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Pictures- RSO Outdoor Series #3

Click here for all of the pictures from my camera from today’s Roller Sports Ontario Outdoor Series #3 at Christ the King track in Toronto. Below are a few selected pictures. Thank you to everyone who turned up to compete and the volunteers (Wayne Burrett, Alex Perrie, Jackie Shu, Pam Perrie, Gillian Clarke) for your time-

Marcello Bresin: Worlds 2008, The Balance

Marcello Bresin shared his long-awaited World Roller Speed Skating Championships re-cap where he praises, pokes, makes fun of, and discusses this year’s championship with a look at the balance (general remarks, thumbs up, down the drain), the athletic stuff, and politics: check it out at Worlds 2008, The Balance

Once again I’ll try and kick the ball with my –already customary- crude and possibly objective balance of our beloved World Championships… only this time I was there. I’m writing this while still suffering a post-Worlds depressive syndrome: after so many adventures, emotional roller coasters and parties, it’s easy to miss all that. Yes, I’m missing my new and old friends, even missing my old and new enemies!

Planet Skate Tip- Periodization Training By Rob Bell

The latest Planet Skate Tip Of The Week is written by Rob Bell- Periodization Training: How to make the most of your training

Your season should consist of the following sections:

  • offseason
  • preseason
  • base period
  • intensity period
  • peak
  • rebuild period
  • second peak
  • offseason

Results & Pictures- Alem World On Wheels

You can find last week’s Alem World On Wheels results here (or use the links below)-

Harm de Boer Fotografie has pictures of the racing action;

Ronan Sanchez leads the way- photo from Harm de Boer Fotografie

Thijs Smets in front- photo from Harm de Boer Fotografie

Jannita Spigt leads- photo from Harm de Boer Fotografie

Team Bont In Pontarlier, France

Team Bont is in Pontarlier, France, to contest the next race on the French Inline Cup circuit. The Pontarlier FIC takes place on Sunday. Read more in BONT at Pontarlier.

The Bont contingent will be headed by New Zealander Nicole Begg & Colombian Alexandra Vivas, currently number 2 & 3 overall in the WIC, last year Nicole won the race.

The well performed Bont Bacatta skater Alexander Bastidas will also line up, the strong built Bastidas a former World Marathon Champion, usually nit the type suited to uphill & tough going, has shown many this year, in his first go at the WIC that he is amongst the Worlds best, currently in the top 10 in the WIC, with a 2nd in Rennes & a win in the Coni X Race in Berlin, plus other top 10 placements, he topped it off with a 3rd in the World road 10,000 meters points championships, so a true contendor. He will be backed up by other Venezuela Bont skaters Fabricio Erviti & Carlos Salazar.

World Roller Speed Skating Championship- Bont Forum Discussion

The thread World Championship 2008 in Gijón, Spain features more discussion and pictures from the recent World Roller Speed Skating Championships in Giijon, Spain.

Bill Begg wrote his thoughts on the women’s results-

Another event which is very specific, is the track points / elimination event, when we look at the past 6 years from 2003, there is a select group that feature in the event, you have to be extremely fit, Tough & have some speed also, good enough topush yourself to contest the sprint for points & able to not be eliminated, after you have often pushed yourself to the limit.

Photo from fotosAJ, mundopatin.com

Joey Mantia- I Live For Victory

Read Joey Mantia’s latest entry: I Live For Victory.

I live for the pain I must put myself through to overcome the pressure and live up to the expectations that I can overcome any challenge that stands in my way to victory… I live for victory.

Hyper Thread: We Could Of – If We Would Of – But Will We?

Check out this thread in the Hyper Forum started by Sk8NIRA (Joe Cotter): We Could Of – If We Would Of – But Will We?

So the answer to how did the countries like Colombia and the Asian countries catch up so fast? They did what the USA did 30 years ago. They sent their skaters and coaches to the USA to train. Built tracks in their own countries. Established national and international events open to skaters around the world. They brought the best skaters and coaches from the USA to their own countries to show them the “USA Way.” These countries then developed their own coaches, built tracks, programs and held competitions within their own country to develop their own programs.

USA Junior Men Threads

In the thread USA JUNIOR MEN HYPER THREAD stepped up and set the record straight with the USA Junior men’s World Roller Speed Skating Championships performance being discussed in “What’s your opinion?”.




I left the grandstand with my gammy Hip,walked down & up the stairs to console a distraut young man, whose campaign had been wrecked, by bad luck & unfortunate crashes, it was little consulation to him at the time that I shook his hand & touched his shoulder & told him he was the unluckiest skater here, but he was a great skater & would have his day, I also shed a few tears for the young man, to give so much & end up with nothing was a crime, even though he was from the Mighty USA I really hurt with him.

I would only do this if it was exceptional.

So don’t any of you sideline critics say they were no good, this guy was special & as good as the Hot Shot Colombians.

On the 3rd page of “What’s your opinion?”, Vicci King shared her thoughts;

So, you see… if you want gold, you dedicate yourself to gold medal training. And if you want a skin suit… well, I think you know the answer.