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RSO Series Reminder: Tomorrow

The next RSO Outdoor Series race will take place tomorrow at Christ the King track in Toronto. This is the series’ 3rd of 4 stops of the season, with the first two events taking place in Ottawa and Harriston. You can find some information here and full details here.

Senior Men Marathon Results: World Roller Speed Skating Championships

I have a hard-copy of the senior men’s marathon results from the World Roller Speed Skating Championships. A lot of you have been trying to dig them up, so I took some time this morning before heading off to work to type them up for you-

1- Shane Dobbin, New Zealand- 1:02:59.232
2- Julien Levrard, France- 1:03:00.283
3- Sergio Ali, Argentina- 1:03:14.082
4- Luca Saggiorato, Italy- 1:03:28.817
5- Diego Rosero, Colombia- 1:03:28
6- Gary Hekman, Holland- 1:03:28
7- Juan Nayib Tobon, Colombia- 1:03:28
8- Francesco Zangarini, Italy- 1:03:29
9- Thomas Boucher, France- 1:03:29
10- Alfredo Leon, Venezuela- 1:03:29
11- Inigo Vidondo, Spain- 1:03:29
12- Jorge Balanos, Ecuador- 1:03:29
13- Pascal Ramali, Germany- 1:03:29
14- Yen-Sheng Liao, Chinese Taipei- 1:03:29
15- ?- 1:03:29
16- Damian Fernandez, Argentina- 1:03:29
17- Nelson Garzon, Colombia- 1:03:29
18- Adrian Leemann, Switzerland- 1:03:29
19- Nicolas Iten, Switzerland- 1:03:30
20- Felix Rijhnen, Germany- 1:03:30
21- Matthieu Boher, France- 1:03:30
22- Severin Widmer, Switzerland- 1:03:30
23- Jose Bastidas, Venezuela- 1:03:30
24- Kwinten Tas, Belgium- 1:03:30
25- Julian Arboleda, Colombia- 1:03:30
26- Julien Despaux, France- 1:03:30
27- Jakob Ulreich, Austria- 1:03:30
28- Braulio Reyes, Chile- 1:03:31
29- Shinki Yamamoto, Japan- 1:03:31
30- Jorge Reyes, Chile- 1:03:31
31- Garikoitz Lerga, Spain- 1:03:31
32- Goncalo Marreiros, Portugal- 1:03:31
33- Nico Wieduwilt, Germany- 1:03:31
34- Edy Villatoro, Guatemala- 1:03:31
35- Martin Thaler, Austria- 1:03:32
36- Chuanbo Liang, China- 1:03:33
37- Euginio Landete, Spain- 1:03:33
38- Chiao-Hao Chang, Chinese Taipei- 1:03:33
39- Nikolay Yugai, Russia- 1:03:33
40- Sjoerd Huisman, Holland- 1:03:34
41- Wei Lin Lo, Chinese Taipei- 1:03:34
42- Joshua Wood, USA- 1:03:37
43- Maarten Swings, Belgium- 1:03:38
44- Andres Munoz, Colombia- 1:03:40
45- Daniel Wukowitsch, Austria- 1:03:42
46- Brian Baloyi, South Africa- 1:03:42
47- Christian Hartz, Denmark- 1:03:50
48- Scott Arlidge, New Zealand- 1:04:18
49- Patxi Peula, Spain- 1:04:38
50- Peter Michael, New Zealand- 1:04:39
51- Reyon Kay, New Zealand- 1:04:39
52- Roman Christen, Switzerland- 1:04:39
53- Guillermo Servia, Argentina- 1:04:40
54- Peter Doucet, Canada- 1:04:40
55- Andrew Wille, Liechtenstein- 1:04:42
56- Ferre Spruyt, Belgium- 1:04:46
57- Cameron Downes, Australia- 1:05:50
58- Pedro David, Portugal- 1:05:47
59- Matek Krupka, Czech Republic- 1:06:08
60- Dane Lewis, USA
61- Marcel Louw, South Africa
62- Milan Krizan, Slovakia
63- Dannis Dressel, Germany
64- Dmytro Prokopchuk, Ukraine
65- Claudia Naselli, Italy
66- Fabio Francolini, Italy
67- Vitaly Bychkov, Russia
68- Matteo Amabili, Italy
69- Daniel Nation, New Zealand
70- Kalon Dobbin, New Zealand
71- Crispijm Ariens, Holland
72- Jose Nathanael Munoz, Mexico
73- Seung Bong Hyun, Korea
74- Florian Lefevre, France
75- Kimmo Ilmavirta, Finland
76- Chun-Yuan Chen, Chinese Taipei
77- Ricardo Verdugo, Chile
78- Luis Carlos Pena, Panama
79- Esteban Hermosilla, Chile
80- Hideaki Kita, Japan
81- Edson Oliveira de Almelda, Brazil
82- Nicolas Pelloquin, France
83- Jorge Luis Cifuentes, Colombia
84- Gavin Pollock, Great Britain
85- Vincent Henry, Great Britain
86- Harry Vogel, USA
87- Alex D’Mello, Canada
88- Hans Brown, Great Britain
89- Cristian Astudillio, Ecuador
90- Lauris Bitenieks, Leetonia
91- Maksym Pedos, Ukraine
92- Jiaming Huo, China
93- Kenta Kita, Japan
94- Gabriel Cisneros, Panama
95- Travis Shaw, Canada
96- Boaz Arad, Israel
97- Alex Singenberger, Switzerland
98- Marlon Avontuur, South Africa
99- Alessandro Gherardi, Italy
100- Daisuke Ogawa, Japan
101- Mikel Alzueta, Spain
102- Oleksadr Symonenko, Ukraine
103- Alexey Grigoriev, Russia
104- Michel Mulder, Holland
105- Hyo Jong Lee, Korea
106- Vishwaraj Jajeja, India
107- Francisco Barringa, Spain
108- Lin Ma, China
109- Xin He, China
110- Michael Byrne, Australia
111- Luis Sanlucar, Mexico
112- Jorge Luis Martinez, Mexico
113- Sebastian Cano, USA
114- Ezequile Capellano, Argentina
115- Satymamoorea Nekharu, India
116- Su Chil Jang, Korea
117- Mohammad Ishaq, India
118- Sarath Kumar, India
119- Matt Price, Great Britain
120- Joseph Mwangi, Kenya
121- Javier Gonzalez, Spain
122- Vittala Uppasuri, India
123- Princewill Ngbor, Nigeria
124- Shadrack Kemboi Kipkemboi, Kenya
125- Sanosh Gradua, India
126- Juan Jardine, Venezuela
127- Jose Maeques, Portugal
128- Andrew Finster, Australia
129- James Michael Cheek, USA
130- Himansashu Binani, India
DQ- Yann Guyader, France
DQ- Joseph Mantia, USA

Pictures- World Roller Speed Skating Championships Marathon From Fotomon.es

Thanks to Fotomon.es, we can view the following photo galleries from the World Roller Speed Skating Championships marathon;

Senior men’s marathon- photo from Fotomon.es

Junior women’s marathon- photo from Fotomon.es

Junior men’s marathon- photo from Fotomon.es

Senior women’s marathon- photo from Fotomon.es

Clarifying The World Games Selection

In the thread World Games, Racing Snake 71 asks for clarification of the World Games selection. Below is Bill Begg’s response;

16 men & 10 women who only done 2 events each Qualified, so if you were a male specialist you had a greater chance!

Two 12th places were enough to Qualify for the men, Wouter must have known the criteria, but obviously the World Games were not his number 1 priority, he had 28 pts in the bag, so he could have walked in the required 8 points in the 500 or the 1,000 a 22nd place, or two 26th places would have made it for Wouter.

In fact the last Qualifyer in the mens had a 8th place, 21st place & a 26th,if we went any further the Fresh Prince would have been in.

The last Qualifyer’s for the Girls were the unfortunate Nadine Gloor, who finished 5th in the 10,000 points, before a bad crash in the 15,000 elimination & finishing 25th & could not skate on the track again,as she had a serious rib injury, she tied on 31 points with Elma de Vries 3 races & Sarah Bak 4 races.

So anyone any good had every chance to be there.

They even made it fairer for the sprinters & your man, by only giving points for the top 30, or otherwise the distance skaters would get a lot more points, as there were more in their races.

Video- Raps24Kika

Click here for a video from the Raps24Kika.

MPC Wheels At 2008 World Champs

September 4-12, the World Speed Skating Championships. 24 Senior World Titles were decided, 12 of them won on MPC Speed Wheels.

Read more in MPC Wheels at the 2008 World Speed Championships.

Poll: What Wheel Size Are You Using?

This is an interesting poll; What best describes you and the size wheels you are using?

Skaters are getting faster. If you don’t believe me, check out the many new records at Worlds this year and the many personal bests at the NorthShore.

One explanation is the bigger wheels we’re skating on these days. … So who’s skating on what?