inline Skating Notebook‘s entry MPC Wheels vs Matter Wheels in WC Gijon.

Matter is already known for ruling the road, but besides that, at this years´Worlds: MATTER was the unchallenged champion of the track races!!!!

Gijon, SPAIN – September 4-12, the World Speed Skating Championships. 24 Senior World Titles were decided, 12 of them won on MPC Speed Wheels.